Written by Nick Trost

Work of Nick Trost

35 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Nick Trost, Stewart Judah Matched Picture Cards Group of picture cards shown to be mixed, then later all paired up by matesAlso published here 3
Nick Trost The Gathering of the Court Cards Three packets of J-Q-K, assemble to three J, three Q and three KAlso published here 4
Nick Trost Three Jacks - Three Aces Separation type of effect 5
Nick Trost What's in a Name? Spell spectator's name to locate cardAlso published here 7
Nick Trost Time Will Tell Clock TrickAlso published here 8
Alex Elmsley, Stewart Judah Judah's "Coincidental Position" Performer brings card to special position corresponding with cut-off packet behind backInspired by 9
Nick Trost An Out for the Vernon Force Using odd backInspired by 10
Nick Trost Dice and Card Revelation Card found at number rolled on dice, then performer pulls out pair of cards that match the numbers on the dice 10
Nick Trost Automatic Lie Speller Lie Detector with verificationAlso published here 12
Nick Trost Predicting One of Six Cards Matchbook moved from card to card on row of six 13
Nick Trost Coincidence of Two Numbers and a Prediction 14
Nick Trost Prediction and Location of Four Matching Cards 15
Nick Trost A Prediction and a Date - Updated Cards dealt to any year called for from 1900 to 1975, plus predict a cardVariations 16
Nick Trost The Ultra Date Trick Extension to year 2000 for A Prediction and a DateInspired by 17
Nick Trost Divining the Total of Three Bottom Cards Performer divines total number of bottom cards of three piles 18
Nick Trost Weighing the Cards Variations 19
Nick Trost Kings and Queens Royale 19
Nick Trost Weighing the Colors Tell how many red/black cards there are in each pile 20
Nick Trost, Stewart Judah Card Elimination Card vanishes from deck, then appears face up in the deck laterAlso published here 22
Nick Trost U-Find-It Spectator locates card by stabbing face up card into the deck 24
Nick Trost Ace, Deuce or Trey Either Ace, Two or Three will change to selection, spectator's choice 24
Nick Trost Russian Roulette "You will select the red card" 27
Nick Trost No-sleight Wild Card 28
Nick Trost Expanding Cards Fan of mini cards grow into large cardsAlso published here 29
Nick Trost The Hotel Mystery 30
Nick Trost ESP Sixth-thot Divine thought-of ESP symbol 31
Nick Trost Compute-a-thot Three spot in inserted into packet, selection is found by spelling or counting or next to Three 33
Nick Trost Kings and Blanks 34
Nick Trost Predicting the Total Spectator chooses and adds three numbers chosen from number cards, performer predicts total 35