Written by Frank Garcia

Work of Various

215 pages (Spiralbound), published by Million Dollar Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Lamberta.
Language: English

(93 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
George Schindler Introduction 11
Frank Garcia New York Opener 13
Unknown Chicago Style variation of Chicago Opener 15
Frank Garcia All Backs 16
Father Cyprian, Frank Garcia Instant Change four of a kind changes to aces, triumph phase 22
Father Cyprian Faro Flush spectator shuffle bluff, two faros, deal 25
Howard Schwarzman, Frank Garcia, Ken Krenzel Plunger Discovery selected card appears between kings as pushed through 27
David Lederman Dave's Delight four ace kickerRelated toVariations 31
Frank Garcia Triumph Location Vernon's Triumph with placement principle 33
Charles T. Jordan Placement Principle 33
Dai Vernon Triumph Shuffle 34
Frank Garcia, Edward Marlo Jackrobatics 36
Derek Dingle Dingle's Elevator 39
Unknown Automatic Rear Jog 40
Derek Dingle, Eddie Fechter Tabled Pop Over 41
Karl Fulves Camouflage four fives change to acesVariations 44
Karl Fulves Packet Switch on Deck 44
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move 44
Father Cyprian King Kut cut to kings which change to aces 46
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal 46
Paul Rosini Supreme Reverse 49
Frank Garcia Vanishing Deck two card located, deck under handkerchief, rest vanishes, lapping 50
Frank Garcia Happinstance 52
Frank Garcia Unique Discovery aces are produced, two turn over, selection found on the way 55
Al Leech, Frank Garcia Ace Faroleros lost and found Aces, change to Kings, Aces found againInspired byVariations 59
Unknown Spread Control maintain separation while scooping up spread 59
Frank Garcia Crazy Aces aces change to kings, aces are cut to 62
Frank Garcia A Lady In My Sleeve four queens, two travel up sleeve, two are produced from deck 64
Frank Garcia Spectator Aces spectator deals packets, aces on face of packets 66
Karl Fulves Optical Aces black aces transpose with red aces and sandwiched card placed on table 68
Frank Garcia Ace Spectacular ambitious phase with aces, then kings turn over and change to aces via Larreverse 71
Frank Garcia Clip Monte using paper clip for final phase 75
Dai Vernon Optical Move 76
Father Cyprian Two Gamblers v.s. One Magician transforms in Royel Flush as kicker, mistake presentation lost 81
Father Cyprian Lever Switch 82
Father Cyprian, Frank Garcia Flash Flush Aces transform in Royal Flush 84
Covari Impossible Poker Stack card case as hold out and bottom deal 85
Frank Garcia, Joe Crist Top Stock False Shuffle 87
Frank Garcia All-Angle Second Deal from a card cheat from Miami... 91
Frank Garcia Stud Poker Method third finger take, All-Angle type 94
Frank Garcia Frozen Thumb Principle 96
Frank Garcia Practicing and Executing the Second Deal various tips 97
Unknown Switching a Deck - Three Methods three methods, all use the lapRelated to 99
Arturo de Ascanio, George Schindler, Frank Garcia European Aces three cards forced as ace productionRelated toVariations 106
Fred G. Taylor, Daryl Martinez Curious Count broken count principle, for credit information see referenceRelated to 107
Frank Garcia Reversed Card Idea Oops-Control 108
Unknown Oops Again reversing the centre card to eliminate counting 109
Frank Garcia Speller Transition one selection, small packet spell, aces turn upVariations 110
Frank Garcia Flourish Discovery 112
Unknown Poker-Mental 113
Unknown Peek Diablo while picking a card up from the table 115
Frank Garcia Super-Special Prediction prediction in other deck, sticky card 116
Frank Garcia, George Schindler Not a Word Spoken two person code with case and shuffling tellVariations 119
Unknown Now You See 'Em four of a kind vanishes from pack and reappears face up in centre 122
Frank Garcia Whimsy Aces apparently magician is caught, surprise transformation 124
Frank Garcia, George Schindler Duck Poker strange... no effect really 126
George Schindler Poker Dream Inspired by 128
Unknown Convention Card Location two card location, soso 130
Ken Krenzel, Peter Kane The Bullet Trick 132
Frank Garcia Topsy Turvy Deck Variations 134
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve 134
Unknown Colour Change two halves stepped on top of each other 137
"Senator" Clark Crandall Crandall's Rainbow rainbow deck 139
Frank Thompson F.T. Cut Variations 143
Frank Garcia One-Two False Cut 146
Frank Garcia Flourish False Cut using Charlier 148
Frank Garcia Maximus Control weird shuffle to control a card 149
Art Altman Squeeze Change 151
Frank Garcia Surprise Color Change double card is pushed in and out of deck, changes 153
Lenny Greenfader, William A. Morales Super-S Vanish ace vanish with double facer 154
Bob Elliott Bob Elliot's Vanish ace vanish with double facer 155
Frank Garcia Pirouette Double Lift 157
Frank Garcia, Edward Victor Ambitious Opener 159
Jimmy Grippo Double Lift Teaser saliva 160
Frank Garcia Double Lift Feint apparent switch 161
Frank Garcia Flippy Double turnover in air 162
Frank Garcia Double Lift and Change getting double in position for change throw 163
Wesley James Coming Up In The World Related toVariations 165
Dr. Jacob Daley Top Stock Control 168
Dr. Jacob Daley Double Peek Control Variations 171
Dr. Jacob Daley Invisible Bottom Palm while riffle shuffling in the hand 173
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Knockout 175
Frank Garcia, Father Cyprian Out-Of-Town Kings 180
Larry Jennings, Frank Garcia A Surprise Package The Visitor 182
Gerald Kosky Extra Spice Kosky Switch 186
Frank Garcia, Bill Simon Super Subtle Shuffle no selection 187
Father Cyprian Father Cyprian's Wild Card four Jokers into four AcesRelated toVariations 192
Father Cyprian All Alike Display four cards, step 2 192
Frank Garcia Riding the Aces Related toVariations 196
Frank Garcia, Roger Smith O'Henry (Slow Motion) Four Aces Inspired byVariations 199
Alex Elmsley, Michael Skinner Miracle Worker between your palms 204
Frank Garcia Super Meatloaf 207
Frank Garcia Appendix missing credits for this and Million Dollar Card Secrets 209