Written by Richard Kaufman

Work of Paul Gertner

213 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Company
Illustrated with drawings by Ton Onosaka.
Language: English

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Johnny Carson Foreword 9
David Williamson Introduction 10
Paul Gertner Paul's Part 11
Paul Gertner, T. Nelson Downs The Flick tabled coin is flicked using thumbRelated to 15
Paul Gertner As a Magical Production tabled, using coin flick 16
Paul Gertner As a Coin Across two coins, tabled, using coin flick 16
Paul Gertner Three and Three (Segregated) six silver coins, three in each hand, travel to one hand one by one, using flick 18
David Roth Classic Palming One of a Group 18
Paul Gertner Three and Three (Integrated) three copper and three silver coins, copper coins travel to silver coins, using flick 23
Paul Gertner The Four Two Trick four deuces on table in different spots, coin travels to under each card, then coin produced from under all cards, using Flick 27
Eric Meredith Copper/Silver Variations in Four Parts - Part One: Visible Transposition instantaneous, tabled, uses Flick, extra coin 31
Unknown Shuttle Pass 32
Paul Gertner Part Two: Simplified Visible Transposition instantaneous, tabled, uses Flick, no extra coin 33
Paul Gertner Part Three: Visible Transposition and Vanish as before, at the end both coins vanish, tabled 34
Paul Gertner Part Four: Visible Transposition and a Trip to Chinatown as before, at the end both coins transform, tabled 35
Charles Morritt Purse Palm "Morritt Grip" 35
Paul Gertner K.I.X. coin kicked into lap under cover of both hands
- The Vanish
- The Change
Inspired by 38
Paul Gertner Dollar to Halves to Quarters tabled, using K.I.X. 40
Paul Gertner Tips on Lapping 41
Paul Gertner The Imaginary Coin coin appears and disappears, appears under card case, ...Inspired by 42
Paul Gertner Bounce Assembly and Reverse two cards, extra coin handling or shell handling 45
Unknown Coin Transfer under Cards from one hand to the other, both holding a card 45
Derek Dingle, Al Schneider Pickup Move 46
Paul Gertner Taking Shell Off under card in Matrix routine 49
Paul Gertner The Reverse Coin Assembly four cards 50
Unknown The Turnover card turned over and coin loaded from fingertip rest 51
Unknown The Scoop coin scooped up with card and after turning card over coin from other side slides off 52
Paul Gertner A Familiar Ring shell coins across with spectator's finger ringInspired byVariations 54
David Roth The Roth Substitution apparently coin placed into hand with other coins, but really only shell taken off one coin already there 55
Bob Ostin Coin to Spectator's Hand lifting off shell from spectator's hand 57
Paul Gertner The Very Big Penny eight inch penny appears 59
Paul Gertner UniCoin credit information 61
Paul Gertner Pick-Up from Deck Vanish coin apparently picked up from deck, palmed card loaded on top instead 62
Paul Gertner Coin Transformation on Deck covered with hand 62
Paul Gertner Deck Ping Chien switch in which coin or torn card corner is secretly dropped out of deck 63
Paul Gertner The Future Coin "Signed Card" as coin effect, coin in purse turns out to be latter marked coin 65
Unknown Malini Subtlety classic palm 66
Edward Marlo Friction Steal 68
Paul Gertner, Ron Slanina The M.C.A. Vanish and Change "Multiple Coin Audible", lapping with sound 69
Paul Gertner Spellbound Roll and Reverse 71
Paul Gertner Triple Bounce Change Spellbound 73
Derek Dingle Bounce Change sleeving 74
Paul Gertner Slap Split Coins dollar spun on table and slapped into two half dollars, then four quarters 75
Paul Gertner Chinese in the Hand two in the hand, one in the pocket with transformation of all three into Chinese coins 79
Unknown Multiple Palm Chante with two coins 80
Paul Gertner Snapping the Halves Chinese coin wiggled and half dollar snapped off it, then two more coins appear like that, they travel to other hand, then all coins are split for total of eight coins
- The Coins Appear
- The Coins Fly from Hand to Hand
- The Unexpected Replication of the Coins
Unknown Edge Palm multiple coins 82
Unknown Through the Hand 85
Paul Gertner Paul's Opener card repeatably chosen, travels to pocket, corner torn off and still chosen as whole card and torn corner transforms 87
Paul Gertner Card from Shirt Pocket quickly slid in 88
Paul Gertner The Flick with Cards card secretly flicked across table with thumb
- The Flick Switch
- The Flick Split
- Card in Wallet
Related to 91
Paul Gertner Four-Card Monte four deuces change into kings 93
Paul Gertner The Four Kings spectator does not find card but four indifferent ones, change into four-of-a-kind 96
Unknown Slip Cut 96
Paul Gertner Magician's Choice one of four cards on table in square 100
Paul Gertner Slow-Motion Collectors Inspired by 101
Paul Gertner The Vanishing Card Stab wrapped in paper napkin and stabbed with knife, deck vanishes as climax 103
Paul Gertner Those are the Aces, Those are Not aces between spectator's palm, selection added, selection vanishes and reappears reversed in deck, repeat but this time aces travel to deck and indifferent cards are left behindInspired by 106
Larry Jennings, Howard Lyons Steal-Back credit information 106
Jack Merlin Drop Sleight 108
Paul Gertner Packet Top Change 108
Paul Gertner The Peter Pan Trick "(The Shadow Cards)"
packet trick in which three cards turn blank and back
Paul Gertner Black Jack Surprise bust blackjack hand changes into four aces 113
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Spread 113
Paul Gertner, Brother John Hamman Poker Palm Shift Variation poker hand changes multiple times
- Displaying the First Hand
- The Hand Changes to Contain Thee of a Kind
- The Hand Changes to Four of a Kind
- The Hand Changes to a Royal Flush
Inspired by 115
Paul Gertner The Big or Little Die Trick die grows and shrinks 119
Paul Gertner UpStacking dice penetrate upward through the cup one by oneRelated to 121
Paul Gertner Tea Party chop cup with tea bag and cup, loose tea as final load 125
Paul Gertner Ring Thing slide-thumb-off gag with ring on thumb 129
Paul Gertner The Card in the Candy Box 131
Paul Gertner Skinning the Card to Cardcase loading case from Kelly Bottom PlacementInspired byRelated to 134
Paul Gertner The Headache Trick aspirin tin put on table, card to case announced, instead the tin comes out of case and card is folded inside it 137
Bill Simon Covered Side Steal 141
Paul Gertner Unshuffled Related to 143
Paul Gertner Photocopy photocopy of palm shown, card vanishes and travels into photocopy (Himber Wallet) and on this the card appeared as well 149
Unknown Rub-a-Dub Vanish brief 150
Paul Gertner The Bill in Cigarette Related to 153
Paul Gertner Thumb Tip Corner Switch 154
Paul Gertner The $100 Card in Wallet into envelope, with bill 157
Paul Gertner Time is Money "(The $20 Bill in Hourglass)" 162
Paul Gertner Triple Die-lemma bowl routine with dice & hat, two-in-the-hand, large and giant die climax 167
Paul Gertner, Richard Kaufman The Prize-Winning Act Setup about the act's evolution and the set-up 175
Paul Gertner The Preparation of the Hourglasses for "The Ring on Hourglass" 177
Paul Gertner Disposition of the Other Hourglasses body holder for hourglass 178
Paul Gertner The Ring on Hourglass, Part I hourglass grows 180
Paul Gertner That's Ridiculous four aces on table in different spots, coin appears from jokers and travels to under each card, then coin produced from under all cards, two more coins, two bigger coins and jumbo coin 183
Paul Gertner Coin Holdout in Close-up Mat 184
Paul Gertner The Ring on Hourglass, Part II coin stolen from ring box and loaded onto hourglass 192
Paul Gertner The Steel Balls and Cups using steel balls for routine and final loads 195
Paul Gertner False Transfer with steel ball 197
Paul Gertner Click Convincer steel ball apparently heard inside cup 198
Charlie Miller Cup Penetration with steel ball 200
Paul Gertner The Ring on Hourglass, Part III switch of hourglass and revelation 207