Written by Edward Marlo

Work of Edward Marlo

304 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Bob Nelson.
Language: English

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Edward Marlo On the Convincing Control credit information, in Foreword
Edward Marlo Direct Dunbury Delusion 1
Edward Marlo Marlo's Split Deal double is shown and face cards stolen while it is dealt, different applications 1
Edward Marlo A One At A Time Split Deal successive Split Deal (page 1) 5
Edward Marlo Vanish - Transposition - Recovery kings on table, aces in deck, kings change to aces, kings from case 7
Edward Marlo After A Shuffle Spell three methods, spelling to random cards after spectator shuffling 8
Edward Marlo Flexible Move top card face up into right hand finger clip or Tenkai palm 9
Dr. James Nuzzo Nuzzos's Pocket Appearance front trouser, while rubbing the pocket, from rear palm 11
Edward Marlo On the Card to Pocket - The Side Trouser Pockets 13
Edward Marlo Loading the Angled Pocket front trouser 18
Edward Marlo Loading the Side Pockets (Very Slight Angle) front trouser pocket 19
Edward Marlo Loading Straight Seam Side Pockets 21
Edward Marlo Crossed Arms Loading front trouser pocket 23
Edward Marlo Loading the Outside Coat Pockets 25
Edward Marlo The Inside Coat Pocket Load (Shirt Pocket) 26
Edward Marlo Loading the Shirt Pocket 28
Edward Marlo Loading the Back Pocket (Trousers) 30
Edward Marlo Some Observations additional tips and comments 31
Edward Marlo From a Gambler's Cop loading into side-coat pocket 32
Norman Houghton, Edward Marlo, Gordon Bruce More on Card to Pocket classic palm removal, variations from different pockets 33
Edward Marlo The Empty Hand from inside pocket, gambler's palm and directly from deck, four very different methods 37
Edward Marlo Flat Palm from Top 38
Edward Marlo Top Steal kind of master palm 41
Edward Marlo Waistband Ditch from palm 42
Edward Marlo Tip - Ambitious Bit #1 Nine as Six 46
Edward Marlo Tip - Ambitious Bit #2 Related to 46
Edward Marlo The Spectator Removes Em two cards to pocket, removed by spectator 47
Edward Marlo Ace 2-3-4 to Pockets ambidextrous travelersInspired by 48
Edward Marlo Inside Jacket Pocket 50
Edward Marlo Angle Palm Steal Related to 51
Edward Marlo The Effect multiple sandwich with queens, change to kings, they vanish, queens and kings in four pockets 53
Edward Marlo BDE Type Force 54
Edward Marlo Inside Jacket Pocket from center of deck, step 15 56
Edward Marlo Cardician's Card To Pocket Sequence ten cards 58
Edward Marlo Replacement Side Steal 58
Edward Marlo Turnover Palm Related to 60
Edward Marlo The False Count five as seven, five as six, four as five 62
Edward Marlo Latest Riffle Shuffle Systems two shuffle stack 65
Edward Marlo Five Card Stack stacking five cards in 2 shuffles 66
Edward Marlo The Riffle Shuffle Culls blocking off 67
Edward Marlo A Three Shuffle Cull using non-card-table-standard procedures 68
Edward Marlo Full House Cull three shuffles 69
Edward Marlo Marlo's Cull System 70
Edward Marlo Full House Cull and Stack 72
Edward Marlo Combination Cull Stack 73
Edward Marlo Block Transfer Shuffle 75
Edward Marlo Shuffling and Cutting to the Aces using riffle cull approach 77
Edward Marlo The Flush Cull and Stack 79
Edward Marlo Culling Two Sets of Fours demonstration cull 81
Edward Marlo Sophisticated Cull Stack 82
Edward Marlo From a Shuffled Deck 84
Edward Marlo 5 Hands - One Riffle Shuffle stacking four cards 86
Edward Marlo Center Riffle Shuffle Stack two shuffles, four cards 88
Edward Marlo Efficient Full House Cull and Stack four shuffles at most 89
Edward Marlo One Shuffle Stack 90
Edward Marlo Expediting a Stack combining riffle shuffle with table faro 92
Edward Marlo Revised Double Stack double duke 92
Edward Marlo Logical Stack Procedure "Demo Riffle Stacks", four Aces in two, then one shuffles 96
Edward Marlo A Royal Flush Stack "Demo Riffle Stacks", one shuffle stack 98
Edward Marlo One Side Riffle Work while shuffling only one side is controlled 102
Edward Marlo The Roman Shuffle Stack 103
Edward Marlo Roman Shuffle Plus Short Cards 104
Edward Marlo Roman Shuffle Bottom Cull using short cards 105
Edward Marlo Tip - Ambitious Bit #3 double back card 106
Edward Marlo New Approach Strip-Out Shuffle 107
Edward Marlo Tip on the Push Thru 108
Edward Marlo The Bluff Push Thru Shuffle 109
Edward Marlo Single False Cuts four methods, single cutsVariations 110
Edward Marlo False Shuffle and Cut Combinations four methodsRelated to 113
Edward Marlo Multiple False Cuts three methods 117
Edward Marlo Nullified True Cuts two procedures 119
Edward Marlo No Jogs False Cut using deck crimp 121
Edward Marlo Tip on Up The Ladder Cut 121
Edward Marlo New Approach In-Jog Shuffles (Injog) avoiding large breaks, four methods 123
Edward Marlo Flexing the Deck while maintaining jog 126
Edward Marlo Overhand Cull Shuffle using injogs 126
Edward Marlo Marnese Overhand Stack combining Erdnase and Milk BuildInspired byAlso published here 127
Edward Marlo Streamlined Overhand Cull and Stack two methods 128
Edward Marlo Olram's Method using Snap Crimp 130
Edward Marlo The Coinless Crimp different method for the "Coin Crimp" 132
Edward Marlo Coinless Crimp Cull and Stack 132
Edward Marlo Tip - Ambitious Bit #4 card in center transposes with card on top 134
Edward Marlo Tip - Ambitious Bit #5 little routine 134
Edward Marlo The Triumph Stack using 2 shuffles 135
Edward Marlo Addition to Triumph Stack king kickerInspired by 137
Edward Marlo The Oh Henry Stack three methods, other sources mentionedRelated to 138
Edward Marlo Covered Packet Switch 142
David A. Vogt Illogical Curry Change 143
David A. Vogt Vogt's Transposition using Illogical Curry Change (same page) 143
David A. Vogt, Edward Marlo Multiple Illogical Curry Change see also page 240 144
Edward Marlo Multiple Transposition using Multiple Illogical Curry Change (page 144) 145
Edward Marlo Elimiracle card chosen in one deck matches to reversed card in second deck 145
Unknown Magician's Choice 1 out of 4 146
Edward Marlo The Spectator's Card any card named, process of elimination, named card remains 147
Edward Marlo Illusion or Reality two cards transpose twice and then change into jokers 147
Edward Marlo Buffaloed 148
Edward Marlo, Frederick Braue Tip - Ambitious Bit #6 pop up card with repeat 150
Edward Marlo Tip - On Card to Case loading cases without half moon cut-out 151
Edward Marlo Tip - On the Unexpected Prediction Related toVariations 152
Edward Marlo All Alike Prediction Gag step 6 152
Edward Marlo Latest K.M. Move 153
Edward Marlo New Approach I.F. Control nine approaches, one or two selections, sometimes using twenty-six memorized cardsRelated to 154
Edward Marlo In the Same Place two cards in two halves appear at same position, IF control 154
Edward Marlo 2 Card Center Glimpse step 4, using step 158
Edward Marlo Infallible Packet Estimation spectator cuts 3 packets 159
Edward Marlo Sophisticated 26 Card Faro Check using riffle shuffle and block transferRelated to 161
Edward Marlo San's Telephone three cards, three packets 162
Edward Marlo Treasure Chest Mentalism two reversed cards in two decks match, stack and marked cards, two methods 164
Edward Marlo Behind Your Back fair two-deck matching effect using memorized deck, three methods 166
Edward Marlo Marked Control marked deck, key card 168
Edward Marlo Four Told four card prediction with marked deck 169
Edward Marlo The Silent Count counting the spectator's deal while back is turned 170
Edward Marlo 1st Effect using silent count (page 170) 171
Edward Marlo 2nd Effect using silent count (page 170) and stack 172
Edward Marlo Spectator Cuts to a Thought spectator cuts at thought of card, one out of fourRelated to 173
Edward Marlo Four Ways To Go one card removed, two thought of, are found, one ahead, clockingInspired byRelated to 175
Unknown Epitome Location 176
Edward Marlo Undiscovered Possibilities - 1st Effect stripper deck, missing card is named, memorized stackRelated to 182
Edward Marlo 2nd Effect stripper deck, fair out of hand card choosing 183
Edward Marlo New Approach to a Location apparent failure, three selection, one to case, one to shoe 185
Edward Marlo Signature Transfer nine methods, ungaffed, stranger, duplicate, double backer, partial roughed menetekel (method 8) 189
Edward Marlo Longitudinal Palm Replacement 205
Edward Marlo Latest Observation Test using duplicate strangers 206
Edward Marlo Screened Lapping 208
Edward Marlo Triumphant Procedure in process of triumph reverse twenty-six one-way cards for location effect 211
Edward Marlo Impossible Duo one way, two cards 212
Edward Marlo Three Packet Triumph 213
Edward Marlo The Spectator Really Triumphs spectator does shuffling, too 214
Edward Marlo The Mindreading Faro performer cuts to thought of card, using incomplete double faro condition, see also page 219 215
Edward Marlo Incomplete Double Faro Condition 216
Edward Marlo Think of Any Card performer cuts to thought of card, using faros 217
Edward Marlo Note on the Mind Reading Faro see The Mindreading Faro on page 215 219
Edward Marlo Blown Away Plus follow up with named card to pocket, odd/even dividedInspired byAlso published here 219
Edward Marlo Three Trips to Out Of This World three handlings, one using three decks (single color deck approach)Related to 221
David A. Vogt A Choice of 52 OOSOOM with free choice 226
Unknown Gambler's Deck Switch brief 226
Edward Marlo The Ninth Method three methods, variation of Walton effect, ten red and black cards transpose 230
Edward Marlo Book Break Pivot-Jog Turnover 233
Edward Marlo The Buckle Break above one to three cards 234
Edward Marlo Marlo Bottom Count buckle 235
Edward Marlo Olram's Order diamond cards order, ten double facers 236
Edward Marlo Two Marlo Ideas - First Idea removing center pip of Seven or Five, looks like Six or Four 238
Edward Marlo Two Marlo Ideas - Second Idea fake index 239
Edward Marlo New Idea Transposition fake index 239
Edward Marlo On the Multiple Illogical Curry Change tip for technique on page 144 240
Edward Marlo Lessinout Power Poker using Lessinout Stack, two phases 241
Edward Marlo Doubly Devilish Miracle surprise kicker 245
Edward Marlo A Subtle Transposition card in pocket with card at chosen position in deck 249
Edward Marlo And That's Your Card sandwiched card transposes with card on table, ala Leech 251
Edward Marlo Marlo's Nerve Count showing four cards as four of a kind with two x-cards 252
Edward Marlo Marlo's Packet Switch using case 253
Edward Marlo Liepzig Would Really Have Loved This Leipzig, double index cards 255
Edward Marlo, Tony Kardyro A Brief Description of the K.M. Move 260
Edward Marlo Palm Adds three methods 260
Edward Marlo Fingertip Controls three methods, one with a "horribly warped" deckRelated to 263
Edward Marlo A Marlo Control using step handling, with tapping on table 265
Edward Marlo Red and Blue Miracle spectator reverses card under table which matches prediction 268
Edward Marlo Anybodies Deck odd backed card is reversed by spectator behind back 269
Edward Marlo Identical Thoughts spectator reversed card under table that matches prediction 271
Edward Marlo Almost Ultimate Ambition tilt with half cardInspired byRelated to 272
Edward Marlo The Intuitive Spectator Inspired by 274
Edward Marlo Updating A Classic 278
Edward Marlo Logical Dunbury Delusion effect variation, four methods 280
Edward Marlo Open Hockley 282
Edward Marlo On Spectator's Hand two cards on spectator's hand change to jokers 284
Edward Marlo Detailed Slow Motion Aces ace of spades tabled with three x cards, other aces outjogged in deck, four methods, ungaffed and with duplicate 285
Edward Marlo Card Clip Color Change step 25, deck tabled 290
Edward Marlo Real Gone AC/DC Interlock Principle, two double facersInspired by 294
Unknown Interlock Steal 295
Edward Marlo Turning the Tables meeting "find my card"-challenge, spectator leaves selection by elimination process, three methods 297
Edward Marlo, U. F. Grant Grant's Lost Card Trick spelling principle to divine any thought of card 299
Edward Marlo A Spelling Miracle spectator spells to freely thought of card 301
Edward Marlo Pre-Faro Preparation breaking deck in for faros 303
Edward Marlo The Sorceress Queen aces transpose with deuces 304