Written by Harlan Tarbell

Work of Various

416 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Harlan Tarbell.
Language: English

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Milbourne Christopher Christopher's "Double Cross" eight paper pieces, four with X on them are burnt, X now on other piecesVariationsAlso published here 53
Joe Berg Joe Berg's "Double Cross" chalk crosses travel from paper into performer's hand 57
Harlan Tarbell Tarbell's Sugar Mark pencil mark from sugar cube to saucer 58
Milbourne Christopher Match Book and Coin coin appears in torn up match book 61
Milbourne Christopher Match Stickler match travels into spectator's hand 63
Audley Walsh Audley Walsh Match Routine two matches appear, travel, .. 65
P. T. Selbit Match through Safety Pin 68
Richard Himber Match on Edge match on edge stunt with new method 70
Unknown Rising and Falling Match match floats up and down in filled bottle 71
Wallace A Button off the Vest button torn off spectator's vest and restored 72
Milbourne Christopher Tavern Trickery card index appears in bottle cap 75
Unknown Cross Cut Force 76
Milbourne Christopher Finger Tip Telepathy instant stooge, submitting name of forced card to spectator 76
Unknown Under Handkerchief Force 77
Unknown The Phantom Safety Pin moving pin along top lineRelated toVariations 79
Unknown Ring, Rope And Pin borrowed ring penetrates ropeRelated toVariations 81
Tom Osborne "Ring and Spirit Knot" ring put in knot under handkerchief 83
Unknown An Easy False Knot 85
Unknown The Ring in the Knot ring put in knot under handkerchief 86
Unknown A Fountain Pen Nifty cap of fountain pen vanishes and reappears on pen 88
Joe Berg Criss-Cross Paper Napkin napkin torn, torn pieces transpose with full pieces, full restoration 89
Unknown Psychometric Crayons performer knows color of crayon put in paper tube 94
Dr. Zina Bennett Nifty Knots knots appear in rope 96
Unknown Vanishing Knot Flourishes five methods 99
G. W. Hunter Puzzle Knot knot without letting go of the ends 101
Unknown Bachelor's Needle old pseudo needle threading effect 102
John Scarne John Scarne's Bill Change ungimmickedRelated to 106
U. F. Grant Slow Motion Bill Transposition Related toVariations 109
U. F. Grant "Million Dollar" Bill Mystery two bills are torn, one half of each vanish and appear in envelopeRelated toVariations 112
Unknown The Persnickety Pinochle Player two aces of diamonds are torn in half, one half appears elsewhere 115
Milbourne Christopher Novel Burned and Restored Bill bill burned on top of plate is found underneath 116
Unknown Half and Half bill changes to coins into envelope that is cut 118
Unknown The Life Safer bill to life safer package used as pull 122
Paul LePaul Le Paul's Torn Bill bill torn in half, one half changes to half dollar, restoredRelated to 126
Unknown A Dollar makes a "Break" bill to coins, bill breaks pencil (outstreched finger) 127
Unknown The Topsy-Turvy Bill bill is folded and opened, then upside down 129
Samuel Berland Berland's One to Four bill is cut in fourths, each change to new bill 130
Unknown Making Money to Order cut paper to money 133
Tom Osborne Instant Number Memorization how to quickly memorize serial number 134
Unknown Sign-A-Bill gag, bills bound into check book 135
Unknown A Roll of Bills gag, several bills are glued together at short end and rolled upRelated toAlso published here 136
Manuel Manuel's Coin Star 137
Manuel The Four Coin Flourish roll outRelated to 139
Allan Shaw The Coin Roll 140
Al Zink Al Zink's Coin Production 142
Nelson Hahne Dime Through Hand Related to 145
Joe Berg Joe Berg's Coin Change 146
Harry Bernstein Dollar and Dime dollar changes to dime and back, clean looking, edge work 147
Paul Morris Paul Morris' Coin Vanish to back palm and sleeve 151
Paul Morris Color Changing Coin Morris' Vanish (page 151) as a transformation 153
Paul Morris Ubiquitous Coin to rhymed patter 153
Unknown Ramsay Subtlety 157
Paul Morris Coin through the Handkerchief 159
Unknown French "Pill Box" Coin Mystery three coins from pill box to nest of packages 160
Unknown Coins in a Loaf of Bread three coins from pill box to bread 164
Unknown Okito Coin Box coins vanish from box, steal moves, three methods 166
Unknown Coin Through The Hat 170
James F. Herpick Dime Delusion coin through whisky glass 171
Tom Osborne Five Coin Routine five coins are produced and put in bottom less glass, more coins are produced 173
Unknown The "Throw-Away" Coin Vanish 176
Unknown The Chameleon Poker Chips 177
Paul LePaul Le Paul's Pass 181
Arthur H. Buckley Side-Bottom Pass side steal to bottom 183
Frank Kelly Frank Kelly's Bottom Placement 184
Unknown Card Through The Magazine kelly bottom placement 187
Tommy Dowd Card in the Pocket using kelly bottom placementRelated toAlso published here 188
Unknown Simplex Card to Pocket loading indifferent or x card into inside pocket 191
Dai Vernon Multiple Card Pass to top, bottom, or reversed to centerVariations 192
Unknown Direct False Cut straight cut 195
Richard Himber Himber's False Cut 196
Unknown Under-Cut False Cut 197
Paul Rosini Paul Rosini's False Cut 197
Paul Rosini E-Z Three-Way False Cut 199
Joe Berg Joe Berg's False Cut three way 201
Unknown Direct False Count 201
Unknown Slip-Over False Count 203
Unknown Put-Back False Count counting cards off a pack 204
Unknown Pick-Up False Count 205
Unknown Palm-Over False Count into spectator's hand 206
Unknown Glide False Count 207
Jack Hecht Over-Hand False Count using lift shuffle 209
Arthur H. Buckley Novelty Straight Count 210
Unknown Simple Card Fan 212
Unknown Simple Reverse Fan 212
Unknown Blank Deck to Regular Deck reverse fan 213
Unknown Modern Card Fan pressure fan 214
Unknown One Handed Closing of Fan 215
Paul LePaul Enlarging a Card Fan moving pressure point 216
Unknown Modern Reversed Card Fan pressure fan 216
John Scarne John Scarne's Master Change card put in envelope changesRelated toVariations 217
Unknown Change-About Cards and Envelopes two cards in envelopes change places 219
Unknown Change-About Torn Corner Card card with torn corner changes place with whole card 219
Unknown Application of Scarne's Master Change using envelope to switch something 222
John Booth Repeat Card Mystery five card repeat 223
John Booth The Booth False Count 224
Unknown Pull Down Move 224
Unknown Repeat Card Mystery six cards 227
Stanley Collins Glide False Count based on Collins' four ace routine - sleight 227
Unknown "One From Six" Repeat Card Mystery 230
Ed Reno "Tack It" deck thrown at board held by spectator 231
Unknown Card on the Ceiling wax 235
James F. Herpick, Jack Thimbleny Improved Card on the Ceiling 236
Unknown Card on the Wall 238
Unknown Stealing Card from Case 239
Unknown The Card, Card Case, and Board 240
Unknown Card through the Handkerchief 242
Unknown New Era Card Through Handkerchief 244
Unknown Three Cards through the Handkerchief 247
Unknown Rising Cards through Handkerchief 251
Unknown The Black Ace and Card Through Handkerchief single ace penetrates handkerchief, changes to selection, ace in pocket 252
Nate Leipzig Card through Handkerchief through handkerchief laid on the table 255
Unknown Mystery of the Glass House x card in glass, envelope put away, card in glass changes into selection, x card in envelopeAlso published here 257
Unknown Cards, Envelope, and Hat six cards selected put in envelope, one of them travels into hat 261
Unknown The Reversed Card 265
Nate Leipzig Double Reverse 265
Unknown The Two Card Stab spectator stabs with knife 269
Unknown The X-Ray Knife spectator stabs knife into deckRelated to 274
Unknown The Magnetic Knife spectator stabs knife in pack 277
Louis Tannen Simplified Stabbing Trick spectator stabs knife into pack 279
Russel Walsh The Flash Card Stab deck wrapped in flash paperVariations 282
Unknown Card Stab Through Newspaper six methods 284
Unknown The End Stab 289
George Boston Boston's Stabbed Card stripper deckVariations 291
Louis Tannen, Harlan Tarbell The Snap-Away Silk and Knot silk tied on rope 295
Edwin Tabor Tabor Double Dissolving Silk Release through arm of chair 299
Sam Leo Horowitz Horowitz Knot Transposition two silks, one knotted, transposition 302
Harlan Tarbell Simplified Instantaneous Knot one handed 305
William Larsen, T. Page Wright Larsen and Wright's Ghost Ring ring appears on silk knotted in circle 306
Unknown Ring Pull 308
Unknown Square Knot Release 309
Unknown Pull-Apart Silks 310
Harlan Tarbell Hat and Silk Combination 20th century silks, then silks vanish an reappear in hat 311
Harlan Tarbell Silks and Aces silk transposes with aces in glass 314
Dr. Milton Bridges Blending of the Colors blendo to flag 317
Frank Ducrot The Perfection Flag Trick blendo to flag 320
Unknown The Mystic Ribbons paper ribbons to silk 323
Unknown The Penetrating Pocket Knife knife through handkerchief 326
Unknown The Indestructible Handkerchief prop effect with wooden frame 329
Harlan Tarbell Color Changing Handkerchief silk in silk 335
Horace Goldin Double Handkerchief Color Change silk in silk 337
Unknown Flash Color Change double sided silk 338
Unknown Flash Color Change Through Cardboard double sided silk 340
Harlan Tarbell "Clean-Cut" Color Changing Handkerchief 340
Arthur M. Pope The "Vice Versa" Color Changing Silks well.... 345
Unknown The Dyeing Handkerchiefs with paper tube, some variations 347
William Larsen, Harlan Tarbell, T. Page Wright Yo! Ho! Ho! And A Bottle Of Rum! prop spectacle 357
Janos Bartl Music and Silks in paper 361
Unknown "Selfcon" Dye Tube 363
Francis Carlyle Evolution of a Rabbit in a Hat picture silk transformation, rabbit produced from hat 365
Milbourne Christopher Snappy Silk Production and Color Change almost bare handed production and color change with wand 372
Ed Reno Dove Production dove production box 377
Unknown Modern Rabbit Box Production 381
Unknown "Sucker" Rabbit Box Vanish 386
Unknown Milady's Hat Box Production cardboard box 390
Unknown Unique Rabbit Vanish box 394
Jack Gwynne "Spee-Dee" Rabbit Production big prop 396
Jim Sherman Rabbit Production from a Hat 398
U. F. Grant The Farmer and the Witch person transposition 405
Unknown The Man in the Box big man is put in small box 408
Syl Reilly A Ghost Show Routine black art, luminous paint, skeletons appear and dance 412