Written by Frederick Braue, Jeff Busby

Work of Frederick Braue

240 pages (Spiralbound), published by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Jeff Busby Introduction - The Fred Braue Notebooks on Braue and his published work 1
Frederick Braue Mental Telepathy Stack four spectators think of a card from a group, they're spelled out, progressive spellers (1935) 1 1
Frederick Braue Item spelling almost any card with eleven letters 1 1
Unknown Impossible Coincidence card chosen, then divined on paper as well as its position (1935)Related to 1 1
Frederick Braue FB Version of Charlier Pass two covers for Charlier pass (1935)Related to 1 2
Unknown Card Location odd-even divided deck 1 2
Frederick Braue FB Card Palm and Pass Rear Palm, palm off from center, replacement after tabled riffle shuffle (1935) 1 2
Unknown Card Detective reversed card's value used to count down to selection 1 4
Unknown The Ribboned Card ribbon put around indifferent card in middle, when pulled out it changed into selection, gaff with ribbon on it 1 4
Frederick Braue FB Change card placed aside at beginning is later selection 1 4
Frederick Braue The Tunnel deck in Charlie cut position with two packets, card slid through the opening reverses 1 5
Unknown To Set Chosen Card controlling a card to a certain number from top 1 5
Unknown Use for Short Card count-down placement, spectator shuffles 1 5
Unknown Thought-Card Gimmick card thought of and written down by spectator, divined 1 5
Unknown Clairvoyance with Cards card in fan is touched by spectator, performer instantly names card, lower index bent and glimpsed from behind fan 1 6
Unknown Card at Given Number slap trickRelated to 1 6
John Northern Hilliard Stop Card Trick "Triple Mystery", card side-stolen to topRelated to 1 6
Unknown Stop Card Trick faced deck 1 6
Unknown Slippery Aces Collins Aces with dealing finale 1 6
Unknown An Easy Force criss-cross force, with angled packet or piece of paper in between 1 7
Frederick Braue FB Thought-Card Force force card has injogged card below it, spectator thinks of one as deck is riffled through (1936) 1 7
Unknown Locator Card scallop short, for multiple control 1 7
Unknown Another Locator thread glued inside split card, tactile 1 8
Unknown Still Another punch with needle 1 8
Unknown The Pushback retaining the break after a pass by establishing a jog 1 8
Unknown Another Push-Back Locator upper half slapped stepped on lower and it then slides in alignment except its bottom cardAlso published here 1 8
Unknown Key Cards pencil marks, or reversed card in one-way deck 1 9
Felix Fabian Single Card Double Color Change and Vanish "This is one of the finest effects of pure sleight-of-hand in existence."
- Snap Change with back-to-back clean-up
- Snap-Over Change
- False transfer and removed from pocket
Also published here
  • Sphinx, July 1924, p. 164
1 9
Frederick Braue Another Use Snap Change with clean-up on deck (1936) 1 10
Unknown Floor Change Throw Change onto the floor 1 10
Unknown Color Change using one-handed palmInspired by 1 11
Unknown Card Switch 1 11
Frederick Braue FB Fan Card-Steal fan in right hand, some cards are stolen in back palm (1936) 1 11
Frederick Braue FB Palmaid gimmick on leg height with sticky substance to leave card there during spectator's shuffling (1936) 1 11
Unknown Card Switch palmed card dropped on card on deck (1936)Inspired by 1 12
Frederick Braue FB Card Change unload of double on deck, bit like D'Amico Change (1936) 1 12
Unknown Vest Switch card slid under vest flap changes, unload on deck 1 12
Frederick Braue FB Side Steal "I think that this is the perfect pass, although I have used it only in the past week."
referenced Erdnase Palm from center (1936)
Inspired by 1 12
Frederick Braue Baker's Impossible Discovery - FB Improvement spectator locates other spectator's card in pocket under fair conditions (1936)Inspired by 1 13
Bob Fisher, Frederick Braue Fan Steal Inspired by
  • Sphinx, March 1934, p. 13
1 13
Unknown Heartstopper Card Trick location with duplicate (1936) 1 14
Frederick Braue FB Peek heel break (1936) 1 14
Arthur Gross, Frederick Braue The Peek Card Knowledge book break glimpse after peek 1 14
Unknown Another Peek glimpse after spectator's peek behind back 1 15
Frederick Braue Another FB Sidesteal card starts out side-jogged (1936) 1 15
Frederick Braue FB Color Change card stolen from back at right angle (1936) 1 15
Frederick Braue FB One-Card Backhand Routine one-card routine with duplicate (1936) 1 16
Rolland Hamblen Card Routine description of ten card location routine (1936) 1 16
Rolland Hamblen Card Location Ten Card Location routine
1. Say Stop
2. Spell Out
3. Spring Location
4. Stabbed Card
5. The fifth card
6. Stabbed Cards
7. Card through handkerchief
8. - 10. catch from shower
1 17
Unknown Card Switch card apparently pulled out from center, but taken from top (1936) 1 18
Frederick Braue Improved Routine - Al Baker T&R Newspaper Inspired by 1 18
Unknown Tissue Paper Tear 1 19
Unknown Jog Palm top card starts slightly out-jogged 1 19
Unknown Flip Return of Palm to Pack card sprung behind deck from right-hand palm 1 19
Unknown Vanish of Pack of Cards 1 19
Unknown Another Vanish of a Pack of Cards with manipulation routine 1 19
Unknown Mah Jongg Cubes colored squares with numbers on other side, number selected and spelled with mixed squares 1 20
Unknown Pliable Cigarette cigarette can be bent, knot tied, without doing harm 1 20
Unknown The Light Touch effects and gags with match, cigarette, silk that bounces back from floor 1 21
Unknown To make your nose creak 1 21
Edward Victor Diminishing Card Trick with confetti finale 1 21
Unknown Color Changing Pack red-blue double backer, "running-cut optical illusion" 1 22
Unknown Spell it Out 1 22
Unknown Immediate Shuffle Control card hit on front so it comes out at back, corner crimped 1 23
Unknown Out of Possession Location visual estimation and stack with multiple outInspired by 1 23
Unknown Lost Card Subterfuge card to pocket as out for lost card 1 23
Unknown Card Location Also published here 1 23
Unknown Another Location getting small jog and then break as top half is replacedRelated to 1 23
Unknown Fan Manipulation cards from fan stolen and backpalmedRelated to 1 23
Unknown Move from backpalm 1 24
Unknown To Count Off Five Cards as Four from deck 1 24
Unknown Backhand Color Change card stolen in right hand backpalm which then holds deck, left hand steals backpalmed card for color change 1 24
Unknown Half-Deck Change 1 24
Unknown Change might be a clip palm steal 1 24
William Larsen, Jack McMillen Poker Deal performer knows other player's hole cards, then gets aces (1937) 1 25
Unknown 1089 1 25
Jack McMillen Card Control delayed jog in overhand shuffle control (1937) 1 25
Unknown Sympathetic Silks (1937) 1 25
Unknown Slip Knot 1 26
Unknown Cover for the Charlier One-Hand Pass right-hand fan 1 27
Frederick Braue FB Adaptation of Charlier Pass (1937) 1 27
Frederick Braue FB Adaptation Thayer Rising Cards with houlette and thread (1937) 1 27
John Northern Hilliard Hilliard Rising Cards 1 28
Frederick Braue, Jean Hugard FB Adaptation of Hugard's Telepathy card travels to other half, twenty-six duplicates (1937)Inspired by
  • "Telepathy" (Jean Hugard, Sphinx, June 1935, p. 101)
1 28
Unknown Half-Deck Switch Hellis Switch with Overhand Shuffle cover 1 28
Frederick Braue, Jean Hugard Telepathy card travels to other half, twenty-six duplicates (1937)Inspired by
  • "Telepathy" (Jean Hugard, Sphinx, June 1935, p. 101)
1 29
Frederick Braue FB Card Control riffle force with break or key card placement 1 29
Unknown Lifesaver one of five (1937) 1 29
Harold Agnew Card Under Magazine Discovery card through magazine, Bottom Placement type loading 1 30
Unknown Miscellaneous Forces - forcing four cards with (re)dealing
- odd-even number of things to force one of two spectators (matches or corners of newspaper)
1 30
Unknown Card Forces re-dealing to named number with apparent error 2 1
Unknown Under-Spread Force under-spread force with load from bottom 2 1
Unknown Knife Stab Force 2 1
Unknown Pocket Force spectator is hurried to remove card from pocketed deck 2 1
Unknown Joker Force psychological 2 1
Unknown Instant Stooge Force card reversed 2 1
Unknown Double Backer Force for two cards 2 1
Unknown Spring Force with slight pause 2 1
Unknown Small Number Force small number named to arrive at force card 2 1
Unknown Lift Shuffle Force 2 1
Unknown Double Facer Force for two cards 2 2
Unknown Countdown Force card placed with exampleRelated toAlso published here 2 2
Unknown Handkerchief Force 2 2
Unknown Faced-Deck Force counting 2 2
Unknown Criss-Cross Force 2 2
Unknown Switch to stacked deck with pockets and body turn 2 2
Unknown Cut in Glass Force force card has lip and is held backRelated to 2 2
Dai Vernon, Frederick Braue Dai Vernon Force stabbing force with principle that used deck splits always at same pointInspired by 2 2
Unknown Forcing by Numbers forcing multiple cards by counting to named numbers 2 3
Unknown Slip Count slipping card back on top of deck during count 2 3
Unknown Slip Pass riffle force handling in which both hands turn over during slip of top card to center for cover 2 3
Unknown Poker Trick Aces riffle shuffled in deck yet controlled (top stock control), then stacked with two shuffles (perfectly alternating near top) 2 3
Unknown Slip Cut tabled 2 4
Unknown Pick-a-Card Poker five selections stacked into a poker handRelated to 2 4
Earl Wheeler Sucker Four Ace assembly with Kings, last one is an ace, kings change to aces to match (1937) 2 4
Earl Wheeler Top Palm Switch top cards apparently removed, really palmed and next packet taken 2 5
Frederick Braue To Show Five Cards as the Same Card - FB Move (1937) 2 5
Frederick Braue FB Card Change hard to understand (1937) 2 5
Frederick Braue FB Top Count-Down (1937) 2 6
Unknown Notes on the Double-Lift (1937) 2 6
Unknown Force One card placed with exampleAlso published here 2 7
Judson S. Brown One Hand Fan Force bottom card slid to other side, fan broken at any point, also with second-from-bottom card, with "FB Notes" (1937)Related toAlso published here
  • "One Hand Fan Force" (Judson Brown, Genii, March 1937, p. 13)
2 7
Judson S. Brown One-Hand Top Change similar to Downs Change without any get-ready, with "FB Note" (1937)Also published here
  • "A One Hand Top Change" (Judson Brown, Genii, August 1937, p. 11)
2 7
Rolland Hamblen Cards that Change Color red and blue deck, named card removed from one and two cards from other deck, backs of named card with one of the others transpose 2 7
Rolland Hamblen Alignment Move precursor 2 8
Cardini Cardini Snap Change snap-over change near sleeve 2 9
Unknown Amusing Color Change picking-off-a-pip dynamics (1937)Related to 2 9
Frederick Braue FB Sidesteal only little finger pushes out card (1937) 2 9
Unknown Card Change card apparently pushed in one half, but stolen back (1937) 2 9
Unknown Card Vanish from Pack cards counted on table one by one, first one is double (1937) 2 10
Jack McMillen McMillen Push-Off (1937) 2 10
Unknown One-Handed Laydown (1937) 2 10
William Larsen Card Control cutting wanted card near bottom via riffle shuffle with glimpse, then face-up overhand shuffle 2 10
Unknown Gamblers' Move top stock control with crimped deck (1937)Related to 2 10
Jack McMillen Gamblers' Riffle Stack riffle glimpsing cards (1937) 2 10
Jack McMillen Gamblers' Stack tabled, straight cut, bottom cards slid back to bottomAlso published here 2 11
Earl Wheeler A Fancy Cut "It's hard to describe." 2 11
Unknown Red and Blue Mystery four red-backed and four blue cards, one red and one blue card travel to pocket 2 11
Unknown Overcount from Deck from deck into hand one by oneRelated to 2 12
Frederick Braue, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser's Misdirection Everywhere and Nowhere 2 12
Tommy Martin Four Aces 2 14
Arthur H. Buckley, Unknown Four Ace Moves 2 14
T. Nelson Downs No Shuffle eight perfect shuffle recycle a deck 2 14
T. Nelson Downs TND Dovetail Shuffle 2 15
T. Nelson Downs TND Poker Deal stack in which two to six players can be chosen, good hands and performer wins 2 15
T. Nelson Downs TND Reverse from center to bottom 2 15
T. Nelson Downs Downs Move 2 15
T. Nelson Downs Downs Sidesteal first finger break 2 15
Unknown Thumbcount of Cards from bottom, riffling off right thumb 2 16
Jack McMillen Astro-Vision spectator reverses his card by himself (1937) 2 16
Jack McMillen Disguised One-Way Deck reds one way, blacks the other 2 16
Unknown Reversing Pack Move (1937) 2 16
Unknown Excellent Reversed Card during riffle shuffle, packets kiss 2 16
Frederick Braue FB Reversed Card palming top card and reversing deck underneath, "It is the easiest of card reversals" (1937) 2 16
Jack McMillen Card Reversal - A Peek reversed card easily glimpsed when riffled through deck 2 17
Jack McMillen Card Reversal - Another Peek glimpsing card that is reversed in center as cards are dealt off from top 2 17
Unknown To Reverse a Card for a Marker KM Move type reversal to reverse bottom card during overhand shuffle, face-up key card (1937) 2 17
Unknown Think of It! one out of five, travels to pocket (1937) 2 17
Tenkai Ishida, Frederick Braue Sidesteal (After Tenkai) demonstrated by Charles Kohrs (1937) 2 18
Frederick Braue FB Four Aces (1937) 2 18
Frederick Braue FB Change "This is the best of all card changes.", Excelsior switch with thumb palm (1937) 2 19
Dr. James William Elliott Elliott Continuous Backpalm many cards in regular palm, packets produced in fans (1938) 2 19
Unknown Scott's Rough recipe for roughing fluid 2 19
Unknown Thought Card Detection (1938) 2 19
Frederick Braue Two Pile Trick two selections (1938)Inspired by 2 20
Frederick Braue Frank Squires Speller answers to questions about selection are spelt out, selection shows upInspired by 2 20
Unknown Ambitious Card Move pushing double in, push-in change, palming bottom half to top 2 20
Frederick Braue (reviewer) The Following Effects in The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks are Especially Good by Jean Hugard
list of a few dozen items
2 20
Frederick Braue Effective Card Routine list of effects for stand-up without requiring selection 2 21
S. W. Erdnase, Frederick Braue Formula for Erdnase Shuffles - Stock Shuffling (3 to five cards)
- Cull Shuffles (3 to four cards)
Related to 2 21
U. F. Grant, Tenkai Ishida Card Vanish spectator remembers card at number, when counted down again it is no longer there 2 23
Unknown Apparently to Show both Sides of a Card Unprepared 2 23
Sid Lorraine Sid Lorraine's Liquor Card Trick packet with liquors printed on them, selection divined, method guess by Fred Braue 2 24
Unknown Splitting Knots one knot on a silk becomes two, good luck with the illustrations 2 24
Unknown Floating Wand thread 2 24
Earl Wheeler Wand Production steal from lapel 2 24
Unknown Card Vanish Seven of Diamonds and index of Nine of Diamonds simulate a Six of Diamonds in tabled layout 2 25
Unknown All-Spell Pack spell count 2 25
Nate Leipzig, Charlie Miller Leipzig Four Ace Slap Aces, as described by Charlie Miller (1939)
- Miller Routine
2 25
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller Peek book break (1939) 2 26
Unknown Reversing a Card deck turned over on top of card (1939)Inspired by 2 26
Unknown Glimpse shown by Charlie Miller (1939)Related to 2 26
Charlie Miller Shuffle Misdirection apparent mistake or clumsiness, top stock control or addition from knee (1939) 2 26
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser Left Hand Palm shown by Charlie Miller (1939) 2 27
Unknown Silk Moves - Unknotting Silk
- Knot That Isn't
shown by Charlie Miller (1939)
2 27
Unknown Card Vanish rub a dub vanish, "effective when shown by Charlie Miller" (1939) 2 27
Charlie Miller Miller Methods of Peeking gambler's top peek with thumb buckle, two covers (1939) 2 27
Charlie Miller False Riffle Shuffles brief 2 27
Charlie Miller False Tabled Running Cut packets taken from bottom instead of top 2 27
Charlie Miller Audience Tricks Nominated by Charles Miller see following tricks, also tricks nominated by Senor Maldo 2 28
Unknown The Nines with psychological stop forceRelated to 2 28
Max Malini Thirty Card Trick, Malini Variation 2 28
Max Malini Malini Pack Vanish no details, demonstrated by Charlie Miller (1939) 2 28
Max Malini Malini Cover for Pass looking over shoulder 2 28
Max Malini Malini Shake detail as card is displayed 2 28
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller Peek Related to 2 28
Unknown Shuffle, False Cut up the ladder, shown by Charlie Miller 2 28
Charlie Miller Six Cards spectator choses one of three, also performer, all put in deck, selections turn over 2 29
T. Nelson Downs Location knowing position of selection after replacement 2 29
Unknown Ace Control nail nick 2 29
Dai Vernon, Max Malini Peek Control holding break as deck is balanced on fingers, then step fan (1939)Related to 2 29
Charlie Miller False Counts off the deck (1939)
- Four as Three
- Two as Three
2 30
Leslie Hunt Leslie Hunt's Card Trick card selected, then three piles counted off, four-of-a-kind (1939) 2 30
Rolland Hamblen Card Through Handkerchief (1940) 2 30
Unknown Levitator sticky substance, "Malini formula?" 2 30
Unknown Location bluff pass, shown by Charlie Miller (1940) 3 1
Paul Rosini Rosini Vester card travels to under vest, shown by Charlie Miller (1940) 3 1
Charlie Miller Charles Miller Notes: 3.15.40 - To Deal Four as Three (1940) 3 1
Charlie Miller Cards to Pocket brief outline (1940) 3 1
Unknown Showing Pocket Empty 3 1
Unknown Bamberg's Card Strip seems to be a multiple shift (1940) 3 1
Charlie Miller Additional Miller Notes - holding break while tapping on table
- nailnick and estimate distance from key
- "Vernon's 7 card, 7 piles trick."
3 1
Paul Rosini Four Ace Repetitive cross sum force to find four aces, count-down on last ace (1940) 3 2
Paul Rosini Four Ace four aces lost and found 3 2
Harry Mendoza Mendoza Coin Catching production move 3 2
Unknown Coin Vanish 3 2
Dai Vernon Vernon Tip-Over Move Inspired by 3 2
Jack Merlin Four Ace Lost Aces with bottom deal, "I think this is Merlins." 3 3
John Scarne Fold For Card: Scarne in fourth under deckRelated to 3 3
Unknown Card Palm very brief, "Infra red ray trick." 3 3
Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller The Rising Cards three cards (1940) 3 3
Frederick Braue Braue Cups and Balls Routine - First Phase
- Second Phase
- Third Phase
- Fourth Phase
- Extra Phase: Single Ball Movements
3 4
Max Malini, Charlie Miller, Frederick Braue A Deceptive Palm for the Cups and Balls false transfer, detailed, "It should be again stressed that the sleight must be performed very slowly, very casually" 3 8
Frederick Braue (reviewer) Charles Miller Show - West Room, Hotel Oakland by Charlie Miller
show review with list of all tricks, 1941-05-23
3 9
Frederick Braue One Hand Bottom Palm (1941) 3 10
Unknown Chosen Card into a Sealed Envelope 3 11
Dai Vernon, Frederick Braue Insolvable Mystery deck behind performer's back in handkerchief, spectator names any number, performer the card at this position, also with stooge that names card (1942)Inspired byRelated to 3 11
Frederick Braue Card Transfer method to transfer a card from one deck to another (1943) 3 12
Frederick Braue The Changing Card 7C into 7S as it is removed from deck, with silhouette gaff (1943)Related to 3 12
Frederick Braue Bazooka Card Trick writing appears on card that can be seen in red cellophane envelope (1943) 3 13
Frederick Braue The Wandering Pip Five into Four of Diamonds, magnetic (1943) 3 13
Frederick Braue Sleights a table of contents for a book by Braue that wasn't published 3 14
Unknown Hand Out Crimp corner as selection is returned 3 15
Unknown Thirteen-Down Riffle Control card apparently replaced at same position it was taken from, really under thirteen (or known number of) cards 3 16
Frederick Braue Braue Side Jog diagonal insertion 3 16
Frederick Braue Braue Injog injog after diagonal insertion, side dribble ("spill") convincerRelated toVariations 3 16
Unknown Peek and Sidesteal 3 17
Frederick Braue Braue Fan Jog fan with a retained jogged card 3 17
Frederick Braue Braue Double Control two cards, hindu shuffle (1960) 3 18
Frederick Braue Flipflop Control cut deeper principle to control card during displaying sequenceRelated to 3 18
Unknown Backslip Control using slip, motivated through patter, " It is best to assign it to a set trick and use it always for that one trick only." 3 18
Frederick Braue Strip Control Vernon Multiple Shift with one cardInspired by 3 19
Frederick Braue Braue Cut Control cards are spread and taken in both hands, turned face-up 3 19
Frederick Braue Braue Bottom Slide weird culling action 3 20
Victor Farelli Farelli Control bridgeRelated to 3 20
Frederick Braue Braue Crimp Control featuring "enlarging a break", also with short card (see following item)Related to 3 20
Unknown The Floating Key "This is a control which without question is the best of all methods of controlling a chosen card.", key card which is both narrow and short and punched 3 21
Frederick Braue The Sliding Key - Braue Handling with pressure fan 3 22
Unknown Sliding Key Control with fan 3 22
Unknown Sliding Key Force card under fan 3 22
Frederick Braue Braue Crimp technique for inner left corner, starts with bottom buckleAlso published here 3 23
Unknown The Wax Control selection behind the back 3 23
Unknown Wax Pellet Control selection behind the back 3 23
Frederick Braue Braue Confusion Control using Charlier Pass, "This is a one-trick sleight It should be assigned to a given trick and used with it alone." 3 24
Unknown The Fan Bridge stop on fan, cards bent up 3 24
Frederick Braue The Braue Turndown same as Tamariz/Bruce Turnover/Replacement 3 25
Unknown Push Change card placed from in-the-hands spread to table is switch à la Downs Change 3 25
Paul Curry, Frederick Braue Curry Turnover Change (Braue Handling) Inspired by 3 25
Frederick Braue Braue Secret Addition ace switch context, some credit informationRelated to 3 26
Frederick Braue Evolution Double Lift thumbnail gaugeInspired by 3 26
Francis Carlyle Snap Double Lift dribbling until two cards remain in hand, then flip-over 3 27
Henry Christ Christ's Change spread handling of tip-over change 3 27
Frederick Braue The SIde Glide kelly-bottom type actionAlso published here 3 28
Frederick Braue The Color Change article with four changes 3 28
William Larsen, T. Page Wright Double Color Change 3 28
Unknown Visible Transformation with clip position 3 29
Stuart P. Cramer Simple Color Change Erdnase/Houdini change 3 29
Unknown Bottom Steal Color Change 3 29
Frederick Braue Braue Fan Display four as three 3 30
Frederick Braue Braue Three-Card Show four as three 4 1
Frederick Braue Braue Strip Switch 4 1
Unknown Slipping the Cut three methods to beat the cut
- setting a bridged card
- gesture pass
- leaving-cards-behind pass
4 1
Unknown Turnover False Cut similar action to Andrus Fake Slop Shuffle 4 2
Paul Rosini Rosini Hand False Cut false swing cut 4 2
Unknown Three-Way Hand Cut 4 3
Steve Shephard Gamblers' False Cut 4 3
Unknown A Fancy Cut twirl cut, "a favorite with Nate Leipzig" 4 3
Martin Gardner A Fancy False Cut twirl/swivelRelated to 4 3
Unknown Gamblers' Stock Control with bridgeRelated to 4 4
Unknown Four-Card Riffle Shuffle Control Stevens Control typeAlso published here 4 4
Unknown Gus Southall top stock control, top stock shuffled into deck (letter to Southall, 1960-03-26)Also published here 4 5
Unknown Face-Up Stock Stock Control top stock shuffled into deck 4 6
Unknown One-Card Riffle Shuffle Control Stevens Control typeAlso published here 4 6
Unknown Bridge Force spectator cuts to bridge 4 7
Lin Searles Searles' Force top half cut and turned over, then deck secretly turned over, The "So Simple" Force 4 7
Frederick Braue Flip-Flop Force cut-deeper forceRelated to 4 8
Frederick Braue Braue Squeeze Middle Palm "This is the best of all sleights yet devised for palming a card from the center of the pack."Also published here 4 8
Frederick Braue Braue Bottom Palm for small packet 4 8
Frederick Braue Braue Squeeze Center Palm Also published here 4 9
Frederick Braue Braue Bottom Card Break buckle 4 9
Frederick Braue Braue Slidearound Related to 4 10
Unknown Flourish Count "a favorite of Gene Gordon, of Buffalo"Related to 4 10
Harry Graham Bottom-Card Reverse the slip before riffle shuffle 4 10
Frederick Braue Bottom to Top simple double cut 4 10
Unknown Bucle False Count Onto Table 4 11
Unknown Block False Count push-off 4 11
Frederick Braue Bottom Buckle 4 11
Frederick Braue Bottom Buckle - Two Cards 4 12
Frederick Braue Bottom Buckle - Three Cards or More 4 12
Frederick Braue Buckle Fan 4 12
Frederick Braue Routine with a Prearranged Pack routine using two stacked decks, see following tricks:
(1). Simpatico
(2). Mental Speller
(3). The Mental Thinkier
(4). Thought Transferred
(5). Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
(6). Sleight-of-Mind (Marlo-Rawson)
4 13
Frederick Braue Simpatico spectator removes card from one deck, duplicate found from other deck via stop trickAlso published here 4 13
Frederick Braue 2) Mental Speller 4 13
Paul Curry 3) The Mental Thinkier Also published here 4 13
Frederick Braue 4) Thought Transferred performer holds spectator's wrist over spread to locate card 4 14
Fitch Cheney Strange Trick telephone trick with freely named card 4 15
Chris Gosselin, Frederick Braue Seven Card Monte color changing back kickerInspired by
  • "Seven Card Monte" (Chris Gosselin, Abracadabra Vol. 30 No. 772, Nov. 1960, p. 276)
4 15
Paul LePaul Deceptive Perception different presentation for reference, five red backed cards and one blue backed card change into five blue backed cards and one red backed cardRelated to 4 17
Henry Christ, John Braun Mental Subtraction three cards, one put on table and other two shown, when spectator guesses he is wrong since tabled card is now blank card with custom message 4 18
Bert Allerton Magnetic Thought credit informationRelated toAlso published here 4 18
Bert Allerton Allerton Change 4 18
Frederick Braue Pre-Choice sandwiched unknown card becomes later selection 4 19
Charles Nyquist Ace Transpo 4 20
Vynn Boyar Via Avion ten red spot cards and ten black spot cards, peeked card travels across 4 20
Ralph W. Hull Three-In-One card travels from one packet to another, duplicate 4 21
Orla Moody Cards and Envelopes 4 22
Clayton Rawson Rawson Transit selection travels from one deck reversed to another 4 23
Frederick Braue Ambitious Card Move upward buckle to visualize arrival at top 4 23
Frederick Braue Slidearound Aces Related to 4 24
Louis Histed, Frederick Braue Crimp Four Aces aces fairly lost in deck, then they arrive in poker hand 4 24
Martin Gardner The Unconfused Joker reversed joker is besides selection in deck, when joker is moved in spread the selection followsRelated to 4 25
Audley Walsh, Bert Allerton, Frederick Braue Aces Up black aces put in center, the appear at top and bottom, red aces appear in repeat 4 25
Frederick Braue Plunger Aces packets pushed through deck to produce aces 4 26
Steve Belchou Ace Assembly no-touch, little bit of dealing involvedRelated to 4 27
Edward Marlo The Vanishing Five 4 27
Tom Bowyer Svengali Routine selection made, card divined, then it turns over, then appears at named number and at randomly spelled card, spectator stabs next to it 4 28
Jean Hugard Do It and Fail with 28/32 card deck a layout and dealing game is explained, the spectator always fails at it 4 29
Jean Hugard Easy Finders 4 30
Jeff Busby Editor's Note 5 1
Frederick Braue The Educated Thumb selection is found by riffling down one-handed and pulling out selection with thumb 5 1
Frederick Braue Injogging Bottom Cards 5 1
Frederick Braue Braue's Think Trick packet cut off and counted, this number counted down in rest 5 1
Frederick Braue Coin Tapping Count fairly counting coins from glass into hand for good visibility (1944) 5 2
Frederick Braue Braue Top Change (1943) 5 3
Frederick Braue FB Everywhere and Nowhere joker put in case, then selection found several times and put in glass, they change into indifferent cards and cased card is selection (1944)Related to 5 3
Frederick Braue Three Pile Prediction counting and piles to force ninth card from top (1944)
- As a Location
5 3
Frederick Braue Cardetection sixteen cards, some face-up some face-down, performer and spectator think of one, both found, eight double facers and eight double backers (1944) 5 4
Unknown Spectator Ace Cut single cross-cut to find four aces 5 5
Frederick Braue Invisible Transit Three duplicate and double lifts 5 5
Unknown Have You Thought of a Card? thought-of card has different back, with details to psychological stop force 5 6
Frederick Braue Editor's Note comment on referenced itemRelated to 5 6
Frederick Braue The Ribbonspread cards spread on the table, card is selected, returned and eventually found, spread with jogged key cardInspired by 5 7
Frederick Braue The Deuce Sandwich sandwiched card with card in pocket, Seven/Eight of Clubs pseudo duplicate, credit information 5 8
Unknown Tip Over Change brief 5 8
Frederick Braue Glide Sandwich Change 5 8
Paul Rosini The Twenty Card Trick one chosen card acrossRelated to
  • "A Card in Flight" (Paul Rosini's Magical Gems, 1950, p. 14)
5 9
Frederick Braue On Palming how to get used to it and what to do if caught 5 9
Frederick Bra