Written by David Regal

Work of David Regal

264 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Ken Krenzel Preface vii
Max Maven Introduction viii
David Regal Foreword x
David Regal All's Fair Spectator fairly deals and stops on two cards - one gives the value, one gives the suit. Card in magician's pocket/card case predicts it correctlyVariations 3
David Regal No Mercy All's Fair Same as All's Fair, but with kicker of producing fifty two of the prediction card in the pocketInspired byRelated to 5
David Regal Leap of Faith Signed card teleports from between two red Kings to between two black KingsVariations 6
David Regal Commercial Travel with transformation kicker, ending with Ace, Two, Three, Four of Hearts
- The No-Palm Method
Inspired by
  • Chris Kenner's routine in "The Right Stuff"
David Regal Switch-Out Procedure ATFUS/Braue type 11
David Regal Finley Tent Vanish Handling 12
David Regal One-Hand Tilt Get-Ready 15
David Regal Clandestine Collectors Classic Collectors effect with clean procedure for losing selectionsVariations 18
Edward Marlo, David Regal ATFUS Variation spread handling 18
David Regal Reverse Fan Placement reverse fan with face-up cards as pointers to insert cardsRelated to 20
David Regal Inclination Four Sevens on the table are placed back in the deck and replaced with random cards, but then the Sevens are shown to be back on the table 22
Herb Zarrow, David Regal Zarrow Addition Variant 22
Unknown Tilt 23
David Regal The Luck Test Bad poker hand placed face up in the middle of the deck, transforms into a royal flush 24
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut 24
David Regal Romeo & Juliet Packet trick where Romeo and Juliet escaped from their parents 26
Unknown Deck Flop 26
David Regal Over & Out Four Kings penetrate through the deck to fall on table, with selection between them 30
Tan Hock Chuan Tan Hock Chuan Cover Pass Also published here 31
Frank Simon Convincing Control variation 31
David Regal Isolated Force Spectator touch card in spread, card is reversed in deck, in the process it is forcedRelated to 33
David Regal A Favorite Effect with the Isolated Force Prediction card from blue deck matches card selected in red deckRelated to 34
David Regal Ten-Second Poker Spectator shuffles deck, deals himself a royal flush in Spades, re-dealing principle 35
David Regal The Wrong Ones Produce four Aces, then deck changes color (includes variation where deck goes back to new deck order as well)
- Routine One
- Routine Two
Piet Forton Piet Forton Production Swivel top card, flip face up and trap between two packetsRelated to 38
John Benzais Benzais Spinout 39
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli), Piet Forton Ravelli Pop-out 39
Jerry K. Hartman Popover Move 40
David Regal Sending It Through Card goes through a series of changes when pushed sideways through the deckInspired by 43
David Regal Hailing the Great Discrepancy 46
David Regal Clean Cut Spectator cut to the Aces 47
David Regal For Marlo Selection placed with four of a kind travels to another four of a kindInspired byRelated to 49
Unknown Veeser Switch 50
David Regal Primate Spectator places two Kings on the deck, selection instantly appears between themInspired by 52
David Regal Swindle Transpo Signed card from red group of cards (sealed in envelope) travels to group of blue cards sealed in another envelope 54
David Regal In Praise of the Double Lift 57
David Regal The Oddity 57
David Regal John Hancock Signature jumps from card to card multiple times, blank card 58
David Regal The Joker Works Overtime Joker finds two selections, in the process changing into a duplicate of each selectionInspired by 60
Unknown Two-Card Monte Move 60
David Regal Mental Transpo Ace of Spades "tells" magician what the selection is, then transposes with the selection, whisperer 63
David Regal There & Back Borrowed ring travels from under an inverted glass to another inverted glass under napkins, thread set-up on tableRelated to
  • "Exclusive Magical Secrets" (Goldston, 1912, p. 46)
David Regal, Ken Krenzel There & Back as Coin Transposition under napkins on table 72
David Regal Got a Light? Two matchboxes perform a series of animations, drawers open and close by themselves, thread hook-up 73
David Regal Business Relocation Transposition of two business cards, folded into quarters and held by spectator and magicianInspired by 77
David Regal Ace in the Hole Ace of Spades pulled out of and vanished into a "black hole" (black paper circle), card grows and shrinks in the process 80
David Regal Fool 'Em If You Got 'Em Box of cigarettes changes into box of chewing gum 83
David Regal Spot Remover Moving spots from side to side of a die, similar to Sack Dice Routine but with one die 86
David Regal Letter Perfect Spectator mixes stack of alphabet cards face up/down, the face down cards spell his/her name 88
David Regal My Best Friend Chop Cup routine involving mice under a cup, appearing cheese and final load of lots of fake mice 90
David Regal The Half Deal Doing a half deal - only deal off the face layer of a card as a transparent card, leaving a blank card, then print it back 97
Edward Marlo, David Regal K.M. Move with Reverse Fingering as fisible fusion 98
David Regal The Script 99
David Regal Pointing The Way three phased card under box routine, ending in pocket, using arrow on blank card 100
David Regal Jacket Edge Clip 100
S. W. Erdnase, Dai Vernon Bottom Palm Related to
  • Vernon Bottom Palm in "Revelations"
David Regal Mystic Poker Spectator draws any royal flush card on a blank card, four other blank cards print to complete the royal flush 105
David Regal Lies Lie Detector premise for Between Your PalmsInspired by 108
Unknown Step Glimpse 109
David Regal The Crystal Ball Blank card changes into two selections, then fades back to blank. 111
David Regal Houdini/Erdnase Change Handling fingers spread 112
Bob Hummer, Noel Stanton Pivot Change here credited to Hummer 113
Harry Lorayne Illogical Double Lift 113
David Regal This Is My Stop Magician predicts the card where spectator stops dealing at, prediction is etched onto glass mug that contains the deck
- Normal Deck Version
- Gimmicked Version
Unknown One Handed Bottom Deal 115
David Regal Unlimited Edition Examinable version of Limited Edition by Larry Jennings and Gordon Bean 116
David Regal Action Reverse top cards into center of deck, cut & one-handed fan cover 118
Larry Jennings Tabled Top Card Reversal Reversing the top card as the deck is spread on the table 119
David Regal I've Got Your Number Claim check vanishes, reappears stapled on selected card 120
David Regal Nailed! Two card transposition while one is stapled to a block of wood 123
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser Turnover Switch 124
John Lovick The Reparation Also published here 126
David Regal Pipped Off Knock off the pips of the Ten of Diamonds to get a blank card 126
David Regal Clearly Impossible (Sans Lap) Four coins pass visibly through a table when poured out of a clear glassInspired by 139
David Regal Clink Coin penetrates playing card and falls into a glass 145
Edward Marlo Rub-Back Vanish 145
David Regal Four Plus Four Visual Reverse Matrix, only four coins and four cards 147
Al Schneider Matrix Coin Steal 147
David Regal Poor Man's Wallet Dollar bill placed in paper "wallet", cut and restored 150
David Regal Found $ Two in the hand, one in the pocket routine with crumpled bills, then turn into twenty dollar bills 153
David Regal 4 1/2 Coins Across 155
Eric DeCamps Shell Pick-Up Move two coins apparently picked up from table, really shell nested and addition coin brought in 156
David Regal The Optical Shuttle credit information on "animated" shuffle passesAlso published here 157
David Regal 3 1/2 Coins Across 158
David Regal Han Ping Chien with shell 160
David Regal 2 1/2 Hanging Coins type of routine, three coins plucked out, vanished, and reappear 161
David Regal The Great Wall of China Chinese coin turns into wedding band 163
David Regal Optical Coin Climax Way of revealing jumbo coin under cards as a climax after a Matrix type effect 165
David Regal Down Under Assembly Ace Assembly 169
David Regal The Down-under Double see page 171 for applicationsAlso published here 169
David Regal Logical Assembly 172
David Regal Anywhere Assembly Ace Assembly, assemble in any packet spectator chooses 174
Dai Vernon Vernon's Stripout Addition 175
Barry Price Price's Stealth Switch Switch four for four cards 177
David Regal Streamlined Assembly (Minus One) Inspired by 178
Daryl Martinez Rising Crime Display Also published here 180
David Regal A Short Leap Four Kings rise from the bottom of a packet to the top, used as conclusion to any assembly sequence 182
David Regal True Blue Odd backed Ace Assembly with reverse kicker 183
David Regal Blues Progression Progressive Aces with odd backed Aces
- Ken Krenzel's Alternative Handling
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer 189
Ken Krenzel Pressure Hideout 191
Unknown Hinge Change Herrmann pass style 192
David Regal Gambit In A Box Prediction matches card that spectator draws, index on pad 197
David Regal Penny For Your Thoughts Penny chosen from a glass of pennies, magician can tell the date on the penny 199
David Regal The Fifty-Second Card Freely selected card from a red deck matches the missing card in a blue deck 201
David Regal Han Ping Chien with Cards 202
David Regal All Strung Out Predict the order of the color of beads strung on a string 203
David Regal A Strong Feeling Card that spectator deals and stops at matches prediction 208
David Regal An Occasional Miracle Magician predicts the order of five ESP cards arranged by the spectator 211
David Regal The Man With The X-Ray Eyes Four coins placed between two large slabs of marble. Any coin is secretly removed, the magician can tell which coin is removed 215
David Regal Sweet Tooth Spectator selects candy from a stack of cards, prediction is a bag of that selected candy in an envelope 218
David Regal Countdown Ace to Five of Hearts mixed up, magician predicts order of the cards 220
Paul Curry Swindle Switch 222
David Regal Perchance to Dream Magician predicts which word spectator will choose from a Shakespeare soliloquy from Hamlet 224
David Regal The Deja Vu Deck Card chosen from blank deck transforms into freely named card 233
David Regal Diamonds in the Rough on rough-smooth 233
David Regal Triple Vision three cards selected from red deck and placed into blue deck - matches predictionInspired byVariations 236
David Regal Photo Finish Handling of Mental Photography Deck 239
David Regal Pasteboard Massacre Magician cuts the deck literally in half to find selection, saws deck in half using a playing card 242
David Regal Flight of Fancy Card teleports from one deck to another, very fair 247
David Regal The Opener Magician pretends to start a torn and restored effect, then ends it by throwing paper into the air 250
David Regal With Thanks 253
David Regal In Closing... listing favorite tricks from "Star Quality" 254