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396 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
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Roberto Giobbi Thanks! vii
Roberto Giobbi Words of Guidance - Why & What
- What is Hidden Agenda?
- The Way of the Teacher
- Presentational Problems - A New Category
- Fragments as Fractals
Roberto Giobbi What is Magic? definitions of magicRelated to Jan 1 3
Roberto Giobbi A la Mode du Chef presentational idea, performing in the style of different magicians Jan 2 4
Roberto Giobbi One of Four forcing one of four envelopes or flat objects, down-under deal Jan 3 5
Roberto Giobbi Classic Palm Hold how to hold the deck with card palmed Jan 4 6
Roberto Giobbi Good Offer presentational idea for an intro Jan 5 7
Roberto Giobbi Straightforward Torn-and-Restored Card signed, pieces wrapped in handkerchief Jan 6 8
Unknown Gypsy Switch with torn pieces Jan 6 8
Roberto Giobbi Chess & Conjuring thoughts Jan 7 10
Roberto Giobbi Mathematical Curiosities (2^2)^2 = 2^(2^2), presentational idea Jan 8 11
Roberto Giobbi Red & Blue Decks in a Box introducing two decks for a deck for intrigue Jan 9 12
René Lavand, Roberto Giobbi Dramatic Construction Jan 10 13
Roberto Giobbi Magic Guest Book guest book for bigger audiences and as inspirationRelated to Jan 11 14
Roberto Giobbi Disembodied Women and Calculating Horses presentational idea Jan 12 15
Roberto Giobbi Transfer Move Stop Trick Jan 13 16
Roberto Giobbi "I Know How You Did That!" how to answerRelated to Jan 14 18
Roberto Giobbi Multiple Lottery idea about card tricks with lottery theme Jan 15 19
Jay Ose Original Note spelling a name instead of asking for a numberRelated to Jan 16 20
Roberto Giobbi Standard Procedures Revised on standard procedures and how to end a torn & restored newspaper Jan 17 21
Roberto Giobbi Shuffle, yes? Shuffle, no! getting the spectator to shuffle only briefly or not at all Jan 18 22
Roberto Giobbi Oh, Well Control joke sequence so the spectator doesn't want to shuffle Jan 19 23
Roberto Giobbi Advice for Signing a Book Jan 20 24
Roberto Giobbi Intriguing Object dressed-up folded card Jan 21 25
Roberto Giobbi 500* Decks a Year presentational idea Jan 22 26
Roberto Giobbi Birthday Prediction forcing a card with meaningful message on itRelated to Jan 23 27
Roberto Giobbi Just One Wish presentational idea Jan 24 28
Roberto Giobbi Magic Square 3x3, with card Jan 25 29
Roberto Giobbi Lucky Thingamajig lucky cent presentation Jan 26 30
Roberto Giobbi List of Tricks to Teach for beginners, no actual list given Jan 27 31
Paul Cinquevalli Juggling Is Not Magic, But... quote from CinquevalliRelated to
  • The Magician Annual (Will Goldston, 1907)
Jan 28 32
Dai Vernon Strike on 2nd Street thoughts on the speed of false dealing from a lecture transcript Jan 29 33
Roberto Giobbi Ten Underestimated Sleights & Principles Jan 30 34
Roberto Giobbi The Expert(s) at the...Bar! photograph Jan 31 35
Roberto Giobbi The Signed Cards on having cards signedRelated to Feb 1 36
Roberto Giobbi Empty Pocket showing pocket empty Feb 2 37
Roberto Giobbi Real Cannibal Cards anecdote Feb 3 38
Roberto Giobbi Laughing Trojan Horse Addition adding cards from the case, or pocket, by openly removing cards Feb 4 39
Unknown Holding back a Card in the Card Case Feb 4 39
Roberto Giobbi Fibonacci Numbers about hidden structures and curiosities Feb 5 40
Arthur Finley Bottom Deal Trick Feb 6 41
Gordon Bruce False Deal Practice Feb 7 42
Paul LePaul LePaul Wisdom paying homage to masters, quote from "In Conclusion" LePaul book Feb 8 43
Roberto Giobbi Betchas routining betachs and using real money Feb 9 44
Roberto Giobbi Theory & Practice difference between theory and practice, presentational ploy Feb 10 45
Roberto Giobbi, Jean Hugard Robert-Houdin's Trick Problem burnt paper restored in nest of envelopes, posed as problem, quoted from referenceInspired by Feb 11 46
Orson Welles A Story... scorpion-frog story Feb 12 47
Roberto Giobbi Q & A list of questions for performers Feb 13 48
Roberto Giobbi Excellence in Sushi quotes from documentary "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" Feb 14 49
Roberto Giobbi Slap & Rise card not on top of tabled deck, performer slaps deck three times, card now on top, tabled flat palm Feb 15 50
Roberto Giobbi 1371 spectator cuts to Ace, Three, Seven, Ace for the year in which playing cards are first mentioned Feb 16 51
Roberto Giobbi Any Money Called for joke story, producing asked-for amount of money from pocket Feb 17 52
Roberto Giobbi Spectator Configuration placing spectators for performance Feb 18 53
Roberto Giobbi Name a Number other ways to arrive at a number instead of just asking for one Feb 19 54
Roberto Giobbi Film Clip Prologue using a short film clip to introduce a trick Feb 20 55
John Booth Complete Conjuror quote from "Wonders of Magic", p. 73 Feb 21 56
Roberto Giobbi Imaginary...Deck Switch sequence with second invisible deck that allows performer to his back over and switch a deck Feb 22 57
John Scarne Think of a Card strategy to get the spectator to think of and name a card Feb 23 58
Roberto Giobbi More "Think a Card" Strategies alternatives to a simple "Think of a card" request Feb 24 59
Roberto Giobbi The Twelve Labors of Heracles presentational ideas Feb 25 60
Roberto Giobbi, Theodore Annemann Curious Marketing Gimmicks - Annemann always had a cold hand
- Dr. Romano made himself older to look younger (from Page-Vernon interview "From the End of my Cigar")
Feb 26 61
Fred Kaps, Camilo Vázquez Kaps on the Floor how Kaps preferred to perform in informal situations Feb 27 62
Gustavo Otero, Roberto Giobbi Magic One-Liners by Otero drawing with one lineRelated to Feb 28 63
Roberto Giobbi Your Page Feb 29 64
Roberto Giobbi Tear-off Calendar collecting quotes for inspiration Mar 1 65
Roberto Giobbi Curry Open about announcing the effect Mar 2 66
Roberto Giobbi On Book Tests 1 presentational idea Mar 3 67
Roberto Giobbi On Book Tests 2 motivating the use of playing cards Mar 4 68
Marco Fida On Book Tests 3 presentational idea Mar 5 69
Roberto Giobbi The Deck That Remembers idea for a plot Mar 6 70
Roberto Giobbi The One-handed Fan Force card a bit more exposed Mar 7 71
Roberto Giobbi A Knot in a Handkerchief tying a deck into a handkerchief, what now? Mar 8 72
Roberto Giobbi Catalogue of Magic trick idea Mar 9 73
Roberto Giobbi Where Can You Buy That Trick? Mar 10 74
Roberto Giobbi Last Cigarette presentational idea Mar 11 75
Roberto Giobbi Yes, but... explaining simple trick, then using different method Mar 12 76
Roberto Giobbi Cutting Into a Bridge spectator cuts to bridge Mar 13 77
Roberto Giobbi Magic Die presentational idea Mar 14 78
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Tilt Subtlety card is pushed out from center via plunger Mar 15 79
Roberto Giobbi Mark Twain how to come up with things Mar 16 80
Roberto Giobbi L'Essence précède l'existence...et vice-versa presentational idea Mar 17 81
Norman Gilbreath Gilbreath's Principles performance intro by Gilbreath Mar 18 82
Roberto Giobbi Insight: The Cosmonaut and the Brain Surgeon story Mar 19 83
Roberto Giobbi Quotes on Playing Cards & Gambling from literature Mar 20 84
Roberto Giobbi Bluff Cut Control Related to Mar 21 85
Roberto Giobbi Tea Leaves presentational idea Mar 22 86
Roberto Giobbi Don'ts With Books "Don't lend your books to others, as a rule." Mar 23 87
Roberto Giobbi The Thousand Dollar Card Trick presentational idea Mar 24 88
Roberto Giobbi On Small Apparatus Magic and on Fred Kaps Mar 25 89
Roberto Giobbi Hofzinser's Glove presentational idea Mar 26 90
Roberto Giobbi, Michael Skinner, Jack Merlin Intriguing Bits of Business with examples by Skinner & Merlin Mar 27 91
Roberto Giobbi How to Lie With Statistics Mar 28 92
Roberto Giobbi Flashbacks, Fragments & Further Visions presentational idea Mar 29 93
Roberto Giobbi The Problem With the Riffle Stop on motivating the Riffle Force Mar 30 94
Roberto Giobbi Is a Problem Really a Problem? on illogical procedures Mar 31 95
Roberto Giobbi Anatomical Prediction writing prediction on head which needs to be shaved to read it Apr 1 96
Roberto Giobbi Card in Balloon for Table Workers Apr 2 97
Roberto Giobbi To Sign Or Not To Sign Apr 3 98
Roberto Giobbi Gambling quote from unnamed 19th century French book, presentational idea Apr 4 99
Roberto Giobbi Voodoo tips for ashes on hand Apr 5 100
Roberto Giobbi Auction Piece presentational idea Apr 6 101
Roberto Giobbi Top Twelve Quotes on Learning Apr 7 102
Roberto Giobbi Knowing Versus Understanding Related to Apr 8 103
Roberto Giobbi Famous Magicians researching masters, presentational idea Apr 9 104
Roberto Giobbi Divine Session of the Masters thought experiment Apr 10 105
Roberto Giobbi Bang! producing a shot-like soundRelated to Apr 11 106
Roberto Giobbi Classy Sharpie Apr 12 107
Roberto Giobbi Some Known And Some Lesser Known Einstein Quotes Related to Apr 13 108
Roberto Giobbi Card to Card Case Chicanery subtlety Apr 14 109
Roberto Giobbi Quotes on Gastronomy Apr 15 110
Roberto Giobbi, Bob Hummer Dollar Deal red-black betting game, bill is inserted in deck and pairs taken, color that comes with bill can be predictedRelated toAlso published here
  • Genii, Oct. 2007
Apr 16 111
Roberto Giobbi, Dr. Jacob Daley Card to Envelope and Wallet addressing the envelope to spectatorRelated to
  • "Card to Envelope Wrinkle" (Daley's Notebook, #565)
Apr 17 112
Roberto Giobbi Hitchcock cameos Apr 18 113
Roberto Giobbi Jinxed Cards presentational idea Apr 19 114
Roberto Giobbi Colorful Names intriguing names Apr 20 115
Roberto Giobbi Outjog And Turnover Double Lift Substitute card from face-up spread chosen and moved to back of deck Apr 21 116
Roberto Giobbi Decks From Around the World presentational idea Apr 22 117
Roberto Giobbi Speed Reading as presentational idea Apr 23 118
Roberto Giobbi True or False? list of quotes/magic maximsRelated to Apr 24 119
Roberto Giobbi Most Commercial Items from Card College list Apr 25 120
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Most Commercial Items from Card College Volume 1 Apr 25 120
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Most Commercial Items from Card College Volume 2 Apr 25 120
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Most Commercial Items from Card College Volume 3 Apr 25 120
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Most Commercial Items from Card College Volume 4 Apr 25 120
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Most Commercial Items from Card College Volume 5 Apr 25 120
Roberto Giobbi Jokers, Jokers, Jokers presentational ideas Apr 26 121
Howard Schwarzman Card in Spread Switch tabled Apr 27 122
Roberto Giobbi Magic in 333 Words on distribution of secrets and magic market Apr 28 123
Roberto Giobbi Incredible Estimation story about a man who can name number of letters in a sentence Apr 30 124
Roberto Giobbi Birthday Story story from Roberto's birthday at the German CardWorkShop about a casino visit May 1 125
Roberto Giobbi Repeat Luck story about Sir Frederick Johnstone about gambling luckRelated to
  • Barnhart ("Gamblers of Yesteryear", 1983)
May 2 126
Roberto Giobbi Yet More Luck! another casino storyRelated to
  • Barnhart ("Gamblers of Yesteryear", 1983)
May 3 127
Roberto Giobbi Some Favorite Quotes on Humor May 4 128
Roberto Giobbi The Choice of Heracles presentational idea May 5 129
Roberto Giobbi Walkaround Opener miser's dream with paper bag as walkaround opener May 6 130
Roberto Giobbi Caricatures caricatures of Roberto Giobbi May 7 131
Roberto Giobbi From the Book presentational idea May 8 132
Roberto Giobbi Cold-deck Cut Force & Key Card Placement Inspired by May 9 133
Roberto Giobbi Improbabilities presentational idea May 10 134
Roberto Giobbi What's the Effect? Change Phenomenon! May 11 135
Roberto Giobbi Flashback (Cutback) plot idea May 12 136
Roberto Giobbi Pretty Production May 13 137
Unknown Matches matchstick puzzle May 14 138
Roberto Giobbi Magic Stamps presentational idea May 15 139
David Stone, Roberto Giobbi Sight Gag taking sleeves off May 16 140
Roberto Giobbi Vanishing Anything actually paper and pencil vanished May 17 141
Roberto Giobbi Favorite Sleights from Card College Volumes 1 & 2 list May 18 142
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Favorite Sleights from Card College Volumes 1 May 18 142
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Favorite Sleights from Card College Volumes 2 May 18 142
Roberto Giobbi Vintage Magic presentational idea May 19 143
Dondo Burghardo Professional Magician May 20 144
Roberto Giobbi Virtual Group Magic exchanging ideas May 21 145
Fred Kaps "The Kaps Turn" & "The Kaps Exhibitionist Move" body techniquesRelated to May 22 146
Roberto Giobbi Magic unLimited on a Goethe quote May 23 147
Roberto Giobbi, Karrell Fox, Jerry Andrus Card Configuration using cards to make interesting designs May 24 148
Roberto Giobbi Eh? on verbal paradoxes May 25 149
Roberto Giobbi Tube of Truth rolling a card or something else into a tube and doing something with it May 26 150
Roberto Giobbi Slang for Authenticity May 27 151
Roberto Giobbi Work Techniques and Research Tools for Magicians on PDFs May 28 152
Unknown Knot in Rope Bar Stunt May 29 153
Roberto Giobbi Simulated Magic practicing without props May 30 154
Unknown Made-to-measure Magic - The Problem deck spread on table, length named and measure, card at that position is selection, posed as problemVariations May 31 155
Dai Vernon, Roberto Giobbi Vernonisms: Some of Dai Vernon's Favorite Quotes June 1 156
Roberto Giobbi Start with a Story possible trick introduction June 2 157
Roberto Giobbi All Backs Get-Ready location effect to set up for Vernon's All BacksInspired by June 3 158
Roberto Giobbi China ambigram "effect" June 4 160
Roberto Giobbi iDeck sightgag with card case June 5 161
Roberto Giobbi Innocent Card Switching Wallet transparent plastic wallet June 6 162
Henning Nelms, Roberto Giobbi Top Quotes From Henning Nelms' Magic & Showmanship June 7 163
Roberto Giobbi The Magic of Change modified quote by Lou Reed about music June 8 164
Roberto Giobbi Fake Keynote Speaker June 9 165
Roberto Giobbi Q&A With François Truffaut long quote from Truffaut June 10 166
Roberto Giobbi Dr. Rodolfo Roll Triumph presentation June 11 167
Roberto Giobbi Be Yourself list of quotes June 12 168
Silvan A Child's Dream June 13 169
Arturo de Ascanio, Fred Kaps Master & Student Ascanio about Kaps June 14 170
Roberto Giobbi Ambitious Card Opener: The Presentation June 15 171
Roberto Giobbi Ambitious Card Opener: The Handling June 16 172
Jack McMillen, Roberto Giobbi On McMillen's Card Control Related to June 16 172
Roberto Giobbi The Mirror Remembers presentational idea June 17 174
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Favorite Sleights from Card College Volume 3 June 18 175
Roberto Giobbi The Charlie Chaplin False Shuffle Related to June 19 176
Unknown A Magical Hoax gag in which balls of bread are swallowedRelated to
  • "Récréations Mathématiques et Physiques" (Jacques Ozanam, 1692, p. 427)
June 20 178
Juan Tamariz Repeat Top Change against second-from-top cardRelated to June 21 179
Roberto Giobbi, Trixini The Price is Not a Price Related to
  • "Der Magier mit dem blauen Stein" (Trixini)
June 22 180
Roberto Giobbi Cutting Edge Magic impaled envelope as intrigue object June 23 181
Roberto Giobbi Favorite Lady Friend same idea as in Jay Ose noteRelated to June 24 182
Roberto Giobbi All Except Him applying Over the Head concept to other tricks June 25 183
Roberto Giobbi Mantle of Invisibility presentational idea June 26 184
Roberto Giobbi How to Sit On a Card June 27 185
Roberto Giobbi, Walter Scott Blind Phantom dealing under newspaper June 28 186
Camilo Vázquez, Roberto Giobbi Management for the Palm for one-handed palm June 29 187
Charles Bertram Charles Bertram quoted storyRelated to
  • "A Magician in Many Lands" (Charles Bertram)
June 30 188
Roberto Giobbi 10/20 Force Variation July 1 189
Roberto Giobbi Dekadiction twelve ways to stage a prediction effect July 2 190
Roberto Giobbi Expert Key Card Placement July 3 191
Roberto Giobbi True (?) Story using true stories as emotional hook July 4 192
Roberto Giobbi It's Up Your Sleeve! emcee bit July 5 193
Roberto Giobbi Three Openers for Table Magic 1. buttonhole puzzle
2. props under cloche on plate
3. props in large cognac snifter
July 6 194
Roberto Giobbi More Thoughts on Table-Hopping Table Magic July 7 195
Roberto Giobbi On the Classic Force July 8 196
Roberto Giobbi Another Out for the Classic Force July 9 197
Tom Mullica Gag Out for the Classic Force July 10 198
Juan Tamariz And One More for the Classic Force July 11 199
Roberto Giobbi Syllogism Raymond Smullyan anecdote July 12 200
Roberto Giobbi Self-Made Magic Postcards July 13 201
Roberto Giobbi How to Get Tips July 14 202
Roberto Giobbi Actus Interruptus Glimpse July 15 203
Fred Kaps The Red Corner July 16 204
Arturo de Ascanio, Roberto Giobbi The Cards Talk to You July 17 205
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Favorite Sleights from Card College Volume 4 July 18 206
Roberto Giobbi Splitting Cards object put in split card, idea July 19 207
Roberto Giobbi 52! = 8.07 x 1067 as presentational hook July 20 208
Unknown Yet Another Bar Bet liquid in conical glasses July 21 209
Roberto Giobbi Linguistic Patterns on trade shows July 22 210
Roberto Giobbi Advice for the Young list July 23 211
Unknown Finger Calculator for multiplication with 9 July 24 212
Roberto Giobbi In Search of Yourself presentational idea, The Card That Finds Itself July 25 213
Martin A. Nash, Roberto Giobbi Money in a Safe July 26 214
Roberto Giobbi Magic Square Idea Related to
  • Guyot, Vol. 3, 1735 edition p. 79
July 27 215
Unknown The Rotary Card gravity pivot turnover between fingers July 28 216
Roberto Giobbi, Persi Diaconis Shuffle Statistics as presentational hook July 29 217
Roberto Giobbi Top Ten Books for the Desert Island list of magic books July 30 218
Roberto Giobbi Obedient Alphabet suggestions for ABC deck July 31 219
Roberto Giobbi Card Codes presentational idea Aug 1 220
Roberto Giobbi Frivolous Gambling dirty story/joke Aug 2 221
Roberto Giobbi Nomen Est Omen names that have been given to cards (curse of Scotland), presentational idea Aug 3 222
Roberto Giobbi Nomen Est Omen Plus giving cards names, presentational idea Aug 4 223
Roberto Giobbi MaToFo: A Mathematical Topological Force no-touch dealing force Aug 5 224
Roberto Giobbi Trick & Practice for Restaurant Magic card of selection appears on napkin Aug 6 225
Roberto Giobbi Amusing Fees Aug 7 226
Al Flosso I'll Make YOU a Millionaire (for a few minutes...) presentational hook for miser's dream Aug 8 227
Roberto Giobbi More Word Curiosities Related to Aug 9 228
Roberto Giobbi Charles Schulz Aug 10 229
Roberto Giobbi The Magic Consultant presentational idea Aug 11 230
Roberto Giobbi The Casual Glimpse flexing the deck Aug 12 231
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Notes on The Vernon Companion by Mike Perovich by Mike Perovich Aug 13 232
Dai Vernon, Roberto Giobbi Picking Off the Pip Finesse Aug 13 232
Roberto Giobbi Top Quotes Related to Magic Aug 14 234
Roberto Giobbi Timeline idea for card introRelated to Aug 15 235
Roberto Giobbi Paradoxes Related to Aug 16 236
Roberto Giobbi Wild Wild West presentational idea, using western-type cards Aug 17 237
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Favorite Sleights from Card College Volume 5 Aug 18 238
Roberto Giobbi The Trick That Has No Presentation presentational idea Aug 19 239
Roberto Giobbi Quotes to Open as opening quote for a trick Aug 20 240
Roberto Giobbi Wizard on the word "wizard" Aug 21 241
Roberto Giobbi Con Attempted anecdote by Dieter Haldimann Aug 22 242
Roberto Giobbi X-ray Trick deck cut into three piles, performer names top card of each pile Aug 23 243
Unknown Pick-up Glimpse as card is picked up, bold Aug 23 243
Roberto Giobbi Ex Libris, Ex Magia bookplates Aug 24 244
Roberto Giobbi Famous People Do Magic list of celebrities Aug 25 245
Roberto Giobbi Gambling Stories presentational idea Aug 26 246
Juan Tamariz False Cut Sequence retaining cyclical order Aug 27 247
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Words About Wizards by Robert Parrish by Robert Parrish Aug 28 248
Roberto Giobbi "Set" Cards decks that have been used in movies, presentational idea Aug 29 249
Roberto Giobbi Top Ten Quotes on Perfection Aug 30 250
Roberto Giobbi Made-to-measure Magic - A Solution deck spread on table, length named and measure, card at that position is selectionInspired by Aug 31 251
Roberto Giobbi Practice Sep 1 252
Roberto Giobbi Linear Solutions Related to Sep 2 253
Roberto Giobbi Cryptic Notes on taking notes Sep 3 254
Roberto Giobbi Accidental Magic taking advantage of accidents, with Vernon/Leipzig anecdote Sep 4 255
Roberto Giobbi Entry Exam presentational idea Sep 5 256
Roberto Giobbi In-Transit Curry starting with card in handInspired by Sep 6 257
Roberto Giobbi Korem Lecture and Anecdote Sep 7 258
Bob Farmer Back to the Future trick introduction Sep 8 259
Roberto Giobbi Success quotes on success Sep 9 260
Roberto Giobbi Opener for a Card Session cased deck, pyro flash, changes into fan, posed as problem Sep 10 261
Roberto Giobbi Polyglot Cards presentational ideas Sep 11 262
Roberto Giobbi A Moment in Time presentational idea Sep 12 263
Roberto Giobbi Close-up: A Profession With Many Facets different performing conditions Sep 13 264
Roberto Giobbi Top Quotes on Creativity & Originality Sep 14 265
Fredric Payne, Juan Tamariz May the Force be With You bold idea to force one of three cards, giving them characteristics , asking for a characteristic and then claiming that the force card is the chosen oneRelated to
  • "The Impressionable Joker" (Fredric Payne, Simply Wizard, Goodliffe, p. 77)
Sep 15 266
Roberto Giobbi Einstein's Lesson on throwing away work Sep 16 267
Roberto Giobbi Missing in Action why cards could be missing in the deck Sep 17 268
Roberto Giobbi Degrees of Learning Sep 18 269
Roberto Giobbi Mathematical Structure! presentational idea Sep 19 270
Roberto Giobbi, Dai Vernon Thoughts on Ambitious Card Finale Related to Sep 20 271
Roberto Giobbi The Deck That Cannot Be presentational idea Sep 21 272
Steven Wright Absurd is Magical witty quotes Sep 22 273
Roberto Giobbi Russian Roulette story as introduction Sep 23 274
Roberto Giobbi, Arturo de Ascanio Action of Apparent Continuity with coin vanish as example Sep 24 275
Roberto Giobbi Modal Verbs of Necessity on how to give rules in gentle way Sep 25 276
Roberto Giobbi Problem: Double From Fan posed as problem Sep 26 277
Dorothy Leeds The Six Major Speaking Faults from Dorothy Leeds' "Power Speak" Sep 27 278
Roberto Giobbi "Match the Joker to the Pack" Deck Switch Related to Sep 28 279
Roberto Giobbi From the Vineyard to the Bottle: The Structure of Magic analogy Sep 29 280
Roberto Giobbi The Trick That Fooled... presentational idea Sep 30 281
Roberto Giobbi Details of Handling on the Brush Color Change paintbrush change Oct 1 282
Roberto Giobbi Tongue Twisters Oct 2 283
Roberto Giobbi Cop Force dribble force, force card starts in cop position Oct 3 284
Roberto Giobbi Stebbins & Galasso For Book Test using cards for page selection Oct 4 285
Roberto Giobbi Mental Magic Opener: Magic by Know-how Oct 5 286
Roberto Giobbi Envelopes for Magic ideas for special envelopes Oct 6 287
Roberto Giobbi Lefty Deck created by Kevin Reylek Oct 7 288
Roberto Giobbi Poetic Quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Oct 8 289
Roberto Giobbi Sotheby's presentational idea Oct 9 290
Roberto Giobbi Carte Blanche Prediction blank paper as prediction, deck blank as well, prediction appears, selection is only proper cardInspired by Oct 10 291
Roberto Giobbi Weight weight of things, with anecdote Oct 11 292
Roberto Giobbi Misdirection Oct 12 293
Roberto Giobbi Taxonomy for Library: Favorites sorting a library Oct 13 294
Roberto Giobbi Complex Magic, Simplified Einstein quote Oct 14 295
Roberto Giobbi Beyond What We Know anecdote from Zuckerbrot's Martin Gardner documentary Oct 15 296
Roberto Giobbi Card to Wallet, Pardon me, to Wallet...in Spectator's Pocket actus interruptus Oct 16 297
Roberto Giobbi It's All Done With Mirrors Oct 17 298
Roberto Giobbi Ten Covers for the Pass Oct 18 299
Roberto Giobbi Interesting Book Test suggestions for non-standard books Oct 19 300
Roberto Giobbi Overhandling the Cards Oct 20 301
Al Baker Trick Problem divining cards and memorising names of spectatorsRelated to
  • Al Baker, "Just a Sweet Cake", 1941
Oct 21 302
Roberto Giobbi Disappearing Wife how to react to that question Oct 22 303
Roberto Giobbi Credit Crunch Solved puzzle story Oct 23 304
Michael Skinner, Edward Marlo Skinner on Marlo's Poker Deal spectator deals himself the aces, bottom deal stacking, same as Marlo's reallyInspired byRelated to
  • Michael Skinner Private Tape (DVD, ca. 1988, edited by Richard Kaufman)
Oct 24 305
Roberto Giobbi Card Magic Comes From Gambling Oct 25 306
Roberto Giobbi Likes & Dislikes list of what Roberto Giobbi likes and what not Oct 26 307
Arturo de Ascanio Ascanio's Double Lift Replacement Inspired byRelated to
  • "Transformations of Beauty" (The Magic of Ascanio Vol. 3, Jesus Etcheverry, p. 366)
Oct 27 308
Roberto Giobbi Prop List Related to Oct 28 309
Roberto Giobbi Isolating the Deck staging ideas Oct 29 310
Roberto Giobbi Scoop-up Substitute For Double Lift KM Move with half deck Oct 30 311
Roberto Giobbi Running Cut Glimpse tabled Oct 31 312
Roberto Giobbi Buffalo play of words Nov 1 314
Roberto Giobbi Catchphrases of Famous Performers list, Charles Bertram, Max Malini, José Frakson, Dante, Kalanag, Silvan, Juan Tamariz, Horace Goldin, Dr. Giovanni, David Devant, Bruce Cervon, Allan Ackerman, Tommy Cooper, Paul Daniels, Sirdani, Dani DaOrtiz Nov 2 315
Roberto Giobbi Change Plane doing selection with faces towards spectator Nov 3 316
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Jennings '67 by Larry Jennings (written by Richard Kaufman) Nov 4 317
Roberto Giobbi The Lateral Insertion sideways insertion
- Control
- Multiple Shift
Related to Nov 5 318
Roberto Giobbi Cards as Objects Nov 6 319
Roberto Giobbi Seven Secrets of Life Nov 7 320
Roberto Giobbi, Anthony Norman Deal Force with small numbers that are namedRelated to
  • "Basic Card Technique" (Anthony Norman, 1948)
Nov 8 321
Roberto Giobbi The Accidental Glimpse glimpsing a selection or a card that is in the hands of spectator Nov 9 322
Roberto Giobbi Formula for Success in Magic Nov 10 323
Roberto Giobbi In Praise of Older (Magic) Magazines Nov 11 324
Roberto Giobbi A Novel Force Inspired by Nov 12 325
Roberto Giobbi Guarantee Card Nov 13 326
Roberto Giobbi Lucky 7 things to "improve luck" Nov 14 327
Lennart Green Red & Back Card Bet percentage game Nov 15 328
Roberto Giobbi Dissertation Nov 16 329
Roberto Giobbi Body Magic Act Nov 17 330
Roberto Giobbi Yet Another Extraordinary Ability simultaneous speaking skill Nov 18 331
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Card Palming Techniques in Stars of Magic by Louis Tannen Nov 19 332
Roberto Giobbi On ESP Cards Nov 20 333
Roberto Giobbi Dead Man's Hand Nov 21 334
Roberto Giobbi Erroneous Correlations Nov 22 335
Roberto Giobbi One-way Stratagem reversal Nov 23 336
Roberto Giobbi Trick for Thanksgiving: Torn and Restored Turkey description of old trick around 1600 Nov 24 337
Roberto Giobbi Card Tricks for Women list, quote from Expert Card Technique Nov 25 338
Roberto Giobbi Formula X on mathematics & magic Nov 26 339
Roberto Giobbi Dictionaries to Dictionaries posed as problem Nov 27 340
Roberto Giobbi Idea for a Bill Routine pencil through bill, promising to make hole disappear but making whole bill vanish, similar gags Nov 28 341
Roberto Giobbi Magic Libretto presentational idea Nov 29 342
Roberto Giobbi List of Books by Working Professionals Nov 30 343
Roberto Giobbi Studies Dec 1 344
Roberto Giobbi, Ramón Riobóo Card Roulette analogy between cards and roulette table Dec 2 345
John Kennedy Coin Opener apparently shaking coins out of sleeve Dec 3 346
Roberto Giobbi This Trick Socks card vanishes, sock in case, card in shoe Dec 4 347
Roberto Giobbi Very Close-up presentational idea, magnifying glass Dec 5 348
Roberto Giobbi Personal Creativity with quote by André Gide Dec 6 349
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, Roberto Giobbi Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin's Birthday Related to
  • "Les métamorphoses" (Robert-Houdin, Comment on devient sorcier)
Dec 7 350
Roberto Giobbi "Oh, that's how easy it is!" Related to Dec 8 351
Roberto Giobbi Magic Set presentational idea Dec 9 352
Roberto Giobbi An Extraordinary Ability reading a vinyl album by looking at the grooves Dec 10 353
Roberto Giobbi My Father's Trick presentational idea Dec 11 354
Roberto Giobbi Card to Pocket I at which angle to take palmed card out of pocket Dec 12 355
Roberto Giobbi Card to Pocket II Dec 13 356
Roberto Giobbi San Giovanni Bosco quote, presentational idea Dec 14 357
Roberto Giobbi, Jean Hugard Giving a Reason for the Use of Certain Cards Dec 15 358
Roberto Giobbi Interdisciplinarity Dec 16 359
Roberto Giobbi Dribble & Palm Replacement Force dribbling on table Dec 17 360
Roberto Giobbi Top Ten Quotes on Thinking Dec 18 361
Roberto Giobbi Pandora's Box presentational idea Dec 19 362
Roberto Giobbi Modern Magic From the Modern Conjurer? illustrations of old secret pockets from Hoffman's "Later Magic" Dec 20 363
Roberto Giobbi Miraculous Magic card transposes with page of dictionary Dec 21 364
Roberto Giobbi Card Press & Clip Dec 22 365
Roberto Giobbi, Juan Tamariz Emotional Script magic & emotions Dec 23 366
Roberto Giobbi Magic is a Gift Dec 24 367
Lennart Green, Roberto Giobbi The Index Intuition Inspired by
  • "Red and Black" (John Kennedy, Genii, Vo. 52 No. 9, Mar 1989, p. 560)
Dec 25 368
Unknown Spectator Shuffles Alternating Deck red/black Dec 25 368
Roberto Giobbi Gifted Assistants Dec 26 370
Roberto Giobbi To Justify a Packet Dec 27 371
Roberto Giobbi The End-over-End Hit Double Lift Dec 28 372
Roberto Giobbi Personal Secret Agenda Dec 29 374
Roberto Giobbi Best Lecture Notes Dec 30 375
Roberto Giobbi Graduation: The Hidden Agenda Seminar Certificate Dec 31 376
Roberto Giobbi Bibliography 377