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32 pages (Stapled), published by A "Magic Wand" Publication
Illustrated with drawings by John Howie.
Language: English

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John Howie Preface 5
John Howie Basic Technique - General Notes on the Apparatus
- Handling the Shell so as to Present the Solid Ring
John Howie Disposal of the Shell 1. Disposal in a Pocket
2. Disposal by Means of a "Topit" Vanisher
3. Disposal by Sleeving
4. Disposal by Vesting
5. Disposal by Concealment between Shirt Collar and Neck
6. Disposal by Dropping to the Lap
7. Disposal by Mechanical Aid
8. Disposal by Means other than Body Concealments
John Howie Examination of the Apparatus by the Spectators 8
John Howie The Direct Palm Off 9
John Howie Palm Using the Howie Pick-Up Move lifting shell with two fingers 10
John Howie A Word on Basic Procedure 11
John Howie The "Direct" Ring on Wand 12
John Howie John Howie's Ring on Pencil pencil pushed through a folded card, ring penetrates pencilInspired by 14
John Howie Penetrellis ring under handkerchief penetrates a rod 16
John Howie Ring in the Knot ring vanishes and appears in knot 19
John Howie Ring and Handkerchief Routine ring penetrates handkerchief three times 20
John Howie Ring on Necktie penetration 25
John Howie Ring and Rope penetrates rope three timesInspired by
  • U.F. Grant's "Ellis Ring on Rope" in "M.G.A. Inc. Lecture" 1952
  • Peter Warlock's "A Trick Wrongly Named Sefalaljia" in "The Magic Circular" Vol. 46, No. 507.
  • Tannen's Ring, Knot and Rope (Louis Tannen, 1942/27)
John Howie A Ring, a Wand and a Handkerchief ring on wand, with handkerchief, then ring vanishes and appears knotted on handkerchiefInspired by
  • Roy Short's "With the Jardine Ellis Ring, No. 1 of a Series" in "The Magic Circular" Vol. 47, No. 522. 1953.
  • Paquette's Baguette! (Paquette, 1952)
John Howie Bibliography of the Jardine Ellis Ring Trick 29