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Illustrated with photographs.
Language: German

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Richard Vollmer Vorwort v
Christian Scherer Vorwort des Autors vii
Christian Scherer Der Scherer Count 1. Die Entwicklung des Scherer count
2. Grundhaltung und Grundgriff
3. Der Scherer count
4. Der Scherer count Variation I
5. Der Scherer count Variation II
Christian Scherer Der Aufmerksamkeitstest Inspired by 10
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition 10
Christian Scherer Purzelbaum-Asse four aces in the deck are produced againRelated to 14
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal 15
Christian Scherer Purzelbaumgriff half the deck is flipped over with a card that is bowed 17
Christian Scherer Der Scherer Spread 1. Die Entwicklung des Scherer spread
2. Grundhaltung und Grundgriff
3. Der Scherer spread
4. Der Scherer spread Variation I
5. Der Scherer spread Variation II
6. Der Scherer spread Variation II als Falschzählmethode (as false count)
7. Der Scherer spread Variation III
8. Der Scherer spread von 6 als 4 Karten
9. Das Ablegen der Karten aus dem Scherer spread (lay down)
10. Anmerkungen zur Handhabung von spreads und counts
Christian Scherer Achten Sie auf den König not same suit, as an observation test, two versions 39
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne Double-Lift Breakthrough addition of a card to face up cards which briefly touch deck 39
Ken Krenzel Pressure Hideout 41
Unknown Bluff Pass brief 42
Christian Scherer Die Heimkehrer two quartets, two cards are exchanged and then there are quartets again, with two times four duplicates of same card 45
Christian Scherer Traumhafte Wanderung red kings transpose with black kings, and on their place the two selections are found, missing kings reversed in deck 47
Christian Scherer Die fliegende Karte card is exchanged with one of a quartet, two cards transpose 52
Roberto Giobbi Das Bubenquartett selection put between four kings on table, cards change into four aces and kings are found face up in the deck, with selection reversed in center 55
Unknown Turnover Book Break in turning cards over, break to step 55
Unknown Center Double Lift with snap over 58
Christian Scherer Wissen Sie warum? one of four cards is chosen and turns unto selection 61
Martin A. Nash, Jim Cooper Delayed Action Center Deal as a double deal 61
Unknown Reverse Biddle Move card loaded from bottom of deck 64
Christian Scherer Öl und Wasser 4&4Inspired by 65
Christian Scherer Öl und Wasser Encore 4&4, with two extra cards 71
Christian Scherer Augenzeugen observation test presentation, one of four black cards turns into a red card 75
Christian Scherer, Pino Pan Die wandernde Unterschrift signature on back of an ace travels on back of a signed selection 78
Unknown Indicator Card Force Also published here
  • "6. The Force" in Hugard's "Modern Magic Manual", 1939 p. 346
Christian Scherer Freie Wahl ace to four of hearts, named one transposes with selection 84
Christian Scherer Unmöglich selection in deck, four aces, named one turns into selection and ace is found in card case 90
Christian Scherer, Howard Schwarzman, Piet Forton Der Multiple Card Throw 1. Vorgeschichte
2. Der multiple card throw vom Spiel (from the deck, Impeccable double variations)
3. Der multiple card throw aus der Hand (in the hands, four methods)
Inspired byRelated to 97
Christian Scherer Manipulierter Zufall card from performer and spectator add up to position of selection 107
Christian Scherer Irrtum ace put in center of the deck penetrates it and arrives on top with two selections next to it, first mistake because of wrong ace 109
Edward Marlo Tilt 109
Christian Scherer Scherer Thumb Hold Out 113
Christian Scherer Mehr als eine verblüffende Wanderung two card transposition, one under jumbo card other in the deck, eventually one signed selection is found in wallet 115
Christian Scherer Ich mache das so card production, deck is throw in other hand 123
Christian Scherer Center Double 123
Edward Marlo In-a-Jiffy Double credited to Dingle 126
Christian Scherer Erwischt two face up card in deck, two faros, cards are sorted out until one remains it is a locator card to find card in deck 129
Jay Ose Ose's Cut 129
Christian Scherer Komplex three card location, with production of four aces 132
Ken Krenzel Invisible Reverse Transfer 134
Christian Scherer Visuelle Verwandlung picking off the pip 137
Martin A. Nash Knock-Out Double Lift 137
Martin A. Nash, Christian Scherer Ghost Switch Variation as a color changeInspired by 139
Christian Scherer Überraschende Entdeckung two card location 141
Martin A. Nash, Christian Scherer Flip Switch Variation with multiple cards, delayed transformation 141
Christian Scherer Ist es ein Trick? selection is extracted from center of the deck, cards spread on tableVariations 144
Christian Scherer Swivel Glimpse deck is swiveled in left hand, like in Leipzig's Swivel Cut 144
Christian Scherer Glide Cut 145
Unknown Marking a Position in a Card Spread break to step, different pattern in the spreadRelated to 145
Christian Scherer, Brian Glover Königliche Verwandlung four cards turn into kingsInspired by
  • Brian Glover's "Ace Change" in "Magic Mag," Vol. 1, No.1 , 1979
Christian Scherer Schlusswort 153
Christian Scherer Literaturverzeichnis 155