Written by Steve Beam

Work of Various

630 pages (Hardcover), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam.
Language: English

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Steve Beam Introduction vii
John Riggs ESP 2000 six business cards are numbered from one to six on one side and the cards shuffled and turned over, spectator selects cards and the numbers from one to six are written on the other side, they matchInspired by
  • Ormond McGill's "ESP Guessing Game"
Related to
51 922
Scott Robinson Lunch on the Go named card ends up between jokersInspired by 51 923
Ken Krenzel Progressive Sandwich 51 925
Audley Walsh Optical Fan Insertion two cards apparently placed in two different places in a fanRelated to 51 926
Steve Beam Circling the Sandwich Also published here 51 926
John M. Bauman Pulling Through chinese coin changes into jumbo chinese coin, with handkerchief, story to pull handkerchief through hole 51 926
David Solomon The Flip Side with ace to fourRelated to 51 928
David Solomon Veeser Concept Variation 51 929
Andy Greget Tap to the Top variation for Endfield's Center StealInspired by 51 930
John Riggs Impressions credit card behind back, number is divined 51 931
Joe Rindfleisch On the Square during riffle shuffle selection is produced reversed in centerVariations 51 931
Mike Gallo The Only Four ways coins extracted from closed okito box one by one, then again but coins appear in four corners of the mat at once 51 933
David Roth, Mike Gallo Rim Steal No. 2 variationInspired by 51 933
Steve Beam 1994 51 936
Joel Givens Easy Time different handling for Scott Robinson's Time TravelInspired by 51 936
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Another Lecture 51 937
Steven Youell The $ 1,000,000 Test three cards are divinedInspired by 51 939
Steven Youell The Perfect Stopper spectator deals card on table and can stop anywhere, performer knows / names cardVariations 51 940
Steven Youell The Half Stack Principle 51 940
Doug Canning Backstack formula to calculate position of cards in Si Stebbins 51 941
Doug Canning Down for the Count two decks, card is named and put in a deck, cards next to it form a number and same card in other deck found at this position 51 941
Steve Beam Leftovers on Barry Wood, Tom Craven, Dick Dale, Gary Hipp, magician's image, BayWatch, Houdini 51 944
Steve Beam, Mike Beam Credit Limit humorous routine with lot of gags, spectator's credit card to wallet, apparently card is cut into pieces 52 946
Mark Lefler Deflation coin vanishes piece by piece 52 949
Scott Robinson Sliding Scale cards spread, when squared again selection sticks out face up, injoggedVariations 52 950
Joel Givens Slide Too Sliding Scale, with two cards, one by oneInspired by 52 951
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Session Rules 52 952
Robert E. Neale (E)VIL(E) four cards with letters e,v,i,l are put down to form different words, one back changes color 52 952
Billy McDonnell Acey Deucey Squared ace of clubs and two of clubs change places twice, then they turn into ace and two of diamonds, as Billy McDonaldInspired by 52 953
Aldo Colombini Follow the Ruler impressions with a carpenter's ruler, eventually selection is formedAlso published here 52 956
Barry Wood Practical Jokers selection rubbed on spectator's hand vanishes and appears between jokers under his hand, effect is repeated and first selection transforms into second 52 957
Tom Craven Blind Side named number is counted to, card is noted and rest of the cards are blankInspired by 52 959
Joe Rindfleisch The Rotary Pass with all around square up cover 52 959
Steve Beam Tenkai Charlie ambitious card moveAlso published here 52 962
Steve Beam Out on a Limb selection pushed in with arm is produced on fingertips 52 963
Steve Beam Limb Lead-In card vanishes on knee and appears back on deck 52 965
Doug Canning Jinxed Variation Inspired by 52 967
Steve Beam Leftovers on Earle Oakes, David Michael Evans, Ed Weiss, Dick Dale, Mike Gallo, Gary Hipp, Dexter Cleveland, Philip Young, Wes Dukes, Tommy Edwards, on doll hands, Bob Weil 52 968
Steve Beam Billy McDonnell 53 970
Billy McDonnell Tuned Fortune card put in box then two black queens change into red queens and card in case turns out to be selectionInspired by 53 971
Brother John Hamman The Signed Card Switch 53 971
Billy McDonnell Pocket Poker named aces travel to pocket one by one, then they travel again all together 53 972
Brother John Hamman, Edward Marlo Multiple Top Change top card peeled on deck 53 972
Billy McDonnell The Numchuck Cut flourish cuts with both handsInspired by
  • "One-handed shifts: 'new method' ( Robert-Houdin)" in Henry Hay's "The Amateur Magician's Handbook", p. 37.
53 974
Billy McDonnell Resurrection a Ghost one of four queens changes into selectionInspired by 53 974
Billy McDonnell Leadership ten red and ten black cards 53 976
Billy McDonnell Even Odds 6-9 of clubs, odd and even cards separated, even ones changeInspired by 53 977
Billy McDonnell Pocketing the Queens Inspired by 53 979
Billy McDonnell Three-Peat one to four of clubs, one is named and changes into selectionInspired by 53 980
Steve Beam Subscriptions using cereal boxes as magazine holders, which brand fits which magazine 53 981
Billy McDonnell Quadruple Cross two sandwiched cards transpose, then both card in one, four kings in other pileInspired by 53 982
Brother John Hamman The Signed Card Switch 53 982
Billy McDonnell Shifty Poker Palm flush changes into full house, five aces and royal flushInspired by 53 984
Steve Beam Leftovers on long distance calls, Seinfeld, Impact / Multiple Impact, tricks with computers, Don Morris, FFFF, picture with Derek Dingle and Obie O'brien, handling detail for Steve Beam's "Quadruple Prediction" from Semi-Automatic Card Tricks by Billy McDonnell, Wayne Kyzer, John Moran, Tom CravenInspired by 53 992
Joe Rindfleisch Between the Sheets signed card in toilet paper, roll of toilet paper has to be unrolled first 54 994
Joe Rindfleisch Hooked on You keys vanish and reappear in hand 54 996
Joe Rindfleisch Carousel Cut three packets, top stock control 54 996
Joe Rindfleisch Carousel Cut II full deck control, three packets 54 999
Joe Rindfleisch Ball-Istic two billiard balls, one changes into sponge ball and back 54 1001
Joe Rindfleisch Liquid Silver small bottle with liquid silver with a straw four coins are produced 54 1002
Joe Rindfleisch Polished Sterling with hand washing sequenceRelated to 54 1004
Joe Rindfleisch Coin Chops Inspired byRelated to 54 1005
Joe Rindfleisch Needled #1 long needle pushed through neck, impromptu 54 1007
Joe Rindfleisch Needled #2 long needle pushed through neck, impromptu 54 1007
Joe Rindfleisch The Pneumonia Vanish coin vanishes and appears, saliva 54 1008
Joe Rindfleisch Coins Through Borrowed Hands three phases 54 1008
Joe Rindfleisch Top to Bottom Reverse top card is reversed on the bottom 54 1010
Joe Rindfleisch Top Gun one handed gun is formed with deck, selection appears face up 54 1011
Steve Beam Joe Rindfleisch 54 1013
Steve Beam Subscriptions - A Medical Necessity 54 1014
Steve Beam Leftovers on whoopee cushions, Bob Weill, Seinfeld, David Copperfield 54 1016
Van McGee Sticking Together pictures of four coins on four cards travel on one card à la matrixInspired byRelated to 55 1018
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Rumba Count 55 1018
Bret Blackshear The Gunslinger two selections, spectators shoot rubber bands on deck first selection jumps out and eventually transforms into second selection 55 1020
David Britland Rubber Band Move to make a banded card shoot out from the middle of the deckRelated to 55 1021
Martin Lewis Card Production card jumps out of the deck 55 1022
Steve Beam Special One-Man, One Move Insert - Tom Gagnon's Tap Illusion 55 1023
Tom Gagnon The Tap Illusion (Single Card) card out jogged in deck is tapped with a card and apparently squared in the deck, in that process card is stolen and loaded on tapping cardRelated to 55 1023
Tom Gagnon Tap Illusion (Half Deck) card out jogged in packet is tapped with a packet and apparently squared in the deck, in that process card is stolen and loaded under tapping packet 55 1025
Tom Gagnon Vertical Tap Illusion card out jogged in packet is tapped with a packet and apparently squared in the deck, in that process card is stolen and loaded under tapping packet, vertical 55 1028
Tom Gagnon Tap Reverse card is tapped in deck and ends up reversed 55 1029
Tom Gagnon Fan Tap card is tapped in deck with half deck fanned, control 55 1030
Tom Gagnon Tap Illusion Feint card out jogged in packet is tapped with a packet and apparently squared in the deck, in that process card is stolen and loaded under tapping packet, with finesse 55 1031
Tom Gagnon Bologna Sandwich 55 1031
Tom Gagnon Ambitious Illusion with the tapping illusion 55 1032
Tom Gagnon Off Color Prediction two decks, spectator and performer select the same card, then they change places in decks 55 1033
Tom Gagnon Tapping the K.M. Move tapping illusion with K.M. move 55 1033
Tom Gagnon Escalating Aces Inspired by 55 1034
Tom Gagnon Signed Sandwich 55 1034
Randy Wakeman, Tom Gagnon Master Move Related to 55 1035
Tom Gagnon Multiple Tap Illusion tap illusion multiple shift to the bottom 55 1036
Tom Gagnon Sideways Tap tap illusion variation 55 1036
Tom Gagnon Taps more ideas with the tap illusion, see also p. 1096 for additional idea by Steve Beam 55 1037
Dr. Jacob Daley, Tom Gagnon Cavorting Aces Handling Inspired by 55 1038
Norman Houghton Sense of Touch spectator locates card under table, then it changes into selection 55 1039
Richard Street The Toss han ping chien with cards, transformation of selections 55 1040
Joel Givens Geometrick 55 1041
Steve Beam Trapdoor Extra - signs you may have chosen the wrong hobby/profession
- signs you know you are in the right hobby profession
55 1042
Steve Beam Subscriptions 55 1043
Steve Beam Leftovers on birth of Leslie Dawm Beam, Dave Evans, Bob Weil 55 1044
Steve Beam Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic 25th anniversary 56 1046
Vanni Bossi Suction Cup chosen card appears in glass, which is moved along tabled spreadAlso published here 56 1047
Lennart Green The Dinosaur hand imitates elephant /dinosaur and walks over the table, the coins are produced 56 1048
Yuji Wada Expressway four Aces put on table and four cards are selected, Aces turn into Kings and selection into Aces 56 1050
Edward Marlo Atfus 56 1050
Unknown Packet Switch cards reversed under top card, switched when turned over 56 1050
Yuic-hi Katakura Double Shock Transformation Inspired byRelated to 56 1051
Akira Fujii Testosterone Coins continuos coin production with muscle pass 56 1052
Dan Block The Thumb Thing card is produced spinning on thumb, from the deck 56 1053
Hubert Lambert, Dan Block Swivelleroo Variation Inspired by 56 1054
David Solomon Four for Four Squared Ace, Two, Three and Four rise to top of packet after distributed among the cards, repeat in spectator's handsRelated toVariationsAlso published here 56 1055
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition 56 1056
Unknown Buffaloed Display 56 1057
Bob Davis The Ringmaster ring vanishes from finger and appears on finger of the other hand, then it penetrates ring finger and lands on pinky 56 1058
Dave Oestreicher Interlaced Control card pushed in other half 56 1060
Miguel Gomez Ladies of Spain two Queens transpose with two random cardsRelated toVariations 56 1062
Rafael Benatar Karate Cards Six is chopped into two Threes and an Eight into FoursAlso published here 56 1063
Shigeo Futagawa The Teacher poker hand changes three timesInspired by 56 1063
Joe Mogar The Macho Vanish four thimbles vanish one by one 56 1065
David (Foote) Drake Portable Theater card is found, story presentation 56 1066
Jim Krenz All Expense Paid Trip for Three three cards travel from packet to packet 56 1067
Tom Gagnon More on the Tap Illusion - The Elliptical False CountRelated to 56 1068
Steve Beam Signature Card to Wallet card travels to wallet first, then signature 56 1069
Steve Beam Subscriptions - The Trapdoor is the Answer 56 1070
Steve Beam Leftovers on Tom Baxter, Bruce Fricker, Jon Racherbaumer, Stephen Minch, Steve Pressley, Doug Canning, Tom Craven, Scott Robinson, John RiggsRelated to 56 1072
Mike Gallo Passing Glass three coins penetrate a deck of playing cards and fall into a glass 57 1074
Lou Gallo Lou's Lulu aces lost, then found in a triumph routine 57 1077
Michael Skinner Getting a Break over Bottom Card 57 1078
Joey Gallo, Lennart Green Made to Order cards apparently lost in the deck turn out to be the cards held by performer 57 1079
Mike Gallo Clinging Coins three copper coins in purse change places with silver coins in performer's hand 57 1081
Lou Gallo Neglection Selection selection reversed in the deckRelated to 57 1082
Steve Beam The Gallos brief description of Lou, Michael and Joseph Gallo 57 1084
Mike Gallo Well Hung Coins Inspired by 57 1084
Mike Gallo The Eight-Legged Coin Vanish Inspired byRelated toVariations 57 1086
Joey Gallo Coincideal stopped at mates, prediction 57 1088
Mike Gallo Splatter Coins coins from one corner travel to four corners each, under four cards 57 1088
Ross Bertram Coin Steal 57 1089
Mike Gallo Round Up at once 57 1090
Earl Nelson Coin Load under card 57 1091
Mike Gallo Box Top Switch coin box switch (not the lid) 57 1091
Mike Gallo Over and Over, Again three copper and three silver coins, two copper coins join the other coins one by one, last coin joins rest held by spectator 57 1092
Lou Gallo The Newark Move similar to the business card prophecy force, stopped card is turned over while deck is secretly cut 57 1094
Lou Gallo Slam Dunk 57 1094
Mike Gallo Presto Gallo two copper change into two silver coins, then one silver and one copper, eventually four chinese coins are shownInspired by 57 1095
Steve Beam Subscriptions 57 1099
Steve Beam Leftovers on Tom Gagnon, 4F convention, Wayne Kyzer, Simon Aronson, Drei-Länder-Kongress, Magic Christian, Leo Polacek, Harry Lucas, John Moran, Ron Jeffries, Simon Lovell 57 1100
Alain Nu Silver Wear clever spoon bending routine, three spoons 58 1102
Tom Craven The Approach approaching a table when doing restaurant magic 58 1104
Joe Mogar Power Thimbles four thimbles are produced 58 1104
Joe Mogar The Belcher four thimbles put in hand vanish at once 58 1107
Frank Thompson A Simple Cut as relayed by Ed Voorhees 58 1108
Marty Kane Zip Code Pip Mode selection found on total of added values of several cardsInspired byRelated to 58 1110
Dave Oestreicher Optical Sandwich Inspired by 58 1111
Anthony Lindan Microwaveable Missionaries as Anthony Linden 58 1112
Stephen Bargatze This and That funny presentation, words on cards "nothing", "something", "it", "this" and "that" 58 1113
Marty Kane Magician Acquisition with Judah's elimination DealInspired by 58 1115
Ronald Zollweg Memories of the Forks remembering Eddie Fechter and the Forks Hotel 58 1115
Wayne Kyzer, Steve Beam, Mike Beam, Joel Givens, John Riggs The Heavy Deck gags with block of steel in card box 58 1116
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Magic - Ethnocentric Too Long 58 1117
Steve Beam Yet Another Scott Robinson Insert "The Purse" 58 1118
Scott Robinson Differences three silver coins in purse copper coin vanishes and appears in purse while silver coins appear on table 58 1118
Scott Robinson Rate of Exchange 58 1119
Scott Robinson Triple Crown copper, silver and brass coins in purse appear in hands and travel back to purse 58 1120
David Roth, Scott Robinson Pop Outs Variation Inspired by 58 1121
Steve Beam Leftovers on the internet, Bruce Barnett, Doug Canning, Cal Tooles, credit information for Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volume II by Bob Farmer, beeper joke, Ed Eckl 58 1124
Steve Beam Cutting Class four ace production 59 1126
Tony Biscardi Passing Gear card reverse while doing the LePaul Spread PassRelated to 59 1128
Jim Krenz The Amazing Ten Card Trick eight phasesInspired by 59 1128
Steve Beam The Aaron Fisher Better-Than-Lee-Asher Insert 59 1131
Aaron Fisher Smokeless Turnover Shift - Smokeless Turnover Shift
- As A Placement Shift
- Cool To-The-Bottom Alternative
59 1131
Aaron Fisher The Joint Shift to the top, Aarongant Principle 59 1133
Aaron Fisher Twist If You Got 'Em 59 1134
Dan Tong Fan Reverse using one-handed fan 59 1134
Aaron Fisher Recoil aces put in deck, all cards but the aces turn face up, then aces turn into kings and aces found reversed throughout the packInspired by 59 1136
Steve Beam The Lee Asher Better-Than-Aaron Fisher Insert 59 1139
Lee Asher The Asher Flasher one card color change held over the deck 59 1139
Lee Asher Under the Influence Change card reversed on half changes into other card 59 1141
Lee Asher Bending Over Backwards bottom card of the deck changesRelated to 59 1142
Lee Asher The Buzz top card shot to the right hand 59 1143
Lee Asher Four Casting card force, card is touched in the spread and cards turned over except touched cardAlso published here 59 1144
Steve Beam Subscriptions - In Praise of the Lowly Envelope 59 1145
Steve Beam Leftovers on Marty Kane, Jon Racherbaumer, Jim Hyams, Wayne Kyzer, Scott Robinson, Simon Lovell 59 1148
Joel Givens Human Slot Machine with a pen and a glass, double-load slot machine 60 1150
Joel Givens New Way Pop selection appears reversed when deck is riffle shuffled in the handsInspired by 60 1152
Joel Givens Hover deck floats above the hand, impromptu 60 1154
Joel Givens Lean Time deck stands upright on palm 60 1155
Joel Givens Rubbed Out rub-a-dub variation 60 1157
Joel Givens Slop Machine in the hands triumph 60 1158
Joel Givens Cutie entire Q-tip is pushed into ear and pulled out again 60 1160
Joel Givens Triple Play four selections change into aces 60 1161
Unknown Deck Turnover 60 1161
Harry Lorayne Illogical Double Lift 60 1162
Joel Givens Kicking Aces four ace production, at once 60 1162
Joel Givens Passed Ambitions Inspired by 60 1164
Joel Givens Slip Up 60 1165
Joel Givens Tying One On three cards are found, last one appears under tie claspRelated to 60 1165
Joel Givens Tubular Bills bill travels to a straw, missing corner, bill transforms into wrapper 60 1166
Joel Givens Two Plus Two two selections and four aces change places, in the hands of two spectators 60 1167
Joel Givens Cuff Link rubber band is knotted, when the knot is untied there are two rubber bands 60 1169
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Ways To Stay Awake At A Magic Convention 60 1170
Steve Beam Joel Givens brief 60 1171
Steve Beam Leftovers on David Michael Evans,Wayne Kyzer, Bill Robinson 60 1172
Steve Bedwell Shake, Shuffle, and Twist invisible deck / Triumph comboAlso published here 61 1174
Mike Gallo Coin Wrappers four coins appear in purse 61 1176
R. Paul Wilson Australian Curry Variations 61 1177
David Michael Evans Bob Hope's Magic Special - "Don't Shoot, I'm not Jeff Busby" humorous poem 61 1178
Steve Beam A Special Trapdoor Insert - Moves 61 1179
Shigeo Futagawa Bottoms Up reverse of cards while cutting the deck in the hands 61 1179
Steven Youell Bikes Peek key card placement, in the handsRelated to 61 1180
Steve Bedwell The Dribble Toss Control Also published here 61 1181
Gene Maze King Cut three kings placed in the deck join the fourth king on top 61 1182
Unknown Tenkai Palm Steal from top of the deck 61 1182
Dan Block Face Off four cards with backs on both sides change into selection then into quartet of the selection 61 1184
David Solomon, David Neighbors Another Blanking Ace Routine jazz aces, all eight cards turn blank as a climaxVariations 61 1186
Steve Beam, Rajneesh Madhok Subscriptions Tom Swifties 61 1187
Edward Marlo Opec Count 61 1189
Chris "Doc" Dixon Crack Up joke, dandruffs fall from head 61 1189
Chris "Doc" Dixon Hard Headed knife tapped in hair resulting in a hard metallic sound, too much hairspray joke 61 1190
Doug Canning Spell Found card located by spelling This Is Not Your Card and But This IsInspired by 61 1190
Tom Craven Plugging the Keyhole 61 1192
Chris "Doc" Dixon The Dry Look joke, apparently urinating whit powder because performer is dehydrated 61 1192
Steve Beam Business Card Prophecy Force Variation bottom card stays the same 61 1195
Steve Beam Leftovers on John Riggs, Jeff White, Tony Biscardi Joke, Steven Youell, David Copperfield, Mike Gallo, Tom Craven, Dave Michael Evans 61 1196
John Riggs Sugar Vanish poured in hand, impromptu thumb tip version 61 1196
Jeff White Ring Through Hand linking ring linked through palm of the hand 61 1196
William Goodwin The Exhibitionist in the hands triumph, without selection 62 1198
William Goodwin Mechanical Reverse Variation 62 1198
William Goodwin Triumph Disply incomplete faro, riffling through both halves 62 1199
Larry Jennings Outstanding Triumph Variations 62 1201
Steve Beam Simply Shuffled in the handsAlso published here 62 1201
Steve Beam Chapped lip balm tube vanishes 62 1203
Alain Nu, Hiroshi Sawa Fender Bender one handed spoon bending routine 62 1204
Alain Nu Impossibender spoon bending, forming a loop, one handed 62 1205
Steve Beam The Rubaway Card Vanish - Tips & Tweaks on the Rub-A-Dub-Dub
- The Original
- Tip #1: The Far Side
- Tip #2: The Flash
- Tip #3: Turning Point
- Tip #4: On the Diagonal
- Tip #5: Dropping the Deck
- Tip #6: The Lean
- Tip #7: The Message
- Tip #7: Time Misdirection
- Tip #8: Facing Skyward
- Variation #1: Face-Up
- Variation #2: The Two-legged Table
- Variation #3: Leg Man
62 1209
Peter Duffie Hopover thought of card from red pack transpose with thought of card from black packet (uses PallaD Principle by Peter Duffie, found in Cards in Principle) 62 1213
Tom Frame Well-Appointed Stud two Jonah cards, very fair handling and spectator can switch cards as often as wanted 62 1213
Tom Craven King Butt (As in "butt shuffle") 62 1215
Joe Mogar Sucker Punch four thimble vanish in hand 62 1215
Steve Bedwell Thumbs Up comedy routine, during a rope cutting routine, performer apparently cuts off his thumb and then puts it back on 62 1216
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Magic Magazine Quiz humorous quiz 62 1220
Steve Beam Leftovers on Ray and Lee Eyler, Ken Norris, Lloyd Jones, S.A.M Convention, thimble magic 62 1225
Joel Givens Sucker Straw straw bends 90 degrees and straightens again 63 1226
Hippie Torrales The Torrales Bounce tabling a double 63 1228
Hippie Torrales Stealth Cards ace through four 63 1228
Hippie Torrales Card Pop-Out Move on table, similar to David Roth's Pop Outs, from LTP 63 1231
Joe Rindfleisch Trampoline deck dropped on a a rubber band stretched on other hand, deck encircled except selection 63 1231
Joe Rindfleisch Card Force Related to 63 1231
Steve Beam The Pass (A Manly Insert) 63 1233
Joel Givens Back Stage Pass cards spread then packets are compleated 63 1233
Bill Malone Graveyard Fan ends with a two-hand fanInspired by 63 1236
Mark Elsdon The Pinch Pass with all-around square-upInspired by 63 1237
Scott Robinson Sponge Coins Inspired by 63 1238
Mike Gallo Purse-A-Veerance purse vanishes and coins remain, version without topit 63 1240
Mike Gallo Out Boxed lid travels on coin box, then coins penetrate box 63 1241
Joe Rindfleisch Stretching It rubber band travels from fingers of one hand to wrist of other hand 63 1243
Doug Canning Marked Up Masterpiece faro and twenty-six key 63 1245
Steve Beam When in London 63 1246
Steve Beam Subscriptions more Tom Swifties 63 1248
Steve Beam Leftovers on David Copperfield, Great Britain, exposure 63 1252
Joey Burton The Bermuda Cut triangle cut, card appears in side 64 1254
Steve Beam Marty Kane - A One-Man Insert brief 64 1257
Marty Kane Bottoming Out Today spelling weekdays, two cardsRelated to 64 1257
Marty Kane Buckeye Bottoms Out card is found by spelling words on ace of spadesRelated to 64 1258
Marty Kane Modern Day Moracle packet cut off and reduced to one card via reverse faros, this card is selection and four aces on top of discard piles, with two variationsInspired byAlso published here 64 1258
Marty Kane Pound Rebound story trick with Judah Elimination Trick, last card fits storyInspired by 64 1261
Marty Kane Mish Mosh Tell-A-Vision suits of cards are divined, with fingers, then separation by spectatorInspired by 64 1262
Marty Kane Sixth Sense Nonsense multiple prediction, mates, dealing procedure 64 1264
Richard Bartram, Jr. Cheese Stick eating glue from glue stick, gag 64 1265
Doug Canning Orbital Count Down word spelled card predicted at that positionInspired by
  • Trevor Lewis "Orbital"
64 1266
Steve Beam Invincible thought of card vanishes and then reappears reversed in the deck 64 1267
Steve Beam, Rajneesh Madhok, Doug Canning, Mike Beam, Wayne Kyzer Subscriptions How do you know someone is not a card magician? Humorous answers 64 1268
Steve Beam Well In That Case, I'll Take Mine Black anecdote from a magic convention about political correctness regarding women in magic, LMRelated to 64 1273
Shedoo Reve, Elrae Sekao Party Pooper gag, card with king sitting on toilet, royal flush, names are anagrams of Ed Voorhees and Earle Oakes 64 1279
Scott Robinson Top Slop some cards turn over while performer want to show a trick, first two then more and more, humorous routine 64 1280
Larry Jennings Larreverse 64 1280
Steve Beam Jack Birnman 1921 - 1997 64 1281
Steve Beam Leftovers on mindspring website, 4F, Allan Slaight, Les Berry, Noel Coughlin, Doug Canning, Mike Beam, tip on Cigarette through Quarter by Mike Gallo, Abacus, Bill Robinson 64 1284
Joe Mogar Presidential Opener thimble produced from bill, then three more as a climax 65 1286
Joe Mogar The Explosion Move four thimbles from thumb palm to fingertips 65 1289
Troy Hooser Nectar of the Cards bottle appears behind close up map 65 1292
Steve Beam Against All Odds spectator names amount of change in envelope, with variationsInspired by
  • Chris "Doc" Dixon's "Change of Mind"
65 1293
"Magic" Christian Stelzel The Challenger single card is found by stop while counting, amount of cards is same as valueInspired by
  • Jean Hugard's "Challenges"
65 1295
Unknown The Switch 65 1296
Akira Fujii Pinky Ring finger ring vanishes and appears on pinky of other hand 65 1297
Lee Asher Erect Aces four aces stand upright on tableVariationsAlso published here 65 1299
Joshua Jay Pulling My String Short rope stretched into long rope by stomping down on it with footAlso published here 65 1300
Bob Davis Uniform Card Control control a card to the bottom, a gambler's type clip, reversed in the middle or set for a plunger rise
- Universal Opening
- The Bottom Control
- Gambler Clip
- Reversed in the Middle
- Plunging Forward
- Side Steal
65 1301
Shigeo Futagawa Singles Club off beat ace assembly, with four black cards, leader packet cards turn out to be black cards as well and aces found reversed in the deck 65 1303
Unknown Braue Reversal Variation 65 1304
Joel Givens Finger Flasher thimble color change, half thimble 65 1304
Aaron Fisher The Princess five cards, thought of is divined others change to acesInspired by 65 1306
Ken Kurita Jazz A Summer Day 65 1307
Scott Robinson The Queen Thing selection vanishes among queens, then queens travel to pocket and in the hand remains the selection 65 1309
Scott Robinson Elmsley Display 65 1310
Steve Beam Subscriptions - More than Just a Motto 65 1311
Tom Gagnon Si of Relief calculating position of cards in Si StebbinsAlso published here 65 1313
Tom Gagnon Easy Breather making a breather crimpAlso published here 65 1313
Scott Wells Scott's Well knife through paper napkin 65 1314
Steve Beam Leftovers on 4F, practical joke on Rob Stewart 65 1316
John Swomley Real World Rat Trap comedy routine, performer apparently puts hand in rat trap 66 1316
Scott Robinson Bill Me bill in purse transposes with four coins 66 1318
Chad Long The Change Machine card face up out jogged in deck changes color 66 1320
Steve Beam The Marty Kane One-Trick Insert (Yet Another Insert From that Wacky Floridian) 66 1321
Marty Kane Spelling Foretelling card spelled, suit packet
- Packet Mode - Face Up
- Dealing Mode
- Mixed Modular Version
- The Pause that Refreshes
- Telephone Version
Variations 66 1321
Marty Kane Part Two - Using 5 Target Cards clock layout
- Black Modular Mode
- Red Modular Mode
- Compass-Direction Version
66 1324
Marty Kane Part Three - Using 6 Target Cards - The Spell of Royalty
- Variation #1
- Variation #2
- Pellmell Spell
- Variation #1
- Variation #2
- Variation #3
- Spelling and Think-King
- Variation #1
- Variation #2
- Parallel Spell
- Variation
- Clientele Under Your Spell
- Variation
- Monthly Spells
- Variation
- Blanking Out Spells
- Variation for Two Spectators
- Variation for Three Spectators
Related to 66 1325
Troy Hooser Jokers Squared Inspired by 66 1331
Wayne Kyzer The Finger joke with handcuffs, finger hanging from end 66 1332
Allan Slaight, Steve Beam Stebbin Up -spelling color, number, mate always corresponding to the selectionInspired byAlso published here 66 1332
Steve Bedwell Repeat Cards to Pocket travelers, using tube from breast pocket to outer pocket, with repetitionRelated to 66 1334
Steve Beam Subscriptions - "Mr Magnanimous" 66 1338
Steve Beam Leftovers on Apocalypse, The Minotaur, Chris "Doc" Dixon, Tom Craven, Joe Mogar, Earle Oakes, Mike Beam ring gag, Ed Marlo 66 1342
Chad Long The Tweezers two jokers as tweezers find two aces, then jokers turn into acesRelated to 67 1364
Eric Mason Mason's Ambitious Riser 67 1365
Joel Givens Whitewashed rest of cards are blank 67 1368
Steve Beam Tom Gagnon's Second One-Man Insert - The Versatile Spread Control 67 1369
Tom Gagnon The Versatile Spread Control bottom card rides under cards when spread on tableVariationsAlso published here 67 1369
Tom Gagnon Self-Inflicted Spread Force with the Versatile Spread ControlVariationsAlso published here 67 1370
Tom Gagnon The Inverse Spread Control with the Versatile Spread ControlInspired by
  • "Miracle Spread" (Ed Marlo, Ibidem #20)
67 1371
Tom Gagnon Veiled Discovery with the Versatile Spread Control 67 1371
Tom Gagnon Key Card Placement with the Versatile Spread ControlRelated to 67 1371
Tom Gagnon Key Card Placement #2 with the Versatile Spread Control 67 1372
Tom Gagnon Key Card Placement #3 with the Versatile Spread Control 67 1372
Tom Gagnon Key Card Placement #4 with the Versatile Spread Control 67 1372
Tom Gagnon Remote Control Reverse reversed in the middle, with the Versatile Spread ControlAlso published here 67 1373
Tom Gagnon The Imperfect Force Inspired by 67 1373
Tom Gagnon Gagnon's Immediate Spell with the Versatile Spread ControlAlso published here 67 1374
Tom Gagnon Automatic Card at Any Number with the Versatile Spread ControlVariations 67 1374
Tom Gagnon Red & Blue Double-Leaper with the Versatile Spread Control, deck with half red and half blue cards, red selection travels to blue part and vice versaAlso published here 67 1375
Tom Gagnon Super Interchange selection transposes from middle of the deck with performer's card in pocket, with the Versatile Spread Control 67 1375
Tom Gagnon Collectors Per Se with the Versatile Spread Control, progressive collectors 67 1376
Rajneesh Madhok Remote Viewing thought of number is divined, with off by two outInspired by 67 1377
Ed Eckl Kornographic Kard Thru Hank card trough handkerchief, first wrong card which is pushed back in 67 1378
Kyle Carlson Twisted Sucker lengthwise stripes on straw turn in a spiral from end to end 67 1379
Jimmy Pavlica Double Kicker transposition of two signed cards, steal from D'Hotel's card rise position 67 1380
Scott Robinson Changeling Coins silver, copper and chinese coin, copper and chinese coin change into silver coins and back then all coins change into copperInspired by 67 1382
Steve Beam Leftovers on Harry Levine, Chuck Romano, Dan Fishman, John Swomley 67 1390
Mike Gallo Tai Coin Do karate coin handling 68 1392
Jimmy Wilson J.W. Palm 68 1393
Troy Hooser The Locker Dan Harlan's linking rubber bands, pad lock appears linked with the bands as a climaxInspired by 68 1395
Chad Long Popcorn Aces four ace production 68 1396
Gene Maze Ace Maze seven cards, aces change into different cards and travel to leader ace 68 1397
John Benzais Benzais Cop 68 1398
Gene Maze Face Up to Face Down Switch Related to 68 1398
Jimmy Favorite Little Egypt pyramid build with three cards, coin appears, then spectator finds his signed card by placing the coin on top, coin vanishes again in pyramidInspired by 68 1401
Scott Robinson Heavy Metal triple spellboundInspired by 68 1404
Joel Givens Collectors, for Collectors 68 1407
Unknown ATFUS 68 1407
Steve Beam Moves (A Low-Fat Insert) 68 1409
J. C. Doty Losing Control 68 1409
Troy Hooser Slip Stream (a.k.a. "Nectarless") Variations 68 1410
Lee Asher The Low Down Control 68 1411
Joel Givens Kiss Load 68 1412
Steve Beam The Checkout check book, svengali book, as a gag for card to walletAlso published here 68 1413
Marty Kane Spectator's Simplex Lie Speller using the Judah Elimination DealInspired by 68 1416
Steve Beam, Rajneesh Madhok, Mike Beam Subscriptions top rumored reasons for folding The Trapdoor 68 1417
Steve Beam Leftovers on Mike Beam, Marty Kane, ending The Trapdoor, Doug Canning, Ed Eckl, DocDixon, Harry Levine 68 1418
Harry Levine Handling the Shuffle one-handed riffle shuffle 69 143
Harry Levine Magic or Sleight-of-Hand... Pick One 69 1420
Steve Beam Prepare to Breath(er) 69 1422
Harry Levine Prime Cut cutting to a breather crimp 69 1423
Harry Levine Kaleidoscope Cut one-handed triple flourish cut, with variations 69 1424
Harry Levine Climbing the Aces with up the ladder cut and breather crimp 69 1428
Harry Levine The Thompson Breather - Breathing New Life into the F.T.
- Selection From Middle to Top
- Moving the Breather
Inspired by 69 1429
Gene Matsuura Triple Play Cut 69 1430
Harry Levine Waiting to Exhale (Controlling the Breather) placing breather card over selection 69 1432
Harry Levine Back into the Breach card thrown next to selection 69 1436
Paul Harris, Eddie Fechter, Daryl Martinez Snap-Over Move Related to 69 1436
Harry Levine The Illegitimate Location with lots of flourish cuts, spelling this is not your card but this isInspired by 69 1437
Harry Levine The Sandwich Cut one-handed 69 1439
Harry Levine Extras controls and ideas using the breather crimp 69 1440
Steve Beam One-Handed Faro 69 1442
Steve Beam Leftovers on 4F, Tony Griffith, illustration mistakes and typos in magic books (Cliff Green, Thimble Magic, Coinmagic, Abra-K-Fox, Encore III, Showstoppers with Cards), Dave Solomon, Mike Beam 69 1446
John Swomley Sign of the Times presentation for upside downInspired by 70 1448
Marty Kane Cigar Club eight picture cards and eight number card are shuffled and cut in half, always one picture and one number card, then spectator removes some cards and does a down under deal with the rest, last card tells amount of removed cardsInspired by 70 1451
Marty Kane Trek Trick Inspired by 70 1452
Marty Kane White House Cleaning spectator finds joker, rest are blank cardsInspired by
  • Marty Kane's "Odd Lot" from "Magic" 8/97
70 1452
Marty Kane Magic with Added Zip Inspired byRelated to 70 1453
Steve Beam Troy Hooser - One-Man Insert brief 70 1454
Troy Hooser Displ-Ace Aces put on deck, vanish and distribute in deckInspired by
  • "Slap Exchange" (Bill Goodwin, At the Expense of Grey Matter, 1989),
Related to
70 1455
Larry Jennings, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Reverse Cull 70 1455
Troy Hooser In the Round color change of sponge ball, two variations 70 1456
Troy Hooser Table Flipper coins through table 70 1457
Troy Hooser Dis-Purse three coins pushed through purse frame, one by one they disappear 70 1460
Joe Mogar Sew Sew Thimble Vanish one by one, four thimbles vanish from fingertips of the right hand 70 1461
Paul Sorrentino Half and Half card gaff, split card to simulate two cards with torn corner 70 1462
Scott Robinson Swiss Army QTip broken and restoredInspired by 70 1463
John Moran Sloppy Triumph in the hands version of Play It Straight, slop shuffleInspired by 70 1464
Joel Givens Six - The Easy Way the silver coins vanish and thee chinese coins are produced, eventually the silver coins appear againInspired by 70 1466
Tom Gagnon Makeshift Double building double-facer, double-backer, long cards, and key cards, with sticky label of card box 70 1468
Jack Birnman, Eddie Joseph, Roy Walton My Spectator, The Clairvoyant card fount at total of four stopped at cardsRelated to 70 1468
Brian Kloske Danger Deck hole appears in deck signed selection ends up in performers mouth 70 1471
Mike Gallo The Shaker Neal Prete prop, salt shaker chop cup 70 1473
Stephen Bargatze Chops and Balls humorous chop cup routine with a gun, baseball and turnip 70 1475
Steve Beam Nectar of the Cups humorous bar bet routine, with cups and balls 70 1478
Steve Beam Leftovers on John Moran, Tom Craven, The Trapdoor in Review 70 1482
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #51 on Doug Canning, Tom Craven, John Riggs, Steven Youell Addendum iii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #52 Addendum vi
Joe Anderson The Upside Down Card Trick using Upside Down to illustrate the TriumphInspired by Addendum vi
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #53 on Billy McDonnell, Geoff Williams, Joe Mogar's pig Addendum viii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #54 on Joe Rindfleisch, Lewis Jones, Charlie Randall Addendum x
Steve Beam An Unpublished Card Trick card is divined by finding a card with same value and one with same suit Addendum x
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #55 on Tom Gagnon, Leslie Addendum xiii
J. C. Doty Flower Revealtion paper sunflower put in water, where it opens up and name of selection appears Addendum xiii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #56 on 4F, Shigeo Futagawa, El Escorial, Joe Mogar, Phil Willmarth Addendum xiv
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #57 on Alan Drew, 4F Addendum xvi
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #58 on Stephen Bargatze Addendum xvii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #59 Addendum xviii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #60 on Joel Givens, Internet Addendum xix
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #61 on David Copperfield Addendum xx
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #62 on Bill Goodwin, Lloyd Jones Addendum xxi
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #63 Addendum xxiii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #64 Related to Addendum xxiv
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #65 Addendum xxvi
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #66 on The Minotaur, Tom Craven, Ed Marlo Addendum xxvii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #67 on Angie Reynolds Addendum xxix
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #68 Addendum xxx
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #69 on Harry Levine, Hugard's Thimble Magic and its illustration errors Addendum xxxi
Steve Beam Sleight of Hand Aptitude Test reprinted from Digital Effects - The Magic of Joe Mogar Addendum xxxiii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #70 on The Trapdoor, magic in the new age Addendum xxxiv
Steve Beam Table of Contents - Issue by Issue Addendum xxxvii
Steve Beam Table of Contributors Addendum xlv
Steve Beam Alphabetical by Title Addendum lii
Steve Beam Special Issues & Inserts #53 McDonnell, Billy - One Man Issue
#54 Rindfleisch, Joe - One Man Issue
#55 Tom Gagnon - One Man Issue
#56 Special F.F.F.F. 25th Anniversary Issue
#57 Hanging with the Gallos
#58 Robinson, Scott - One Man Insert - The Purse
#59 Fisher, Aaron - One-Man Insert
#59 Asher, Lee - One-Man Insert
#60 Givens, Joel - One-Man Insert
#62 Rubaway Vanish - Tips & Tweaks
#63 The Pass - A Manly Insert
#64 Kane, Marty - One-Man Insert
#66 Kane, Marty - One-Man Insert
#67 Gagnon, Tom - One-Man Insert - Versatile Spread Control
#68 Moves - Low-Fat Insert
#69 Levine, Harry - One-Man Insert
#70 Kane, Marty - One-Man Insert
#70 Hooser, Troy - One-Man Insert
Addendum lix
Steve Beam The Trapdoor 1983 - 1998 all contributors Addendum lx
Steve Beam Thanksgiven Addendum lxi
Steve Beam Addendum to the Addendum Addendum lxiii