Written by Val Andrews

1970 (ca.)
Work of Val Andrews

14 pages (Stapled), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

(35 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Val Andrews Introduction By The Idiot 3
Val Andrews Anniversary Card-Trick No. 1, card torn up to confetti, gag 4
Val Andrews Riffle-Count No. 2, performer counts card with quick riffle, gag 4
Val Andrews Miracle-Location No. 3, selection apparently found but not shown, gag 4
Val Andrews Cutting the Aces No. 4, aces cut up with scissors, gag 4
Val Andrews Cutting the Deck! No. 5, deck actually cut in two halves, gag 5
Val Andrews We're Not All Perfect! No. 6, cards sprung to table as flourish but they land on floor, gag 6
Val Andrews Faulty Mechanism No. 7, wind-up gag for rising cards 6
Val Andrews With a Reel ---- "The Sporting Gambler!" No. 8, discarded card jumps back into spectator's hand 6
Val Andrews Can't do it with Cards! No. 9, miming card-from-air production as gag 6
Val Andrews The Curse of Scotland No. 10, miniature bottle of scotch from card case, miniature card inside 6
Val Andrews Snap! No. 11, word gag 6
Val Andrews Card in Apple No. 12, word gag 7
Val Andrews Electric Deck Gag No. 13 7
Val Andrews Another Electric-Deck Gag No. 14 7
Val Andrews Yet Another! No. 15, electric deck gag 7
Val Andrews Feat of Strength No. 16, tearing deck in half one card at a time as gag 7
Val Andrews The Hard Way No. 17, tearing deck in half 7
Val Andrews Phew! No. 18, presentation for card on silk as gag 8
Val Andrews Diversion No. 19, card faces torn out of newspaper 8
Val Andrews An Elaboration No. 20, card faces torn out of newspaper 9
Val Andrews The Rising-Card...."I could do it!" No. 21 9
Val Andrews Another "Rising-Card" Gag No. 22, tie rises instead of card and card is seen on shirt behind tie 10
Val Andrews Chinese-Playing Cards No. 23, gag with cards that have Chinese symbols on them 10
Val Andrews Inside a Rock! No. 24, card to rock with obviously fake rock 10
Val Andrews The Beatnik Card Location No. 25, card to fake beard 10
Val Andrews One Spade Short No. 26 11
Val Andrews Upon my Sole! No. 27, card appears under shoe, word gag 11
Val Andrews Ice-Diamond! No. 28, word gag 11
Val Andrews Sort it out for Yourself! No. 29, cards thrown at spectator, gag 11
Val Andrews Who did you EXPECT? No. 30, gag 11
Val Andrews For Bald-Headed "Idiots" Only No. 31, gag, card written on head of performer with lipstick 11
Val Andrews Off-Beat Repeat No. 32, gag for six card repeat 12
Val Andrews For Magicians Only... No. 33, magician's gag for six card repeat, cards glued together in sleeve 12
Val Andrews If at first You Don't succeed---Cheat! No. 34, gag lecture on marking cards and card sharping 13