Written by Luis Piedrahita

Work of Luis Piedrahita

148 pages (Hardcover), published by Ediciones El Espectador
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: Spanish

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Juan Herrera Bellas Cajitas Vacías on the inherent meaning of coins 12
Luis Piedrahita Tesoros Y Otras Magias on the book "Tesoros y otras magias" by Álvaro Cunqueiro, on coin magic 13
Manuel Cuesta Fakes, Gimmicks y Otras Historias distinction between fakes and gimmicks and their use, essay 17
Luis Piedrahita El Empalme del Aberroncho finger palm variation, similar to edge grip 26
Luis Piedrahita El Volteo Timoteo apparently showing both sides of a coin shell, example of turning four coins over on the tableRelated to 28
Luis Piedrahita El Triclinqui producing the coin sound with a gaffed coin, tapping one coin on others 32
Luis Piedrahita El Lentiguillo coin flipped in other hand, hiding one side 34
Luis Piedrahita El Lanzagranzas coin thrown on table is switched 36
Kiko Pastur On Luis Piedrahita brief anecdote 42
Luis Piedrahita Cobre / Plata Para Aberroncho y Lanzagranzas three times copper and silver coins change places, first in performer's hands then with a glass and finally in the hands of the spectator 44
Unknown Coin Switch 49
Tom Gagnon The Tiddlywinks Change brief 51
Luis Piedrahita Aparición Brutal de Cuatro Monedas four coin production 54
Luis Piedrahita El Cilindro de Ramsay using toilet paper rollInspired by 60
Luis Piedrahita La Falsa Cogida false take among of a coin, among other coins on hand 64
Luis Piedrahita Producción de las Cuatro Monedas four coins appear on table, while brushing over it 70
Luis Piedrahita Monedas a través de la Mesa four cons through table one by one into a glass then they penetrate table again at once 72
Luis Piedrahita Unload Move 75
Luis Piedrahita Cuatro Monedas y una Esponja four coins vanish with sponge and are wrought out againInspired by 80
Luis Piedrahita Shell Unload Move while showing coins on table 82
Luis Piedrahita Moneda en la Aspirina signed coin appears inside a aspirin pill which is dissolved in water 92
Luis Piedrahita Monedas Firmadas que Vuelan de una Mano a Otra four signed coins travel from one hand to the other 98
Luis Piedrahita, Román García Wild Coins, el Juego del Homúnculo 108
Unknown Shell Unload Morritt Grip, purse palm 111
Luis Piedrahita Monedas a través del Pañuelo two coins penetrate a transparent handkerchief on the table 116
Luis Piedrahita Monedas y Plástico de Embalar four coins appear under a piece of bubble wrap, then the bubble wrap is cut into two pieces and the coins covered with them, very visible matrix 122
Jorge Blass El Momento Mágico essay on the magic moment 123
Luis Piedrahita Palm Transfer from finger palm to back palm of other hand 126
Luis Piedrahita Despedida. El Autor visto por sus Amigos 137
Dani DaOrtiz La Vida Vista a través de Gafas de Pasta on Luis Piedrahita and his magic 138
Miguel Ángel Gea A las Endiabladas Manos de Luis on Luis Piedrahita and his magic 140
Román García Luis lo Hace, pero Distinto on Luis Piedrahita and his magic 142
Luis Piedrahita Biografía brief biography of Luis Piedrahita 145
Luis Piedrahita Hiding Coin Dispay in hand, among others 163