Written by Harlan Tarbell

Work of Various

413 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Harlan Tarbell.
Language: English

(197 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Unknown 1 - Front Flat Palm classic palm 64
Unknown 2 - Pressure Palm 64
Unknown 3 - Front Edge Palm 64
Unknown 4 - Front Thumb Palm 65
Unknown 5 - Back Thumb Palm 65
Unknown 6 - Invisible Thumb Palm actually so-called Downs Palm 65
Unknown 7 - Finger Palm 65
Unknown 8 - Curled Finger Tip Palm 65
Unknown 9 - Front Finger Palm 66
Unknown 10 - Back Finger Palm 66
Unknown 11 - Front Finger Clip 66
Unknown 12 - Back Finger Clip 66
Unknown 13 - Closed Finger Palm 66
Unknown 1 - Finger Tip Clip 67
Unknown 2 - Two Finger Balance 67
Unknown 3 - Thumb Fingertip Horizontal Hold 67
Unknown 4 - Thumb Fingertip Vertical Hold 67
Unknown 5 - Production Clip 67
Unknown 6 - Pinch Clip 68
Unknown 7 - Flat Finger Position 68
Unknown 8 - Fist Horizontal and Fist Vertical Holds 68
Unknown 1 - Front Thumb Palm Vanish 68
Unknown 2 - Top Pocket Vanish complete vanish 69
Unknown 3 - Front Flat Palm Vanish classic palm vanish 70
Unknown 4 - Front Finger Palm Vanish 70
Unknown 5 - The Coin Slide Vanish 71
Unknown 6 - Thumb Grip Vanish 71
Unknown 7 - Finger Palm Vanish 72
Unknown 8 - Lift Up Vanish 72
Unknown 9 - Invisible Thumb Vanish 73
Unknown 10 - Le Tourniquet Vanish. (The "French" Vanish) 73
Harlan Tarbell 11 - Tarbell's Improved "French" Vanish 74
Paul LePaul 12 - Le Paul's Improved "French" Vanish 74
Harlan Tarbell 13 - Tarbell's "Nip-Away" Coin Vanish 75
Unknown 14 - The Superba Coin Vanish 76
Unknown 15 - The Direct Coin Vanish 77
Joe Berg 16 - Joe Berg's Thumb Coin Vanish Related to 77
Unknown 18 - Front and Back Finger Palming 78
Unknown 17 - Pick-Up Vanish 79
Unknown 19 - Back Finger Clip Vanish 80
Unknown To Get Rid of Coin After Vanish it in Hand 82
Unknown The Elusive Change-Over Palm thumb palm to curled finger tip palm 82
Unknown The Thumb Change-Over front thumb palm to back thumb palm 83
Unknown The Dissolving Coin marked coin vanishs from glass, reappears in purse, glass disc 85
Unknown Vanishing Coin in Handkerchief 88
Unknown Coin Through Handkerchief 90
Unknown Copper or Silver Penetration Related to 92
James F. Herpick The "Pencil" Coin Vanish and Reappearance complete vanish and recovery 94
Joe Berg Joe Berg's Miracle Coin Vanish using pocket handkerchief 97
Unknown The Coin, Envelope, and Handkerchief coin disappears from envelope and reappears in knot of handkerchief 100
Unknown How to Vanish a Coin by Wrapping it in a Piece of Paper two methods 103
Unknown The Homing Coins fifteen coins, two taken away, travel back, repeat 105
Unknown Invisible Money Transit fifteen coins, two taken away, travel back, repeat 111
Unknown The Multiplying Money Tray 115
Unknown A Newspaper Used as a Tray 115
Unknown The Thumb Tip description and general information, chapter with applications following 117
Unknown Mystery of the Burning Cigarette cigarette vanish in handkerchief, thumb tip 118
Unknown The Asbestos Palm cigarette vanish in hand, thumb tip 121
Unknown Burning a Borrowed Handkerchief center of handkerchief is bruned and restored, thumb tip 122
Unknown The Enchanted Paper strip of paper vanishes in hand, reappears in handkerchief, thumb tip 125
Unknown A Comedy Interlude apparent production, thumb tip 128
Unknown The Passe-Passe Salt thumb tip 129
Unknown The Penetrating Ring fingers trapped with rubber band, yet finger ring gets on finger 131
Unknown The Jumping Rubber Band classicRelated to 134
Unknown Metal Ring on a String 137
Unknown Patriotic Rings and String three paper rings on string, named color penetrates 140
Unknown The Penetrative Cigar Band 143
Unknown The Vanishing Ring on Tring knot-ring vanishes from rope 144
Harry Kellar Kellar's Cut and Restored Cord really cut by spectator, using brown wrapping cord 145
Karl Germain Comedy Version of Germain Cord Effect Related to 149
Unknown An Impromptu Cut and Restored Cord Effect 152
Harlan Tarbell The Cups and Balls three cups, with several sleights 157
Unknown The Three Wandering Sponge Balls spectator's hand and two in the hand, one in the pocket 163
Unknown Small Balls Finish bunch of small balls appears 169
Unknown The Four Traveling Balls sponge balls to hat, final load, extra ball 170
Unknown The Patriotic Paper Balls three colored paper balls in 3 bowls, then every color in each bowl 173
Unknown Mystery of the Traveling Numbers four random numbers are added, sum appears on paper 179
Unknown Double Side Move with piece of cardboard 181
Unknown The Spirit Mathematician called numbers are added up, sum "appears" in envelope 184
Unknown Double Envelope 185
Unknown The Numbers on the Arm ashes rubbed on arm, writing appears 189
Unknown Rapid Banking bill transposes with check in two double envelopes 189
Unknown Guide to Card Positions basic terminology 193
Unknown The Rising Card Escape deck cased and tied to hand 194
Unknown The Simplified Pass control to top via riffle shuffle 195
Unknown Another False Shuffle riffle shuffle to preserve top card, basic 196
Unknown Double Card Lift 196
Unknown Flap Insertion separating card from rest while closing case 197
Unknown Sealed Card Mystery three cards in envelopes, one selected, two cards change to match 199
Unknown Glimpse Envelope to glimpse single card in envelope 200
Unknown The Slip Change slipping card from one half to other with left fingers 203
Unknown A Psychological Impossibility thought of card to pocketRelated to 205
Unknown Palming of a Card 207
Unknown The Hindu Color Changing Deck 208
Unknown Hindu Shuffle as all alike display 209
Joe Berg Joe Berg's "Count Down" Card Mystery spectator does some dealing and remembering, then finds his own card via fan forceRelated to 213
Unknown Fan Force 215
Tenkai Ishida Tenkai's Reverse Cards Mystery Also published here 215
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve Related to 216
Unknown Royal Card Discovery piles are made, card is divined, mathematicalRelated to 217
Unknown Birds of a Feather two separated cards in deck come together 219
Unknown Card Appearance at Selected Number "between 5 and 10" 221
Unknown The Change-About Card three wrong cards, chosen one changes into selection 223
Unknown Find The Burglar adaption of Jack Merlin effect 224
Unknown Selected Cards from Spectator's Pocket spectator has deck in pocket and pulls out selected cards 227
Al Baker Al Baker's "Twin Soul" Card Prediction two spectators select cards via counting, see also here 229
Unknown You Do As I Do two decks, card exchanged 232
Unknown A Baffling Discovery 1 out of 5 234
Unknown Thought Location magician finds thought card by placing it in pocket 236
Unknown Card in the Pocket one of ten 238
Unknown The Mystic Card Clock Dial chosen card is put in pocket 239
Unknown The Thoughtful Joker double key card location 241
Unknown A "Sense of Touch" Discovery cards are shuffled in hat, performer "feels" selections 243
Henry Hardin Henry Hardin's Cards in Hat Discovery deck in hat, performer removes cards and names them 245
Unknown The Regular Pass 247
Unknown The Modern Pass kind of wrist turn action 250
Unknown How to use the Foregoing Passes tips 251
Unknown How to Get A Card Placed in Middle of Deck to "Bottom" of Deck pass or riffle shuffle 252
Unknown The "Side-Steal" Pass 253
Unknown Peek Handling old fashioned 253
G. W. Hunter The G.W. Hunter Shuffle 254
Unknown The Wiggle-Woggle Shuffle simple 254
Unknown The Riffle False Shuffle no cover longitudinal Zarrow 255
Unknown Shuffle to Control "Top" Card running it singly 256
Unknown Shuffle to Control "Bottom" Card milk 257
Unknown Shuffle to Control "Top" and "Bottom" Cards 257
Unknown To Control "Top" and "Bottom" Cards by Riffle Shuffle 257
Unknown "Pack in Hands" False Cut tabled or not, three packets 258
Unknown The Three Way Table Cut 259
Unknown Another Three-Cut Variation 259
Unknown The Four-Way Cut 259
Unknown Another Four-Way-Cut 260
Unknown "Top" Card Control Fan Cut 260
Unknown "Bottom" Card Control Fan Cut 261
Unknown "Top" Card Control Clip Cut hindu style 261
Unknown "Bottom" Card Control Clip Cut hindu style 261
Unknown The Force using an angle jog 262
Unknown In Case of Emergency 263
Unknown The Forcing Deck description 264
Unknown Double Force with Knife using forcing deck with alternating order 264
Unknown The Mathematical Force recount 264
Unknown Forcing Bottom Card under the spread - force 265
Unknown Force Behind Performer's Back bold 267
Unknown The Circus Trick 267
Unknown The Riffle Force short card 268
Unknown Riffle Force with Unprepared Cards 270
Unknown Forcing one of Four Cards on Table three method, one with dieRelated to 271
Unknown Forcing One of Four Cards by Using Deck 273
Unknown Slip of Paper Force writing same number on every slip 273
Unknown Snap It selection jumps out of hat when kicked from below 275
Unknown The Card and Orange torn corner, pieces vanish from gaffed handkerchief 276
Unknown Torn Pieces Vanish From Handkerchief gaffed handkerchief and thumb palm 280
Unknown The Devil's Letter comedy routine, card appears in envelope and is changed to correct one 284
Unknown False Pip Change one pip is snapped off 290
Unknown The Bewitched Banana self cutting banana, number of slices matches selected number card 290
Unknown Cloth Changing Bag double bag, used for number force 292
Harlan Tarbell Chinese Paper Mystery 297
Unknown Winter-Time in China snowstorm in china 301
Louis Tannen Winter-Time in China second method 305
Unknown Japanese Torn and Restored Napkins fake explanation 306
Unknown Hindu Paper Tearing using thumb tip, two methods 312
Unknown Milady's Parisienne Hat restored to hat 316
Unknown The Rope and Tape Principle grandmother's necklace - principle with applications 321
Unknown Coats, Tapes, and Rings grandmother's necklace - routine 321
Unknown Coat, Ropes and Rings grandmother's necklace - routine 329
Unknown The Prisoner's Escape - Hanging Oneself with Ropes grandmother's necklace - principle, rope through neck 334
Unknown The Magic Orange thread through orange penetration 338
Unknown Walking Through Tapes ropes through body 342
Unknown Another Tapes Release grandmother's necklace - routine 344
Unknown The Wandering Handkerchief handkerchief travels from trouse pocket to trouser pocket, changes color 345
Unknown Showing Trouser Pocket Empty 346
Unknown The Silk and the Flame candle silk transposition 350
Unknown Light Candle Production from pocket 351
Unknown The Candle, the Silk, and the Paper Tube silk and candle transposition 356
Unknown Elusive Silks change bag routine with appearances, disappearances, color changes 358
Unknown Instantaneous One-Hand Knot in Handkerchief 363
Unknown The Pull-Away Single Knot 364
Unknown The Dissolving Single Knot 365
Unknown The Speedy Single Knot 367
Unknown The Fade-Away Double Knot release knot for two silksVariations 368
Unknown The Nu-Away Double Knot release knot for 2 silks 369
Unknown Quick Release Double Knot release knot for 2 silks 371
Unknown Leg Tie and Release with Handkerchief silk through leg 372
G. W. Hunter The Magical Bow Knot 374
Unknown Chair Tie and Release with Bow Knot 375
Unknown The Educated knot silk unties itself, thread 376
Harlan Tarbell The Sympathetic Silks Also published here 378
Unknown Another Counting Version false count for sympathetic silks 380
Unknown Using a Chair Display for Counting Silks 381
Tommy Dowd Tommy Dowd's Silk Penetration through rope 382
Al Baker Al Baker's Handkerchief Through the Arm 385
Unknown The Phantom Knots two knotted silks 386
Unknown The Egg, the Glass, and the Handkerchief transpo of egg in glass with borrowed handkerchief 389
Unknown An Eggs-traordinary Eggs-planation fake explanation, ends with real eggVariations 394
Unknown A "Sucker" Handkerchief Vanish 399
Unknown A One-Man Handkerchief Vanish for one spectator, ala paperballs over the head 401
Unknown Repeat Handkerchief Vanish some credit to Oswald Williams, using pull, final transformation to egg 404