Written by Frank Garcia, George Schindler

Work of Amedeo Vacca

122 pages (Hardcover), published by Million Dollar Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Lamberta.
Language: English

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George Schindler Foreword 7
Frank Garcia, George Schindler Introduction about Amedeo Vacca 10
Amedeo Vacca Flash Teatro fire flashs appear in the hands, opening 18
Amedeo Vacca Red Ashes tissue strip produced, burnt & restored 19
Amedeo Vacca End of a Nightmare 20
Amedeo Vacca Parisian Silk Penetration silk (or rope) through wrist 25
Amedeo Vacca Lebanese Ribbon cut & restored 28
Amedeo Vacca European Paddle 29
Amedeo Vacca Pinch of Salt salt heap glued on paddle, salt tossed in air and caught on paddle, salt changes to coin 30
Amedeo Vacca A Hole in One napkin torn into four pieces, one magically becomes burn hole 32
Unknown Simple Switch for small objects 33
Amedeo Vacca, Milbourne Christopher Flash-X pieces of paper in spectator's hand, Xs drawn on other pieces, the vanish in fire, Xs now on pieces in spectator's hand 33
Amedeo Vacca Pea-Can Steal pea changes into water in (double) tube 35
Amedeo Vacca Coffee Break coffee beans eaten and they reappear from mouth 36
Amedeo Vacca Button-Button vanishing button with reel through sleeve fabric 37
Amedeo Vacca Gloves from the Orient paper balls assemble through table under glove 38
Amedeo Vacca Monte Carlo Chips three chips, X drawn on one, monte routine 41
Amedeo Vacca Egyptian Dice Puzzle three dice rolled, certain sum made by spectator, divined 42
Amedeo Vacca Balancing Dice Puzzle moisture 43
Amedeo Vacca Never Say Die! two in the hand one in the pocket 44
Unknown Die Holdout behind ear 44
Amedeo Vacca Matchbox-Prediction dice shaken in box, total predicted 46
Amedeo Vacca Acrobatic Matchbox longer routine 47
Amedeo Vacca Knockout Sponge Vanish lapping 53
Amedeo Vacca Spongeball "Split" ball split with finger 53
Amedeo Vacca Pin-tration linked safety pins, then with handkerchief, ungaffed 55
Amedeo Vacca Pin-Up Time rope, finger ring and safety pin, linking effect 57
Amedeo Vacca Lend Me Your Ring 60
Amedeo Vacca Ring & String Routine 62
Amedeo Vacca Close-up Needle Mystery threaded needle penetrates the thread 64
Amedeo Vacca Photo Album various photographs of Vacca and Harry Houdini 66
Unknown Vaudeville Letter a letter introducing Vacca as Harry Houdini's advance man 69
Harry Houdini Note from Houdini note from Houdini to Amedeo Vacca 70
Amedeo Vacca Catching a Coin from back clip 79
Amedeo Vacca Single Coin Production for stage or close-up 80
Amedeo Vacca Coin Production Opening possible staging for stage 80
Amedeo Vacca Cinquevalli Coins balancing coin on top of other, top one spins 81
Amedeo Vacca Lightning Coin Vanish lightning pull, also on silk or for last through-tableRelated to 83
Amedeo Vacca Penetrating Copper copper and silver in handkerchief, locked with finger ring, named coin penetrates ring 85
Amedeo Vacca Pin-Coin pin on coin used for production 88
Amedeo Vacca Han Pin Chien - Remembered sixteen pennies and finger ring 89
Amedeo Vacca I Owe You bill transforms into paper in spectator's hand, to get tip 90
Amedeo Vacca Five to One spectator has crumpled one and five dollar bills, one in each hand, spectator divines where the five dollar bill is, then they transpose 91
Amedeo Vacca Simple Bill Switch crumpled up 92
Unknown The Lira Swindle bar bet, short-change type swindle 93
Amedeo Vacca Budapest Switch featuring switch of crumpled bill with handkerchief, tabled 93
Amedeo Vacca Sink or Swim how Vacca duplicated Frakson's cigarette act overnight with cigarette dummies 95
Amedeo Vacca Cigarette from the Pocket taking lit cigarette out of pocket 96
Amedeo Vacca Impromptu Dummy cigarette thrown away, another one produced, using only one cigarette 97
Amedeo Vacca Something from Nothing pantomime cigarette, rolling imaginary cigarette, it becomes visible, using match book 98
Amedeo Vacca Roll Your Own pantomime cigarette 99
Amedeo Vacca Instant Cigarette production move 100
Amedeo Vacca Another Instant Cigarette production move 101
Amedeo Vacca Back Clip - Cigarette-Butt Acquitment 102
Amedeo Vacca "Molto Bene" Cigarette Vanish manipulative, reproduction 105
Amedeo Vacca One More Time production move 108
Unknown Smoke from the Mouth "The Human Volcano", standard tonguing 111
Amedeo Vacca Amedeo's Method and Presentation for "Smoke from the Mouth", without tonguing 113
Amedeo Vacca Chicken Marengo ala Vacca "Magician's Recipe" 115