Written by Christoph Borer

Work of Christoph Borer

286 pages (Hardcover), published by Spellcaster Verlag
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: German

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Michel Gammenthaler Vorwort 8
Jörg Alexander Weber Vorwort 10
Christoph Borer Einleitung 12
Christoph Borer Atelier21 und "Die Magie der Bücher" 15
Christoph Borer Die Entstehungsgeschichte des Zaubertheaters Atelier 21 on his magic theatre Atelier 21 16
Christoph Borer Die Magie der Bücher 17
Christoph Borer Das Konzept und der Ablauf von "Die Magie der Bücher" the structure of his show 17
Christoph Borer Erkenntnisse insights of performing a show where people can influence the order and the structure 19
Christoph Borer Die Magie der Bücher: Das Programm 21
Christoph Borer Das schöne Nahe (Close Up bis Salon) 25
Christoph Borer Die Catha-Zettel spectator selects one of five billets on which is written "may the show begin", on the other billets are humorous remarksRelated to 26
Christoph Borer Psychologische Force magician's choice handling 27
Christoph Borer Die Reiseprospekte out of this world with travel brochures, one have a cross the other a check markRelated to 30
Christoph Borer Positiv durchs Jahr front page from a small booklet is cut away and then restored but with the page reversed 34
Christoph Borer Kloincidence matching routine with toilet signs, male / female 39
Christoph Borer Die Zeitmaschine book put in envelope ages in two steps, time machine presentation 44
Christoph Borer Der Vertrag content of contract changes, signed by spectatorRelated to 49
Christoph Borer, Alexander Römer Feuer von Troja coin burns through book ans stops on chosen pageInspired by
  • Alexander Römer's "Kraft des Fluches"
Ed Balducci Cut Deeper Force without credit 56
Christoph Borer Fifty Shades of Grey seven keys to Baldpate with handcuffs, handcuffed to spectator 60
Christoph Borer Dice Stacking with both hands and stacking dice and smaller cup with smaller dice 66
Christoph Borer Buchrücken-Färbung wild cards plot adapted to books, printing on cover and inside is alteredInspired by 71
Andreas Rau, Christoph Borer Victor Lustig money printing machine with story about Victor Lustig selling the Eifel Tower 77
Christoph Borer Shuffle, Shuffle, Shuffle! (Kartenzauberei) 83
Christoph Borer, S. W. Erdnase, Jack Merlin Die echte Erklärung card stacking, Stacking Formula as PatterInspired byRelated to 84
Christoph Borer Romeo und Julia with speech practice presentation, different colored backs, duplicateInspired by
  • Wayne Houchin's "French Kiss"
Christoph Borer Mc Donalds 95
Brother John Hamman, Arturo de Ascanio Hamman Count 97
Unknown Top-Bottom Change 102
Christoph Borer Das Drei-Karten-Wunder three predictions, freely selected by spectators, half forcing deck 104
Unknown Der Mexican Turnover 107
Christoph Borer Das kleine Schwarze (Mentalmagie) 109
Christoph Borer Lea cards with tombstones, names written on them, selection was named before trick begun 110
Christoph Borer Tarot Deap Out deep sea deck with tarot cards, tossed out deck 114
Christoph Borer Das Magische Quadrat focus on presentation, magic square with birth date 118
Christoph Borer Massenpendeln group pendulum experience, ideas, tips and a routineRelated to 126
Christoph Borer Astropendel spectator locates his zodiac with a pendulumAlso published here 133
Christoph Borer Center Tear Handling with two billets 134
Christoph Borer Im Rampenlicht (Salon und Bühne) 139
Christoph Borer Arsène Lupin five envelopes protrude from a book, last one contains money 140
Christoph Borer Labrador prediction from chosen dog from a book, gag prediction 145
Unknown Number Force with calculator or cell phone 147
Christoph Borer Razored Deck - Für Salon und Bühne razor blade card trick 149
Christoph Borer Die Musikdose booklet with music titles, selection is predicted with mechanical music boxRelated to 153
Christoph Borer Geldschein in Zitrone lemon as surprise in paper bagRelated to 158
Christoph Borer Digitaler Cocktail cocktail is chosen from brochure, then glass appears and when brochure is turned over, chosen drink pours out 169
Christoph Borer Die Buchseiten-Wanderung two books,chosen page vanishes from printed book and appears in blank book on correct page numberAlso published here 172
Christoph Borer Die Buchseiten-Force forcing page from a bookRelated to
  • Borodin's "Die Riffelforce" in "Ex Faustibus", 1999. P. 24.
Christoph Borer Orientalische Gewürze 179
Christoph Borer Orientalische Gewürze: Einleitung on performing magic with an oriental presentation 180
Christoph Borer Die gerechte Strafe sword jammed in arm 182
Christoph Borer Ali, der unglückliche Fakir three phases, rope routine 185
Christoph Borer Der Sultan auf dem Basar script for coin routine and vanishing liquid, storytelling presentation, fairy tale 193
Christoph Borer Die drei Wünsche five coins taken from purse, odd coin is found, storytelling presentation, fairy tale 195
Christoph Borer Die wahre Liebe glass puzzle, fits in box even when piece added, storytelling presentation, fairy tale 198
Christoph Borer Die neue Harems-Mutter prediction of a person, cards with pictures and names, storytelling presentation, fairy tale 201
Christoph Borer Picture Force one of seven photographs 202
Christoph Borer Die wichtigste aller Fragen spirit slates, symbols to name, storytelling presentation, fairy tale 205
Christoph Borer Reminiszenz an "Compilation" 209
Christoph Borer Die Anagramm-Wahl from a piece of newspaper two selected words are mixed up to form a message, anagramRelated toAlso published here 210
Christoph Borer Newspaper Snippet Force 214
Christoph Borer Pendulum spectator finds selection of other spectator with a pendulumAlso published here 217
Jay Ose Ose's Cut triple cut to table, without credit 218
Christoph Borer Dads Duft-Dreieck prediction of chosen fragrancesAlso published here 221
Christoph Borer Runenmirakel one of several rune stones is selected, prediction of rune symbol on pendantRelated toAlso published here 224
Christoph Borer Tear Off corner is torn from selection, card is then restored and all the other cards have a corner missingAlso published here 228
Christoph Borer Theorie und Praxis: Themen und Beispiele 233
Christoph Borer Die Suche nach eigenen Präsentationen 234
Christoph Borer Rubiks Cube presentation, patter 235
Christoph Borer Drogen-Trance presentation, patter for card routine 238
Christoph Borer Shuffle-Borerd last prediction is sum of added numbers on cards 239
Christoph Borer, Edward Marlo I Cut to the Aces Inspired by 242
Christoph Borer Bühnenpersönlichkeit - Präsentation - Bühnenpräsenz essay on character, presentation, presence and creativity 245
Christoph Borer Die Vor-Force pre-forcing objects, as an additional luck factor before the forcing process starts 257
Christoph Borer Starke Behauptungen using claims to enhance impact of the trick 263
Christoph Borer Die Zehner-Balance balancing effect impact and strength of story to reach ten 266
Christoph Borer Rund um den Auftritt tips on performing, being professional
- Verhalten gegenüber dem Veranstalter
- Zauberer als Zuschauer
- Vor dem Auftritt
- Konkrete Vorbereitungen zum Auftritt
- Grundwissen
- Praktische Gegenstände
- Das MacGyver-Kit
- Der Auftritt
- Nach dem Auftritt
- Fazit