Written by David Britland

Work of David Berglas

566 pages (Hardcover), published by Hahne
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by David James.
Language: English

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Uri Geller Introduction 11
Paul Daniels Introduction 13
Jim Steinmeyer Foreword 14
David Britland David Berglas - Early Days
- A Magical Beginning
- South Africa
- All in a Flash
- Beating the Odds
- Clubland
- Variety
- Radio
- Television
- Agents
- International Man of Mystery
- Movies
- Off Stage
David Britland The Book 52
David Berglas The Picture Post Challenge slipper was hidden in London, Berglas blindfolded drove by car to the correct location, found the slipper and handed it to the correct owner 59
David Berglas Cresta Run blindfolded bobsled drive 72
David Berglas The Vanishing Piano in a room full of people, piano vanishes while musician is playingRelated to 75
David Berglas Magician's Choice several spectator put objects on the table, two are selected and they match the predictions 79
David Berglas Musical Mindreading several instruments on stage, performer divines thought of instruments and selected song by playing it, then some rhythms are written on cards and shuffled, performer divines the order by playing them on an instrument 86
David Berglas Do-It-Yourself one spectator hammers some nails in a piece of wood, a second drills some holes and a third has to saw off a piece, prediction matches 91
David Berglas Pre-Show in TV 94
David Berglas Tricky, the Dog on how to train a dog and doing magic together 98
David Berglas Riddle of the Sands symbol is thought of by a spectator in a plane, performer divines it by driving a motor scooter on field and drawing it that way 104
David Berglas Regulite spectator thinks of an object on the table, then he holds to wires from a lamp and choses a light bulb and when concentrates on his object, the lamp lights up, eventually the object vanishes from the table and is fount inside the light bulb 109
David Berglas Predicting the F.A. Cup Final written prediction of football game in trophy cup 113
David Berglas Ten Shilling Note marked bill travels from one city to another, split screen on TV 116
David Berglas Underwater Magic about performing magic underwater for a TV show 125
David Berglas Teleportation human transportation to a hung up box in another city, magic on TV and on using a double 128
David Berglas Box over Regent Street passport vanishes and appears in box hung up in the streets, transmitted over the radio 132
David Berglas Coin in the Bottle coin in in bottle, as an encore marked coin is put in bottle again and handed out as a souvenir 139
David Berglas The Beach in South Africa performer put in coffin and is then sunken into the sea, when the coffin is opened again, the performer has vanished and at its place a baby shark is found 147
David Berglas Revues magic in revues
- The Post Office Sketch
- The Estate Agent Sketch (doll house routine)
David Berglas Card on the Window card on window, then repeated with signed, which is found on other side of the glass 161
David Berglas Magic Fingers small illusion, hand on a black board, fingers can be moved away from the hand 165
David Berglas In Town Tonight stopping the traffic at Piccadilly Circus for thirty seconds, people, animals and cards freeze 168
David Berglas Robby, the Robot robot comes to live and divines chosen colors, Kenny Baker 172
David Berglas Whales, Cats, Plants stopping a whale, making a cat clean itself and closing the leaves of a plant 178
David Berglas Turning the Clock Back different effects are performed and noted on a board, at the end, time is turned back and everything undone until the board is blank again
No. 1: Three balls, disappear and change into a pack of cards
No. 2: Four coins vanish and reappear in a glass
No. 3: Signed card vanishes and reappears in photo frame
No. 4: Arrow stops at chosen number 11
David Berglas Rocking Horse "The D.B. 'Do-It-Yourself' Machine", objects selected from a catalog mounted together in a box on their own, with explanation and appearance of real horse kicker 189
David Berglas Creda Cookers magic with performer and person on TV-Screen, performer lights cigarette of man on screen etc. then person appears from TV, performed in 1963 199
David Berglas David in the Lion's Den performer in cage with a lion vanishes and appears far away, done in a zoo and appearance on a tall black, cage covered with curtain 204
David Berglas Blindfold Drive structure for a blindfold drive routine 207
David Berglas English Electric entire routine with a washing machine, signed shirt gets clean and funny bits with a spectator and a cat 212
David Berglas Identikit prediction of a constructed person, puzzle pieces of different parts of the face can be selected and built together, prediction is a video with the performer building together the same image 218
David Berglas Casino Royale Berglas consulting work for the movie Casino Royale (1967) with Orson Welles, Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress and David Niven 223
David Berglas Vitonette by the aid of a spinning wheel dye colors are selected and the performer changes the hair of the assistant to the chosen colors, with sucker explanation using twins and wigs 236
David Berglas The Table Levitation presentation for table levitation, spectators put hands on table and it starts to move, without explanation 242
David Berglas Opus 13 on the TV-Show Opus 13 and Berglas encounters with Fred Kaps, Hans Moretti and Henk Vermeyden 254
David Berglas Palmistry pseudo-psychometry with palmistry theme for TV, only presentation 259
David Berglas An Interesting Problem with Numbers freely multiplied numbers, total matches license plate of a car, only presentationRelated to 260
David Berglas Memory and Mathematics pseudo mental arithmetic routine, spectators write cards with numbers, ends with a huge number, clever presentation 261
David Berglas The Mexican Hat Dance six men choose different hats to music and when the music stops the selection is examined after several rounds all six wear the same hats 267
David Berglas Russian Roulette gun is loaded with five bullets and one empty chamber, spectator can choose shooting on plates or on performer, sketchy explanation 270
David Berglas, David Britland It's All Done by Hypnosis on Berglas hypnotism TV-Show, Fred Kaps 272
David Berglas The Clock Mystery and Lie Detector on the mysterious clocks at Rijssen, where the clocks hands bent, Berglas investigating and solving the mystery with a lie detector 276
David Berglas The Chair Mystery chair test, numbers on chairs reveal age of spectators, only description 279
David Berglas The Albert Memorial humorous story, pictures with Berglas and the Albert Memorial in London 282
David Berglas A Tilting Ship making a ship tilt 287
David Berglas Coloured Discs Four spectators select different colored balls from a box and put them in their pockets, then they get a board with a color matrix on one side and numbers on the other. A number is selected and the color matrix faced to the audience, eventually the performer divines the remaining ball in the box, each color and in which pocket it is and when the selected number is counted on the matrix it matches their selection. As a kicker a prediction of the remaining ball is shownRelated to 291
David Berglas The Press Club Prediction prediction of an object, a word and a number, plus a knocked over bottle by a spectator and a dried up pen 297
David Berglas Uri Geller on Uri Geller, metal bending, Robert Harbin 300
David Berglas Cunard International while doing a presentation in a hotel the performer dims the light and the back wall is removed to show another party taking place, the wall is put back and some minutes later when the wall i removed again the people, tables etc. have disappeared and instead the avenue leading to the Buckingham Palace could be seen 310
David Berglas Chair Balance presentation for chair suspension, spectator lies on a chair and seems to levitate 314
David Berglas Blindfold Routine two spectators on stage, various revelations 320
David Berglas, David Britland Man, Myth & Magic on Berglas one-man show
- The Hendon Classic Show
- Introduction
David Berglas Are You Sitting Comfortably? seven chairs, six spectator select one, all are predicted on the back of the chairs, "My Chair" for performer and a rose attached to the chair where the only woman sits, not explained 334
David Berglas Shall We Open the Box? spectator puts objects on a tray and choses two, same objects are found in a box 338
David Berglas Number Three in ESP routine with the Corinda / Berglas Khan Slate, ESP cards match and a prediction climax 338
David Berglas Coincidental Colours brief, same as Coloured DiscsRelated to 342
David Berglas 3 or 4 Words out of Thousands brief, same as Newspaper Prediction 342
David Berglas Can You Solve this Puzzle? description of Any Card at any Number, without explanation and Ace of Hearts / Eight of hearts bit, when a card is named 342
David Berglas Memories are Made of This deck is memorized, entire deck named in order 344
David Berglas Deck Switch brief 347
David Berglas A Touch of Black Magic bit of Berglas' show, not a trick 349
David Berglas Séance outline of routine 349
David Berglas The Glass Contains Spirits thought of names revealed by the use of a Ouija Board 349
David Berglas The Power of Darkness spirit cabinet routine
- Spirit Message, Modern Style
- Seeing is Believing
David Berglas Voodoo, Witchcraft or... 358
David Berglas The Monk Transposition transposition of two people with monk mask and cowl 358
David Berglas Part Three Mental Epic routine, three spectators 362
David Berglas Would You Make a Reliable Witness? routine with Reality/Fantasy ambigram, Lubor Fiedler's Posi-Negative and stroop-effect, people read words and experience them differently then others 364
David Berglas Your Finger on the Pulse pulse stop with two spectators, stage presentation 368
David Berglas Shock Tactics apparently spectators get small electro shocks, people jump or let cards drop 371
David Berglas Razor Sharp apparently a postcard becomes sharp, spectator flinches 372
David Berglas Put Your Best Food Forward spectator feels touching of one food but not of other 373
David Berglas Finale suggestion and chair balancing effect, spectators seated on chairs tilted on the back legs on performer's commando they tip forward, vague explanation 374
David Berglas Questions and Answers finishing the show by answering questions of the audience 377
David Berglas Variation: The Mechanical Band Opening beginning of show, mechanical band player turns out to be Berglas, costume change and masks 378
David Berglas Time and Light routines with LED Time Pen, chemical fluid light sticks and Anverdi's die
- spectator names a time interval, then he gets a watch and can say start whenever he wants, the
show continues and the performer suddenly screams stop at the right moment
- Pseudo Psychometry routine
- woman selects one of several men, selection is divined
David Berglas Pear in a Bottle bottle is knotted on a string and hang outside a window, fruit is selected and ends up in bottle, more brief routines with fruits, banana cuts itself into named amount of pieces 387
David Berglas Synchro Time spectator selects a time and turns the handles on a clock, performer divines it 390
David Berglas Mini Metro Launch car promotion, people attending find themselves on a ship and lots of cars appear 393
David Berglas Contact Mindreading on muscle reading, several ways to perform it, anecdote with Paul Daniels and Dondo Burghardo (misspelled as Berkado) 397
David Berglas The Knight's Tour stage presentation, chess fields on board can be illuminated 403
David Berglas Pickpocketing: The Watch Finale pickpocketing routine with several people, watches end up in a box linked together 408
David Berglas The Newspaper Prediction - The Piece of Paper
- The Newspapers
- The Proof
- The Performance
- Choosing the Page
- Tearing the Paper
David Berglas ESPacology multiple prediction routine, six spectators with envelopes stand behind six numbers, one spectator chooses one object among six and puts the rest in an order, selection matches the number, order matches and selection and number was predicted beforehand 429
David Berglas Matchmaker balloons with folded blue backed cards, three spectator select one and the other balloons are distributed among the audience, the three partners of the spectators select a card each from a red backed deck, the cards match with the cards in their balloons 437
David Berglas Sweetings check from checkbook is signed and burnt just to reappear back in the book 443
David Berglas Mathemagic 448
David Berglas Add Infinitum three methods, total of three three-digit numbers is predictedAlso published here 448
David Berglas Today's Date named numbers add to the current date 452
David Berglas Cryptomania board to transcribe letters into numbers, names become numbers etc 455
David Berglas Magic Squares including a birthday in the square
- Constructing Magic Squares
- The Personalised Birthday Square
Related to 457
David Berglas DRUM any hummed, sang or whistled tune can be named, including composer and additional infos 470
David Britland The Mind of David Berglas on the TV-Show from 1985 478
David Britland The Christmas Show about the pilot of The Mind of David Berglas 480
David Berglas The Watch Steal while apparently doing a magic trick that fails, watch is stolen twice 481
David Berglas Christmas Card Prediction Related to 486
David Berglas Hot Foil tin foil becomes hot in spectator's hand, candy wrapper 487
David Berglas Christmas Card Prediction Finale four spectators selected a Christmas card an a gift, four prediction sculptures with names and gifts engravedRelated to 488
David Berglas, David Britland The Series about the first show of The Mind of David Berglas 490
David Berglas Breaking the Chain link on a chain is selected, performer breaks itRelated to 491
David Berglas The Quizzing Glass selected time and object are predicted and engraved on sculpture 494
David Berglas Te Bah Pla and Name Discovery performer writes alphabet backwards while reciting it normally, then a name is divined 497
David Berglas Drinks Prediction one of several bottles is chosen and predicted, engraved on a sculpture 500
David Berglas Quartered Magic Square with 2x2 squares, that build a 4x4 square and can be rearranged anyway they like, birthday is includedRelated to 501
David Berglas The Human Calendar names and birthdates are remembered, later the performer recalls the names and puts the spectators in order according to their day of birth 507
David Britland, David Berglas Epilogue on the TV Show The Magic of David Berglas, directed by Royston Mayoh 511
David Berglas Think of a Card from a fan, also with faro fan 518
David Berglas Think of a Card Plus spectator spreads the cards and thinks of one 524
David Berglas The Berglas Effect - Any Card at Any Number
- Jazz Magic
- A Foundation For Miracles
- The Bridge
- Expect the Unexpected
- The Psychology of Numbers
- On Stage
- Pointing the Effect
- A Different Presentation
- Sheer Devilment
- An Interlude
- In Conclusion
David Berglas Final Thoughts 543
David Berglas Mystery and Imagination 543
David Berglas Style and Image 544
David Berglas The Impossible or Too Impossible 545
David Berglas Reaching the Audience 546
David Berglas The Television Medium 547
David Berglas Creating Mysteries Off the Stage on linking two Life Savers / Polo Mints, predicting which gush spring spouts next 549
David Berglas Opportunities and Personalities 551
David Berglas Decision to Retire 552
David Berglas My Family on Irena, Peter and Marvin Berglas 555
David Berglas With Many Thanks 557
David Berglas A Final Story 558
Dale Wimbrow The Man in the Glass poem 560