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22 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings.
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Lewis Ganson Meet David Berglas 1
David Berglas Lecture on Sleeving - "It's Up His Sleeve!"
- The Use of Sleeving
- The Berglas Gravity Method of Sleeving
- Practice
Also published here 2
David Berglas Hints on Sleeving - A Common Fault
- Natural Movements
- Pulling Up the Sleeve
- Over-Use
- "A Whole New World of Magic"
- Application for Sleeving
David Berglas Cups and Balls using sleeving 9
David Berglas Billiard Ball Production idea, brief 10
David Berglas Other Applications ideas, brief 10
David Berglas Impossible Silk Production with tube 11
David Berglas Impossible Silk Vanish with sucker element 12
David Berglas Pocketing for ditching and switching objects, general remarks 13
David Berglas Using a Pull general remarks on how to use a pull 15
David Berglas Cardcertina Berglas Electric Deck design and construction 16
David Berglas Vanishing Cane - My Cane in Newspaper Routine 19
David Berglas Appearing Cane - Hints and Tips 21
David Berglas My Appearing Cane Finale - A Novel Appearing Cane Presentation handkerchief thrown in air changes to cane 22