Written by Paul Vigil

Work of Paul Vigil

268 pages (Paperback), published by Dark Arts Press
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Johnny Thompson Foreword xiii
Paul Vigil Exordium 1
Paul Vigil The More the Merrier multiple selection routine with eight cards, ends with Triumph 5
Unknown The SCaM Card on the "Shortened, Crimped and Marked Card"Related to 15
Unknown The Short on the corner short 16
Martin A. Nash The Crimp Infinity Principle, crimp center of the card, indentation with thumb 17
Unknown The Mark edge-mark 19
Bill Malone Malone's Control multiple selection control strategyRelated to 28
Charlier The (Modified) Charlier Shuffle 29
Dai Vernon The Vernon Transfer 31
Father Cyprian, Al Smith The Flip-Flop Change 39
Unknown The Top Change 41
Unknown A Modified Slip Cut 45
Unknown Rub-a-dub-dub 47
S. W. Erdnase, Harry Houdini The Houdini Color Change 52
Jay Ose Ose's Cut 54
Edward Marlo, Paul Vigil A Modified Marlo Sequence three cardsInspired by 55
Bob Nelson The Nelson Card Rise 62
Francis Carlyle, Paul Vigil, Jimmy Grippo The Homing Card Inspired by 64
Dai Vernon Topping the Deck 67
Jimmy Grippo Grippo's Out-jog Pip Concealment hiding the face of an outjogged card with a bevelRelated to
  • "The Magic of Francis Carlyle"
Unknown The Psychic Stop! Related to 73
Unknown An Alternative to the Double Undercut 74
Herb Zarrow The Zarrow Shuffle 83
Paul Vigil Our Kind of Gir(d)l(e) "or Playing Fast and Loose"
chain is made into a figure eight, spectator has to choose which loop is the winning loop, but can never win
Paul Vigil Three New Throws formed in the air
- Throw One (Lose/Lose)
- Throw Two (Lose/Win)
- Throw Three (Win/Lose)
Unknown A Classic Throw A: The One-Finger Throw (Win/Lose)
B: The One-Finger Throw (Lose/Lose)
Paul Vigil Update three digits called out by spectators, predicted by a prediction written on a card safety pinned to the back of the performer's jacket, credit information on the plotInspired by 139
Paul Vigil High Five credit information on the plot 189
Paul Vigil High 5.0 five poker hands dealt, four spectators remember one card in their packets, cards redealt, performer reads minds of four spectatorsInspired by
  • "Gimme Five" (Simon Aronson, MAGIC, Aug. 2009, p. 62)
VariationsAlso published here
  • "High 5" (Paul Vigil, MAGIC, Nov. 2011, p. 64)
Ross Johnson Ross Johnson's Addition - A Perfect Illusion card to wallet additionVariations 213
Paul Vigil High 5 Remix last card to envelope in wallet
- An Impromptu Handling: Sans Wallet
Inspired by 215
Unknown The One-Handed Top Palm 223
Morris Loewy Let's Go, Loewy! 224
Paul Vigil The Lazy Man's Card Trick presentation to reveal selection on topInspired by 240
Paul Vigil Think Stop performer counts mentally backwards, spectator says stop, then performer names number which is position of card 243
Paul Vigil From Your Pocket, Sir deck put in spectator's pocket, spectator pulls out selection, credit informationInspired by 245
Paul Vigil Epilogue 247
Paul Vigil About the Author 252