Written by Harlan Tarbell

Work of Various

416 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Harlan Tarbell.
Language: English

(188 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Unknown The P-L Vanishing Wand wand wrapped up in paper vanishes, paper shell 47
Unknown The Wandering Wand and Envelopes wand travels from one long envelope to another 50
Unknown Wand from Pocketbook from too small purse 51
Ed Reno Cigar from Pocketbook cigar from too small purse 53
Unknown Wand from Card Case 54
Unknown Simplex Handkerchief Producing Wand gaffed wand to produce handkerchief 55
Unknown Vanishing Handkerchief Wand vanishes inside wand 56
Unknown The Rising Wand rubber band 58
Unknown Sure-Grip Magnetized Wand 59
Harlan Tarbell Tarbell's Magnetized Wand thread 60
William G. Edwards Edwards' Magnetic Wand other things stick to wand 63
Harlan Tarbell Magnetic Rising Cards cards rise by touching deck with gaffed wand (page 63) 64
Unknown An Emergency Magnetic Wand if wand on page 63 is unavailable, tape 67
Unknown The Penetrating Wand sliding ends 67
Unknown Card in the Egg - Wand torn and restored card to egg 69
Unknown Rising Ring on Wand thread 73
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Growing Wand 75
Frank Kelly Vanishing Wand Routine wand vanishes and reappears on spectator's back 76
Unknown Superba Paper Cone for Handkerchief Vanish 79
Ralph W. Read, Harlan Tarbell The Ghostly Silk comedy silk from paper cone to glass 82
Unknown Puffing Rice in a Cone making popcorn in paper cone 85
Unknown The Two-Way Paper Cone vanishing, switching, producing silks, ... 86
Unknown 1 - Vanishing Handkerchiefs using Two-Way Paper Cone (page 86) 87
Unknown 2 - Production of Silks using Two-Way Paper Cone (page 86) 87
Unknown 3 - Color Change of Silks using Two-Way Paper Cone (page 86) 87
Unknown 4 - The Knotted and Unknotted Silks using Two-Way Paper Cone (page 86) 87
Unknown 5 - Sympathetic Silks using Two-Way Paper Cone (page 86) 87
Unknown 6 - Cut and Restored Handkerchief using Two-Way Paper Cone (page 86) 88
Unknown 7 - Torn and Restored Tissue Paper using Two-Way Paper Cone (page 86) 89
Unknown 8 - Cards and Ribbon cards thread themself onto ribbon, using Two-Way Paper Cone (page 86) 89
Unknown 9 - Paper Linking Rings using Two-Way Paper Cone (page 86) 90
Unknown 10 - Patriotic Silks using Two-Way Paper Cone (page 86) 90
Unknown 11 - Twentieth Century Silks using Two-Way Paper Cone (page 86) 90
Unknown Royal Paper Cone to vanish small flat objects 91
Unknown Century Card Vanishing Paper to vanish few cards 92
Unknown ACME Coin Vanishing Paper gaffed paper with pocket 93
Unknown Modern Coin Vanishing Paper gaffed paper with pocket 94
Unknown Coin Through the Saucer marked coin visibly penetrates saucer 96
Unknown The Miser's Dream full routine, using hat 99
Unknown Hand to Hand Flight of Four Coins 108
Unknown The Passe Coins and Glasses from glass to glass, using coin on thread 112
Unknown The Passe Coins from Hand to Hand using shell 118
Unknown The Phantom Coin shell applications, coin travels, coin vanishes 122
Eugene Verbeck The Coin in the Magical Envelopes basically a coin into nest of envelopes with newspaper-envelope transformations, for credit information see Carney referenceVariations 123
Unknown Vest Holder for Coins 125
Unknown The Push-In Vanish 131
Unknown The Pick-Up Vanish 132
Unknown The Pivot Vanish 133
Unknown Front and Back Hand Palm 134
Unknown The Throwing Vanish 135
Unknown The Pull-Away Vanish 136
Unknown To Vanish Cigarette Up The Nose 137
Unknown To Produce Cigarette From Ear 137
Unknown To Swallow Cigarette 137
Paul Fox Vanish and Production 138
Unknown The Multiplying Cigarette 139
Unknown The Change-Over Palm 141
Unknown The Change-Over Palm 141
Unknown The Burning Cigarette and Silk Handkerchief cigarette into silk, thumb tip 141
Unknown The Phantom Cigarette classic pantomime production 143
Unknown The Vanishing Cigarette pull 144
Ed Reno The Vanishing Pencil pull 146
Unknown The Dollar Bill in the Cigarette 146
Unknown Catching Cigarettes in the Air using gimmick on finger 150
Unknown An Odd Cigarette Vanish using cigarette clip on finger 152
Cardini Floating Cigarette thread, cigarette floats into clear tube 154
Unknown Lighted Cigarette from Box sight gag 156
Unknown Back and Front Hand Palming vanish and production with pivot 157
Unknown Back Palm 158
Unknown To Produce Card single card from back palm 160
Unknown To Produce Cards in a Fan from back palm 161
Paul Fox Simplified Back and Front Hand Palm 161
Unknown Production of Cards one at a time from Back of Hand two methods 162
Unknown Production of Cards one at a time from Front of Hand 163
Unknown To Vanish Cards one at a time and Reproduce them 165
Unknown Flash Card Production card produced from tambourine, using body load 167
Unknown Producing Fans of Cards split fan productions 170
Unknown The Phantom Pip picking up the pip... and putting it back on 172
Paul Fox Adding Cards to Back of Deck while front is exposed 174
Paul Fox Back Hand Color Change using back palm 174
Unknown Open Finger Color Change using clip palm 175
Unknown Slap Change 177
Unknown Push Up Color Change 178
Unknown Thumb Steal Color Change palm off can be used to produce fans (context), thumb palm 179
Unknown Double Card Change both on the deck 179
Charles A. Leedy Slip Up Color Change Related to 180
Unknown Top Card Change - Method 1 181
Unknown Top Card Change - Method 2 different dynamic than method 1 182
Unknown Top Card Change - Method 3 old style with finger change 182
Unknown Top Card Change - Method 4 end grip 183
Unknown Modern Card Change variation with side jogged double 183
Unknown Single Hand Card Change toss change 184
Cardini Bottom Dealing - Method 1 mentioning of standard bottom deal effects 185
Unknown Bottom Dealing - Method 2 186
Audley Walsh Bottom Dealing - Method 3 187
Cardini Second Dealing - Method 1 189
Unknown Second Dealing - Method 2 190
Unknown Second Dealing - Method 3 191
Joe Berg Second Dealing - Method 4 end grip take 192
Unknown Second Dealing - Method 5 end grip take 193
Unknown Dealing Bottoms end grip take 193
Unknown The Ribbon Drop 194
Unknown The Cascade 194
Unknown Production of Cards from the Mouth 195
Unknown Cascade Production from Boy's Nose 196
Charlier The One-Handed Cut 196
Audley Walsh Any Name Called For mathematical placement, random names are spelled to, card found at last position 199
Audley Walsh Ten Card Color Change 201
Richard Himber Double Detection magician determines facing cards in a by a spectator faced deckVariations 205
Unknown Second From Bottom Glimpse 206
George G. Kaplan, Audley Walsh, Al Baker A Clever Card Discovery mathematical, based on Telephone Mystery 208
Al Baker, Audley Walsh Telephone Mystery 210
William H. McCaffrey Variation of the Telephone Mystery Related to 211
E. J. Moore Prophetic Card Discovery a bit disguised 215
Unknown The Conjurer's Touch deck in performer's pocket, he produces any suit and value on commandVariations 218
Percy Abbott A Mysterious Discovery spectator removes x cards, magician finds card with value x, set-up 220
T. Nelson Downs Marvello transposition with extremely strange procedure, mathematical 223
Cardini Cardini's Rising Cards five cards, rubber band between two cards 229
Unknown Rising Deck From Card Case thread 234
Louis Tannen A Pack Full Of Pep deck from case, rubber 235
Unknown The Rising Cards and Card Case half the pack and case have holes 237
Keith Clark Rising Card from the Pocket from breast pocket 241
Unknown Rising Cards from Glass Goblet three cards, with loop moves, variation with assistant (page 249) 243
Al Baker Rising Cards from Goblet - Al Baker Method different hook up 249
Henry Gordien Rising Cards from Goblet - Henry Gordien Method different hook up 250
Howard Thurston Howard Thurston Rising Cards cards rise and float into hand 250
Paul Fox, Harlan Tarbell Superba Rising Cards four cards rise and float into hand 255
Howard Thurston Thurston's Floating Card card floats up and down, thread 257
Buatier de Kolta De Kolta Card Fountain all cards except one jump out of glass, thread 259
Harry Stork Harry Stork Card Fountain cards jump out of glass 261
Jean Hugard Jean Hugard's Card Fountain cards jump out of glass, thread 263
Tommy Dowd Tommy Dowd's Rising Cards cards rise while isolated in two glasses 265
Harlan Tarbell Humpty Dumpty Outdone spectator breaks egg in handkerchief 269
Harlan Tarbell Tarbell's Unbreakable Egg spectator breaks egg in handkerchief 274
Harlan Tarbell The Egg Bag long routine, "Tarbell Style" Egg Bag 277
Dante Egg Bag Presentation egg size varies according to how hard spectator blows, black egg when black person blowsRelated to 278
Unknown Double Handkerchief 279
Percy Abbott "Fool-Zum" Egg Bag Routine 288
Unknown Billard Ball Manipulation hinge shell gimmick 293
Unknown Adam and Eve four ball production and vanish, longer routine with several sleights and shell 295
Unknown The Multiplying Golf Balls different design 306
Unknown Special Adjuncts for Ball Manipulators body load holder for balls 307
Unknown Rainbow Billiard Balls rainbow chicagoer routine 308
Unknown A Mysterious Ball Transposition two balls in silk and glass goblets transpose 313
Unknown The Handkerchief Ball universal gimmick with loop, handwashing displays 317
Eugene Laurant, Buatier de Kolta, Servais LeRoy Soup Plate and Handkerchiefs two silks disappear and reappear under soup plate on chair 322
Unknown Two Soup Plates and Handkerchiefs two silks vanish and reappear between soup platesRelated to 325
Unknown Twentieth Century Silks 327
Unknown Handkerchief to Billiard Ball hollow ball 331
Bert Douglas The Elusive Rainbow 20th century silks with knot placed in mouth, then ball appears and travels into mouth 333
Bert Douglas Spot The Red 20th century silks with knot placed in mouth, then ball appears and travels into mouth 337
Harlan Tarbell Type of Rope used 339
Milbourne Christopher Christopher's Three Knots in a Rope three knots appear, one disappears, one is untied, one is taken off 339
Milbourne Christopher Christopher's Jumping Knot knot jumpes from one position on rope to another 342
Louis Tannen Tannen's Ring, Knot and Rope borrowed finger ring travels from handkerchief in knot on ropeVariations 344
Milbourne Christopher Christopher's Thread to Rope thin thread changes visibly into rope 347
Unknown Self-Untying Rope thread 349
Milbourne Christopher Christopher's Cigarette to Rope three different methods 349
Unknown The Phantom Knot disappearing knot 353
Unknown Hindu Knots knots appear and disappear 355
Chefalo Chefalo's Knot disappearing knot 358
Harlan Tarbell, Chefalo Tarbell's Triple Chefalo Knot disappearing knots 358
Unknown Hocus Pocus" Cut and Restored Rope"x 359
Unknown A Novel Knot Steal stealing a knotted on knot 362
Unknown Magician's Cut and Restored Rope 363
Unknown Perplexo Cut and Restored Rope 366
Richard Himber Himber's Rope Mytersy 367
Ted Collings Ted Collin's Panama Rope Mystery 368
Syl Reilly Ghostly Card in the Dark card image appears in dark room, luminous paint 373
Syl Reilly Date on a Borrowed Coin date appears as image in dark room, luminous paint 375
Syl Reilly A Selected Word word appears as image in dark room, luminous paint 375
Syl Reilly Spirit Answers word appears as image in dark room, luminous paint 375
Syl Reilly The Phantom Die chosen number divined, luminous paint 376
Syl Reilly The Magazine Test clever, luminous paint 376
Syl Reilly The Phantom Tray chosen object is determined, luminous paint 378
Syl Reilly "Ghostlite" in the Dark Seance The Evil Eye, Spooky Lights, Apparitions of Spirit Articles, Ghostly Faces, Ectoplasm, Ghost Materialization, using luminous paint 379
Edward Saint Spirit Lights under Test Conditions seance style, luminous paint 383
Unknown The Mystery of King Tut two persons change place 387
Unknown Who and Which two persons change place 395
Unknown Who and Which (Simple Method) two persons change place 401
Unknown Three Kings and a Queen person appears in paravent 403
Karl Fulves The Optical Force (chapter 33-A added to 1975 edition, see "13 Prophets", p. 20)
two spectators choose cards: mates
Variations 408
Karl Fulves Demon Digits calculation procedure, result predicted 409
Karl Fulves Ultra Die strange card prediction, chosen by rolling a die 410
Karl Fulves The Folded Prophecy nail writer, through envelope, carbon paper 412
Karl Fulves, Don Nielson Liars Convention magician blindfolded, three spectators choose cards two exchange cards, magicican knows who and the cards, marked stacked deck 412
Karl Fulves Clocks and Cards clock time duplication, then drawn card is found by medium 414
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Roughing it mental reverse variant 416