Written by David Ben

Work of David Ben

175 pages (Hardcover), published by Squash Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Suleyman Fattah.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
David Ben Introduction vii
David Ben Postage Prediction prediction of the value and country of stamp, double faced stamp force 3
David Ben Just Another Packet Trick destroyed bill in sugar packet 6
Jerry Andrus Bill Display Subtlety showing hands empty while hiding folded bill 6
Ross Bertram Bill In Cigarette loading from thumb tip 9
David Ben Bitter Sweet Sugar vanishes, reappears in coffeeAlso published here 11
David Ben Extension of Credit credit card is visibly strechted, with Repeat Presentation 13
David Ben Bad Habits cigarette through bottle cap 19
Dai Vernon Spellbound Move 20
David Ben Worse Habits cups & balls with a cigarette paper and a bottle cap 23
Paul Gertner, Larry Jennings Flick Move 26
David Ben Spirit Writing named word appears on cigarette paper 27
David Ben Ringing In The Gaff matrix effect with sugar cubes 30
David Ben Wine and Roses Floating Rose 33
David Ben Out Of The Ordinary 35
David Ben Remember and Forget 41
David Ben Dribble Side Jog retaining separation while dribbling 42
Ross Bertram Ross Bertram Double-Lift with simulated push-off 43
David Ben Top Card Glimpse 43
David Ben Dunbury Drop 46
Edward Marlo The Deliberate Side-Steal 46
Unknown, Ross Bertram Second Deal Turnover turning the second card over on deck, brief 47
David Ben Window To The Soul 49
Larry Jennings Larreverse 50
David Ben Stop! The Lucky Prediction spectator finds predicted card 52
Dai Vernon Double Laydown 52
David Ben Just Four Variety odd poker hand transforms into a Royal Flush 54
David Ben Turnover Travelers 56
Tenkai Ishida Tenkai Palm 56
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish 57
David Ben Book Turnover on Table or Bilis?! 58
Ross Bertram Insertion Tenkai Steal while inserting double card in deck 59
David Ben Oil and Water 61
David Ben Tabled Biddle Spread 63
David Ben, Jack Merlin Lost Aces For Experts Inspired by 66
Mel Stover left to right reading principle 69
Joe Berg Berg Palm 70
David Ben, John Scarne, Charles Bertram Scarne-Bertram Prediction card chosen from tabled mess matches predictionAlso published here 71
David Ben Card On Ceiling 74
Ross Bertram Add Card outside of Card Case 75
David Ben Career Management 77
David Ben Devaluation Detailed half dollar transforms into dime, dime vanishes 83
David Ben Gravity Sleeving 83
David Ben Wonder Coin coin through hand, coin above chose card, melts through cards in second phase leaving hole, see also Bob Farmer's "Journey to the Center of the Deck" (Linking Ring Sep. 1983) 85
Earl Nelson The Changing Of The Card 87
Ross Bertram Tenkai Replacement Technique 87
Edward Marlo Convincing Control 88
David Ben, Michael Weber, Michael Close, Bob Farmer Invisible Triumph rough smooth 90
David Ben In-the-Hands Zarrow Shuffle tilt 91
Ross Bertram Roughing Cards tip 93
David Ben Alpha Faux presentation for "Alpha Mental": computer predicts chosen word 95
Michael Sondermeyer, Uwe Schenk Alpha Mental prediction of word chosen from newspaper page, progressive anagrams 95
Albert Spackman Newspaper Test word-forcing technique, text upside down beneath headline 96
David Ben Zip Mindreading book test presentation: computer predicts words 98
Alain Nu Two Person Book Test 98
David Ben Psychic Cellular cell-phone guesses the chosen card 100
David Ben Cocktail Wizard 102
David Ben Listen To Me 103
David Ben Restoration Theatre bill in envelope is burned and restored from the ashes 109
David Ben Matchless Psychometry spectators write phone numbers inside matchboxes, performer returns each to spectator 113
David Ben Abstract Thought performer paints magic square for a thought-of age. 117
David Ben Tossed On Stage tossed out deck version, five spectatorsVariations 119
David Ben Design Duplication performer draws thought-of symbols, using stooge 125
David Ben Everybody's Card, III Inspired by 128
Unknown One-Handed Second Deal brief 129
Unknown Top Changing bottom card of Fan mention, brief 130
David Ben Parlor Secrets - Length of Performance
- Length of Individual Tricks
- Type of Tricks
- Be Seen/Be Heard
- Set the Stage
- Get On - Get Off
- Program Placement
- Add Value
- Illusions
- Image Enhancement
David Ben Alchemy Revisited using pochettes and a second ring 143
Dai Vernon Method, No. 1 144
Ross Bertram B.U.D. 144
Michael Weber rapid off and on sequence 144
David Ben The Conjurer's Dream Miser's Dream routine 147
David Ben Cards To Pocket ten cards 150
Ross Bertram Ross Bertram's false count 151
Joe Berg, Ross Bertram Bertram-Berg Palm brief 153
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Bottom Palm brief 155
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish 157
Ross Bertram Card to Coin Tenkai Palm 158
David Ben Coin Duplication 159
David Ben Tricks 161
David Ben Scripts the scripts for
- Alchemy Revisited
- The Conjuror's Dream
- Cards to Pocket
David Ben Acknowledgements 175