Written by Bruce Elliott

Work of Various

225 pages (Hardcover), published by Faber & Faber
Illustrated with drawings by Dr. Stanley Jaks.
Language: English

(63 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Bruce Elliott Preface 11
Bruce Elliott The Spectator's Card is Produced different endings for finding a selected card 15
Unknown Card Control with a Crimp 15
Unknown Snap Over Change carp flipped over quickly with a snap on sleeveRelated toVariations 17
Dai Vernon, Wallace Galvin Card through Handkerchief tabledRelated to 18
Jay Marshall Card on Ceilling tape method 22
Lee Noble Corn-Cobs smoke appears from two empty corn-cob pipes, smoking without fire, chemical method 27
Bruce Elliott Water, Water, Everywhere! 33
Unknown The Rice Bowls 33
Al Baker Al Baker's Rice Bowls Related to 39
Jardine Ellis Jardine Ellis Wineglass Production with vanishing thimble 40
Wally Dean Jardine Ellis Wineglass Production from a handkerchief 42
Unknown The Very Peripatetic Paddle paddle move and routine with knife and pieces of paper and matches 46
Francis Carlyle Carlyle's Card printing of a business cardAlso published here 50
Dr. Theodore Sack Sack's Spotted Sorcery three phase routine with dice, pips on dice changeAlso published here 50
Unknown, Wally Dean Those Four Aces classic ace assembly, with follow up idea by Wally Dean 61
Unknown False Riffle Shuffle retaining top stock 65
Stanley Collins Collins' Ace Trick 66
Unknown False Count adding extra card 67
Unknown The Glide 68
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Peng Peng ace vanish sequence in spectator's hand 69
Unknown McDonalds Aces brief 72
Cy Endfield Slow-Motion Ace Trick Related to 74
Unknown Turnover Add-On cards on table are turned over with a card, card is loaded in the process 83
Wally Dean The Miser's Dream Come True! in a wine glassAlso published here 84
T. Nelson Downs Downs Palm 86
Unknown Coin Production from finger palm, several coins for miser's dream 91
Unknown The Miser's Dream with saucer, gaffed method, brief 93
Bruce Elliott The Egg Bag, Well Done different moves, thorough explanation 96
Roy Benson The Egg Bag lots of eggs appear from bagAlso published here 104
Bruce Elliott The Two Covers and the Four Objects... 107
Bruce Elliott Coin Assembly with one foreign coin 107
James Drilling Coin Steal secret pick up 108
Unknown Coin Vanish throwing coin form hand to hand 110
Clyde Cairy Card Assembly with two magazines and four cards on a newspaper 114
Clyde Cairy Card Transfer under two magazines, turning card over 116
Bruce Elliott Billards, Magic Style 124
Walter B. Gibson Billard Ball Routine four ball routine, with handkerchief 124
Unknown Top of the Pocket Dodge showing trouser pocket empty 126
Unknown Change Over Palm 126
Unknown Ball Production on fist 126
Unknown Shell Move shell and one ball, showing both sides 128
Unknown Ball Vanish take vanish 129
Jack Chanin Billiard Ball Sequence quick vanish and production of three balls 133
Walter B. Gibson Second Billard Ball Routine with five balls, a handkerchief, color changing ballsRelated to 141
Lee Noble Razor Sharp twenty bladesRelated to 152
Bruce Elliott, Dai Vernon The Ambitious Card! last phase in spectator's hands (Vernon)Related to 160
Unknown Double Turnover 162
Bruce Elliott Elliott's Card Change 165
Unknown Top Card Reverse on leg 166
Unknown Double Cut 170
Bruce Elliott The Eternal Cups and Balls three cups, with two in the hand one in the pocket sequence 176
Franklin V. Taylor Taylor's Cups and Balls three cups, gaffed, thread and sponge, gimmicked possibility to make a ball appear under a cupAlso published here 187
Charlie Miller Cups and Balls three coffee cups and rolled up billsRelated toAlso published here 192
Unknown Penetration of Cup with Ball Also published here 196
Ande Furlong, Joe Berg Cups and Balls 199
Unknown, Johnny Paul Cup Through Cup Move with variation by Johnny Paul 204
Roy Benson Benson Bowl VariationsAlso published here 209
Roy Benson Spongeball Vanish with a wand 209
Don Alan Don Alan's Finish for the Benson Bowl 214
Bruce Elliott In Conclusion 217
Bruce Elliott Appendix list of twenty best-liked and twenty most performed effects 220
Bruce Elliott Glossary 223