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58 pages (Stapled), published by Micky Hades International
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Language: English

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Stephen Minch My Typing-Machine's An Old Woman 7
Stephen Minch Genesis prediction of named ESP card, with deckInspired by
  • J. G. Thompson Jr.'s "Extra Sensory Perfection"
Stephen Minch Genesis II performer reverses ESP card under table, spectator names a symbol and it matches the prediction 14
Stephen Minch Secret Chauvinists two spectators select an ESP card from a deck, performer divines both 16
Stephen Minch Either/Or two cards from ESP deck, spectators think of a number and count to cardAlso published here 20
Stephen Minch Doppelgänger spectator and performer have five ESP cards, matching routine 22
Stephen Minch Quatrain four ESP cards are predicted, spectator deals and stopsAlso published here 24
Stephen Minch Pentapody performer finds all five duplicate ESP cards from face down spread, matching selection 27
Stephen Minch Contact performer finds selected ESP card, one way key card 31
Stephen Minch Retro-Cognizance spectator thinks of an ESP symbol and goes through deck deck, performer stops him five times at the thought of symbol 34
Stephen Minch Random Retro-Cognizance spectator selects four ESP cards and order is noted, performer stops spectator while dealing the cards one by one four times, same cards in same order 37
Stephen Minch A Cut Above prediction of freely cut to ESP card, Svengali type arrangement 39
Stephen Minch Rapid-Fire spectator cuts to an ESP card, after shuffling the deck performer removes all five duplicates 42
Stephen Minch Espimation several spectators cut an ESP deck and remember the symbol, after shuffling the cards performer divines each symbol 43
Stephen Minch Menephysics divination of one ESP card, impromptu Mene-Tekel stackAlso published here 46
Stephen Minch Megaphysics performer finds matching ESP card of two spectators, by stopping spectator deal cards, impromptu Mene-TekelInspired by
  • Nick Trost's "Metaphysics" in "ESP Card Session", 1965.
Stephen Minch The Sure-Fire Shuffle Challenge number is named, performer predicts an ESP card, then spectator shuffles deck and prediction is correct 53
Stephen Minch Bibliography A Brief Survey of the Literature Complete with Author's Biases 57