Written by Stephen Minch

Work of Vanni Bossi

192 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn.
Language: English

(82 entries)


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Stephen Minch Acknowledgements iv
Roberto Giobbi Vanni Bossi: A Foreword and an Appreciation - Vanni, the Friend
- Vanni, the Man and His Work
- Vanni, the Collector and Scholar
- Vanni, the Italian Star
- Vanni, His Magic in These Pages
Stephen Minch Preface xiii
Vanni Bossi La Belle Captive chosen card appears in glass, which is moved along tabled spreadAlso published here 3
Vanni Bossi One-Handed Top Palm Handling with table-top safety 3
José Carroll The Card in the Glass card in glass changes 6
Vanni Bossi Card under Glass Production cards appear under glass several timesInspired by 6
Vanni Bossi Framing the Sandman card appears in frame minus torn corner, ungaffedInspired by 8
Vanni Bossi Torn Corner Handling corner torn and switched 12
Vanni Bossi Milking the Force cards drawn from top and bottom until stopped, then bottom card is force card, discrepant 15
Vanni Bossi, Fred Kaps The Moth of the Tosh Tosheroon, face card of the deck changes into chosen card under a candleRelated to 17
Vanni Bossi Chink-a-Flame chink-a-chink with lit candles, only effect described 18
Vanni Bossi The Scrunch Fold while deck is turned over, into sixth 19
Vanni Bossi The U.T.N. Card Fold "Under Their Nose", folding a palmed card in sixth while displaying top card of deck 22
Vanni Bossi The Money Card signed selection found folded in wallet with bills, face-outwards dummy 26
Vanni Bossi Card in the Head card found folded floating on head of someone's beer 31
Vanni Bossi With Your Peanuts card folded to can of peanuts, reel 33
Vanni Bossi Peanut Prediction number of peanuts in can guessed by spectator, number written on bottom of can 36
Vanni Bossi Bottom Feeder card folded to ring box, no switch 38
Vanni Bossi The Folding Color Change folded card is unfolded and displayed, folded up and unfolded again and is transformed 42
Vanni Bossi The Card in Finger Ring signed card appears rolled onto magic wand with spectator's ring onto it, Hofzinser Problem, two handlings:
- All Conditions Met
- With a Duplicate Ring
Vanni Bossi Secretly Rolling a Card "Under Their Noses" type 50
Vanni Bossi Ring Switch in the hand 53
Vanni Bossi Fresco rubber-banded deck, novel wax management 57
Vanni Bossi Stolen Goods stealing top card(s) into left hand from small packet as it is removed with right hand, cop or bent copRelated to 60
Vanni Bossi The Fan Flip Steal a few cards fanned in right hand, fan closed and taken into other hand, face card(s) stolen into left hand low lateral palm 62
Vanni Bossi Cornered three locator cards
- The Incised Corner
- The Thin Corner
- The Jointed Corner
Vanni Bossi A Germain Twist rubber banded deck put in transparent plastic bag, face card transforms into selectionInspired by 68
Vanni Bossi A Golden Change card held on corner tossed onto table transforms visually 71
Vanni Bossi Face-Down Golden Change card tossed on table, face-card lapped 73
Vanni Bossi Golden Card Stab indifferent card stabbed into deck, but not next to selection, it changes into selection 73
Vanni Bossi A Rested Palm table edge position for classic palm 74
Vanni Bossi Buckle Fan Hideout one-handed fanning of small packet with one double card, with lay-down, two handlings 76
Vanni Bossi The Bossi Four-as-Three Display with one-handed lay-down 80
Vanni Bossi The Case of Mistaken Identity two selections, deck cased, one selection appears on palm, it changes into second selectionInspired by 84
Vanni Bossi Color Change with Case paint brush type change when stroking single card with cased deck 86
Vanni Bossi Stick-Stab unprapared newspaper sheet is glued shut with deck inside, stabbed with knife 88
Vanni Bossi The Surfing Card Stab deck spread on table, joker placed on spread, spread turned over and joker rides along and slides into spread next to selection 93
Unknown Concave Crimp like gambler's glimpse 93
Vanni Bossi Double Toss throwing several cards on table, one which are a double, vacuumRelated to 95
Vanni Bossi The Secluded Card Rise deck in clear plastic bag, selection rises, optional use of metal crank attached to suction cup 97
Vanni Bossi, Tom Sellers Straight Up with a Twist card rises and spins once, secret rubber tipped pencilInspired by 101
Vanni Bossi Under a Tack signed card appears thumb tacked to underside of table 106
Vanni Bossi Tack-Card Gimmick card holding a thumb tack 106
Vanni Bossi Prematrix four coins appear under cards taken from shuffled deck, ungaffed 111
Vanni Bossi Hangups four coins vanish one by one and reappear
- First Disappearance
- Second Disappearance
- Third Disappearance
- Fourth Disappearance
- The Reproduction
Inspired by 115
Unknown Edge Grip 116
Vanni Bossi Front Sleeving one-handed from closed fist 120
Vanni Bossi Hole-Due-Chination two china coins penetrate string repeatedly
- First Penetration
- Second Penetration
- Third Penetration
Vanni Bossi No Fleshy Barrier large coin through hand 132
Vanni Bossi Back-of-Hand Sleeving 134
Vanni Bossi A Trick to Please the Pope little coin from large coins, ungaffedInspired by
  • "Fertile Coins" (Steve Dacri, 1974)
Vanni Bossi The Flaming Coin-Fold paper burned with coin inside, also for finger ring 141
Vanni Bossi Spin Master 144
Vanni Bossi Okito, Italian Style various Okito Box things 146
Vanni Bossi, Frank Thompson Turnover 1 tabled, independently by Frank Thompson, more credit informationRelated to 146
Vanni Bossi Turnover 2 tabled 148
Vanni Bossi Turnover 3 tabled 149
Vanni Bossi Turnover 4 150
Vanni Bossi, Theo "Okito" Bamberg Turnover 5 finessed 150
Vanni Bossi Turnover 6 with steal of coin insideRelated to
  • Greg Webb (MUM, Vol. 99 No. 6, Nov. 2009, p. 35)
Vanni Bossi Turnover 7 Related to 154
Vanni Bossi Turnover 8 gravity, box and lid released and drop into other hand 155
Vanni Bossi Turnover 9 gravity, box and lid released and drop into other hand 156
Vanni Bossi Righting the Base 1 157
Vanni Bossi Righting the Base 2 tabled 159
Vanni Bossi A Simultaneous Turnover and Steal applied to coin through hand and boxRelated to
  • David Lederman (MUM, Vol. 54 No. 9, Feb. 1965, p. 432)
Vanni Bossi The Jet Masqué Load from reversed box into fist 162
Vanni Bossi Half-Buck Torture Cell coin Okito box, box filled with water and put on fist, water penetrates box, then coin 164
Vanni Bossi The Other Gypsy's Switch using handkerchief 166
Vanni Bossi Stick It to Them coin stuck to performer's forehead with tape transposes with coin in spectator's hand 168
Earl "Presto" Johnson Palm to Palm Switch 168
Vanni Bossi High Strung and Lapless through table into glass, coin on thread
- First Penetration
- Second Penetration
- Third Penetration
- Fourth Penetration
Unknown Muscle Pass brief 174
Vanni Bossi The Vacuum Tip thumb tip handling for loading into silk and stealing it 179
Vanni Bossi True Pencil through Bill pencil really through bill, special glue 182
Vanni Bossi We're Being Followed performed in car during driving, signed card in deck, deck sprung out of window, later card shown at back of car stuck to rear windowRelated to 187
Vanni Bossi Resealing the Wrapper, Come Bossi 188
Vanni Bossi, Tony Binarelli The Deep End signed selection in deck, deck wrapped in paper and thrown into swimming pool, one card rises to top, the selection 190
Freddie Fah Sinking Card cards thrown in pool, only selection sinks 190
Vanni Bossi, Tony Binarelli Floater card with foam layer 190
Vanni Bossi Sugar Locator Card Inspired by 190