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66 pages (Spiralbound), published by Obie O'Brien
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Gagnon.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Obie O'Brien Introduction brief history of Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic convention, 4F book
William P. Miesel Cards 1
Harrison Carroll Unknown card from sandwich reversed in deckInspired by 1
Elmer Biddle Biddle Steal 2
Alex Elmsley Prayer Vanish 2
Del Copley Five Finger Discount card travels from packet to other packet at named number 3
Del Copley Steal like a Vernon transfer from the center of the deck 4
Tom Craven Mental Nick spectator cuts small packet and counts cards, then he remembers card at that position in deck 5
J. C. Doty Side Steal a la Doty covered, very similar to Simon's handlingRelated to 7
Ed Eckl, Joe Germaine Joe's Trick prediction of a card, card constructed by two cards which form vale and mates, Rufus Stele? 9
Tony Econ Blazing Saddles king among aces transposes with selection, held by spectator 11
Neal Elias Everywhere and Nowhere ends with selection reversed in deck 13
Bob Farmer Double-Dazzling Slop Shuffle Triumph two selections, deck shuffled face up into face down, two cards are reversed, indicator cards to find selections, then deck is separated into red and black cardsInspired by 15
Bob Farmer Triumph Display in the hands 17
Philip T. Goldstein Universal Prediction different back prediction changes to selection several times 19
Bob Haines Any Card - Any Wallet selection ends up in spectator's wallet 20
Mike Hilburger No Skill Four Ace Assembly spectator shuffles cards with deck and when sixteen cards dealt again, aces on bottom 21
Peter Isaacs AC/DC TBSMRR selected card is found by a wind-up toy robot 23
Denis MacKenzie Houdini and the Svengali with a bell 26
Ray Mertz Mirror Twist backs of four fours change colors, then faces change into mirrors 27
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count 28
William P. Miesel Water and Oil Barrons Inspired byVariations 29
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count 29
Tom Mullica The Card is Cigarette cigarette turns into rolled up signed card 30
Mike O'Dowd Four Card - Do As I Do spectator and performer have four cards and go through a series of moves, outcome is different 32
Mike O'Dowd Glide Count four cards 32
Mack Picknick Challenge Poker draw poker, performer has flush, overhand shuffle stacking 34
Unknown Drop Switch packet switch on table, with deck, cards dropped next to second packet 35
Mack Picknick The Gambler and His Accomplice gambling demo, spectators see cards put down in front of accomplice, eventually they are found in hand of performer 36
Vic Trabucco Three Alike "artistic variation of Ed Marlo's Quick Three Way" 37
Dave Walker Progressive Blues odd backed Progressive Ace AssemblyInspired by 38
Edward Marlo ATFUS 39
Bob Veeser, Dave Walker Veeser Concept Variation 41
William P. Miesel Coins 45
Del Copley Deflation 45
Tom Gagnon Bomb Bay Production coin productions with thumb tip
- First Method
- Flip Up Production
Also published here 46
Obie O'Brien Vi-Sil-Co silver/ copper transformationRelated to 49
Tom Staton Reverse Color Channging Matrix matrix with flash-back, all coins change to other coins as kicker 50
William P. Miesel Miscellaneous Close-Up Magic 53
Gene Anderson Son of Morning burning match vanishes in fist 53
Bob Follmer The Orange Chop chop cup with juice can 54
Tom Gagnon A Ball Penetration ball on top vanishes and appear under itAlso published here
  • "A Ball Penetration" in "The Blueprint"
Claude Hale Eggstraordinary coin dropper in stuffed chicken 57
Mike Hilburger A Tape Recorder Gag son does introduction 58
Karl Norman Ring and Wand Routine 59
Meir Yedid The Zig-Zag Thumb finger magic, thumb is movedAlso published here 61
David (Foote) Drake Out of this Alphabet abc card variation, first red black separation then also consonants and vowels 64
Norman Houghton Love Match spectator and performer shuffle envelopes and pair them up, inside are names of celebrity pairs, they match 65