Written by Jeff Busby

Work of Jeff Busby, Dominique Duvivier

18 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Jeff Busby Auto-Twist & Isolated Aces 1
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Magie Duvivier by Dominique Duvivier (written by Jon Racherbaumer)
Dominique Duvivier Auto-Twist no sleightsVariations 2
Dai Vernon Through-the-Fist Flourish 5
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count 6
Jeff Busby Isolated Aces four spectators chose a card each that are put in glass, they're the Aces, Aces in glass are covered with handkerchief and an Ace turns over in packet, repeated for all Aces
- Phase One: The Spectators Select the Four Aces
- Phase Two - Five: The Aces Reverse
Inspired by 7
Jeff Busby History and Background on the Germain Flash Card Change and Sympathetic CardsRelated to 9
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition 13
Karl Germain Flash Card Change in glass with handkerchief cover 17
Jeff Busby Last Words 17