Written by Ned Rutledge, James G. Thompson Jr.

Work of Ned Rutledge, James G. Thompson Jr.

75 pages (Stapled), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with photographs and drawings.
Language: English

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James G. Thompson Jr. Preface 4
Ned Rutledge My Friend, Tonto writing appears on card and selection is found face up in the deckRelated to 5
James G. Thompson Jr. Without Benefit of Magician three methods to reverse a card in a one way deckRelated to 6
Ned Rutledge, James G. Thompson Jr. Mental Scales spectator deals amount of cards on the table, stops and remembers next card, performer cuts same amount and locates selection 7
James G. Thompson Jr. One Way to One Way method to sort a one-way deck 9
Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle 9
James G. Thompson Jr., Ned Rutledge Five Think five times four card, impromptu version with slop shuffle 10
James G. Thompson Jr., Ned Rutledge Las Vegas Eyes cards apparently marked, several times a card is selected and divined, eventually a card is put face up in the deck and cards named above and below, marking is seen with sunglasses 12
Unknown Overhand Peek 13
James G. Thompson Jr., Ned Rutledge Future Terrific! Related to
  • J. G. Thompson's "Future Terrific" in "Linking Ring", June 1947
James G. Thompson Jr. Basic Glide Force cards are cut in the hands, glide holds force card back 16
Unknown Squaring with the Left Hand squaring up a card which is in glide position, with one hand 16
Ned Rutledge End Spread Force card put in deck, card above is forced, glide 17
James G. Thompson Jr. How'd He Know? on slip of paper, with basic glide force 18
James G. Thompson Jr. One Step Ahead variation on How'd He Know? 18
James G. Thompson Jr. The "In" Card two cards, written on blank card, card stabbed in center 19
Ned Rutledge Man and Woman two card prediction on two billets, clever ploy to cover one ahead 20
James G. Thompson Jr. Anyone You Touch Hull's Nu-Idea Deck with prediction paper between cards 22
James G. Thompson Jr., Ned Rutledge On Edge edgemarked deck 23
James G. Thompson Jr. Fabric Fantasy three thought of cards are removed and put under a handkerchief, performer divines all three, edgemarked deck 24
Unknown Deck Switch while looking for handkerchief 25
Ned Rutledge, James G. Thompson Jr. Medium Rare edgemarked deck and code 26
Ned Rutledge Hearbeat - A Subtlety reason to look at the side of the deck, while spotting the missing card, edgemarked 28
Ned Rutledge Mr. Know-It-All cards are removed and pushed back in the deck or in spectator's pocket, performer divines amount of moved cards and also the name of the cards, edgemarked 28
James G. Thompson Jr. Deck Stabbing stabbing a knife next to a named card, edgemarked 30
James G. Thompson Jr. Sympathesia medium removes selected card from a deck, two decks, easy code 30
Ned Rutledge, James G. Thompson Jr. Two Minutes to Telepathy easy two person code, word for values and suitsRelated to 32
James G. Thompson Jr., Ned Rutledge Perfecz Poker Face performer stops at named card 33
James G. Thompson Jr. Telepathy by the Clock seconds countingRelated to 34
Ned Rutledge The Babbling Coins four thoughts are directed to four coins (as well as noted on a pad), medium divines four thoughts, carbon 35
Ned Rutledge, James G. Thompson Jr. Murder, INC. murder game, with ten pieces of information and assistant organizing everything while performer is out of the room 38
Ned Rutledge Thumb-Thing to Write With thumb tip writer, handling and construction 42
Ned Rutledge The Instant Darkroom thought of symbol, number and letter appear on blank cards 43
James G. Thompson Jr. Blackout Magic classic one ahead routine, with reading in the dark presentationInspired by 46
James G. Thompson Jr. A Dark Secret same card is reversed in the deck, spirits turned cards over in the dark 47
James G. Thompson Jr. Embers billet in envelope is burnt, divination of word 48
Ned Rutledge Payola name from telephone book prediction, box with numbers to select name 49
Ned Rutledge Singin' in the Brain people summing songs in their heads, performer divines them, spectators write songs down, as a climax two people think of same song 55
James G. Thompson Jr., Ned Rutledge Telastrophy Jr. with tricolor pen, three things written on blank cards, match perfectly with what performer has written 58
Unknown Double-Transfer glide variation 59
James G. Thompson Jr. Keys to Entertainment routine for Key-R-Rect, borrowed finger ring on lock 64
James G. Thompson Jr. The "Good Republican" prediction of future president, humorous routine 65
Ned Rutledge, James G. Thompson Jr. Before the Presses Roll! headline prediction in nest of envelopes, sent by mail 69
Ned Rutledge Tomorrow's Newspaper 73