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Jon Racherbaumer Foreword 3
Jon Racherbaumer Reversing the Order of the Cards the placement principle in most Clock Effects 3
Audley Walsh, Jon Racherbaumer The Mystic Twelve Recall cards pocketed and another remembered, performer divines position of selection and number of cards in pocket, reverse-count forceInspired by 5
Eddie Fields The Zodiac Card Mystery card divination effect with astrological sign presentation, also divine how many cards spectator hides in pocketRelated toAlso published here 6
Jon Racherbaumer The Technicolor Hour chosen card has different-colored backAlso published here
  • in "M-U-M"
Jon Racherbaumer Card Chronometry strict conditions but large set-upVariations 8
Jon Racherbaumer Synchronicity Inspired by 9
Jon Racherbaumer A Few Seconds on Stay Stack 9
Marvin Johnson Speaking of the Clock... 9
Edward Marlo Prediction Surprise & Clock Combination card chosen with cut & count procedure has odd back, re-counting force, ambiguous color changing deckRelated to 10
Jon Racherbaumer On Jordan's "Contrary Clock" commentInspired by 11
Edward Marlo The Predetermined Hour clock trick, selection divined, hour predicted as card value, including four impromptu versionsAlso published here 12
Roy Walton Tell-tale Clock two selections, faro, with non-faro alternative 14
Roy Walton Two-Card Faro Control impromptu, placing selections so they come together with faro shuffle 14
Roy Walton The Magic Clock two selections, faro 15
Edward Marlo Time For Si Stebbins 16
Edward Marlo Time Zones two selections 16
William Zavis Easy-Determined Hour impromptu methodInspired by 18
Edward Marlo Stolen Hours Related to 18
Jon Racherbaumer Acknowledgements 19
Jon Racherbaumer Appendix 19
Jon Racherbaumer Chronology 20