Written by Aldini

Work of Aldini

48 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

(38 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Aldini Acknowledgements 2
Leo Behnke Foreword 4
Aldini Introduction 5
Aldini, Joe Berg Explanation of "Super Roughing" Not covering entire surface with roughing fluid, so can easily split the cards up (reprinted from "Rough Stuff" by Joe Berg and Aldini) 6
Aldini How to Apply Roughing Fluid 6
Aldini Roughly Ambitious Ambitious Card routine with packet of twenty cards 7
Aldini Monte Aces Aces travel from packet to packet 8
Aldini, Bruce Florek The Transverse Travelers Ace Assembly with odd backed Aces 9
Aldini Roughly Wild Wild Card 11
Aldini Lie Detector Deck 12
Aldini, Ronald Haines Color Affinity Out of this World 13
Aldini Slate-O-Vision ESP card prediction, cards clipped on slate 14
Aldini Cardincidence Card freely chosen from packet of blue cards matches card chosen from red packet 16
Aldini Aces on Stand Ace assembly with cards propped on easel 18
Aldini, Glenn G. Gravatt More Thoughts Anticipated Spectator removes card from red deck, matches card taken out by magician from blue deckInspired by
  • "Final Selection" (Glenn. G. Gravatt)
Aldini ESP-GONE Selected ESP card in packet of five ESP cards turns blank 20
Aldini The Genie Deck Uses Joe Berg Atomic Deck. Magician manages to place peeked at card next to freely thought of card (cards are never named) 22
Aldini Double-Gali Deck changes to all Four of Spades, then all Six of Clubs, then back to regular deck 23
Aldini Pre-cardiction Prediction written on blank card, the other spectator writes their name on it. Card freely chosen from six cards 24
Aldini Hydrogen Aces Ace Assembly 25
Aldini Predict-O-Deck Prediction written on card matches selection 26
Aldini Harlequin Deck No. 1 Color changing deck: back changes color from red to blue and back, faces have changed from mixed colors to all red, then all black, including reversed-color suits, then back to normal 27
Aldini Harlequin Deck No. 2 Color changing deck: back changes color from red to blue and back, faces have changed from mixed colors to all red, then all black, including reversed-color suits, then back to normal 29
Aldini Aldini's Telstar Deck Freely chosen ESP symbol shown to be face up in the ESP deck as a prediction, back color also different 30
Aldini Aldini's Nature Deck Mental Photography Deck type of routine, blank deck prints and unprints 31
Aldini, Hen Fetsch Major Miracle Prediction card placed by spectator next to cardInspired by
  • "Minor Miracle" (Hen Fetsch)
Aldini, Tenkai Ishida, Harry Bernard Fooled Monte Two card monte routine 34
Aldini Cards to Pocket Thought of card vanishes from packet of four cards, travels to pocket 36
Aldini Thot-O-Vision Deck Freely selected card matches prediction card placed previously in envelope 36
Aldini, Tenkai Ishida Remote Control Randomly placed card placed face up into deck, found next to previously selected card 36
Aldini, Paul Curry Mental-Matic Deck Name of card written on back of a card, matches freely thought of cardInspired by 38
Aldini Finale Touch Deck Prediction written on card matches free selection 39
Aldini The Goofy Deck Make spectator select a reversed-color card (red Two of Clubs) as a gag 40
Aldini Predecktion Prediction written on two cards, correctly predict two freely named cards 41
Aldini Super Nudist Deck Nudist Deck, but can show deck to have faces and backs without riffling, but by just spreadingInspired by
  • "Nudist Deck" (R. W. Hull)
Aldini, Frank Shields Invisible Control Invisible Deck type of presentation, but freely named card is invisibly placed in empty envelope. Deck is shown to not contain the card, because it is now really in the envelope 44
Aldini, Joe Berg, Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Supremonition Freely named card is found vanished from the deck, Joker then changes into selection 46
Aldini Compared Mini card placed in envelope as prediction, freely selected card also placed in envelope, later shown to both match 47