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425 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Christian Scherer.
Language: German

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Christoph Borer Vorwort von Christoph Borer 7
Christian Scherer Dank acknowledgments 9
Christian Scherer Einleitung 10
Christian Scherer Autobiografisches autobiographical article, including complete bibliography 12
Christian Scherer Die magischen Steine von Stonehenge matrix with stone under two postcards, bigger stone appears as a climaxInspired by 23
Christian Scherer Vanish of a Stone Kaps / Bernard drop vanish 26
Michael Ammar Wiped Clean with a stone 27
Jean Caroly Spider Grip Vanish with a stone 29
Christian Scherer Technik vs. Präsentation technique vs. presentation 34
Christian Scherer Der Materie-Transmitter cylinder and coins handling, with small die and little cup instead of tube 36
Ponta the Smith Drop Vanish Kaps / Bernard drop vanish variation 40
John Ramsay The Ramsay Coin Vanish 40
Christian Scherer Sprechzauberkunst und "Magie" the importance of patter 48
Christian Scherer Der kleinste 3D-Kopierer der Welt three different coins put in a coin box and they transform into china coins one by one 50
Christian Scherer Der Schwierigkeitsgrad on difficulty of technique 58
Christian Scherer Die Kraft des Qi two in the hand one in the pocket with Baoding Balls, then a big ball appears just to vanish under a handkerchief 60
Christian Scherer Originalität originality 69
Christian Scherer Der Sohn des Hofmusikanten combination of Ball and Vase and the Ghost Music BoxInspired byRelated to 71
Christian Scherer Puzzles oder magische Momente puzzles or magical moments 82
Christian Scherer Der Hellseher und das Geisterschiff prediction of a a selected object and coincidence of set time and year 84
Christian Scherer Magician's Choice Handling hand palm up / palm down 88
Christian Scherer Sinnhaftigkeit und Interesse on meaning and creating interest 91
Christian Scherer Freier Fall die falls through square tube fast or slowly, with metronome as presentation aidInspired by
  • William J. Schmeelk's "Newton's Nightmare"
Christian Scherer Absicht, Überzeugung, Intensität on purpose, conviction and intensity 100
Christian Scherer Bewegungskontrolle disk is spun on mirror and on performer's wish it either twists quickly or almost does not stop, Euler's Disk 102
Christian Scherer Der Zweck und die Rolle des Vorführenden on the purpose and role of the performer 108
Christian Scherer Das Gold der Leprachauns pot of coins is produced from a small rainbow, coins are hung invisibly in the air and travel from hand to hand, eventually the pot disappears under a handkerchiefInspired by 110
Christian Scherer Das Thema topic of a routine, presentation 125
Christian Scherer Die Legende vom Schnee in der Wüste routine with Yoshimoto Cube, story of snow, cube vanishes from a silk and water in a little bowl turns to snowInspired by 127
Stewart James Go Go Vanisher 130
Christian Scherer Die Begründung on the justification of a routine 141
Christian Scherer Das Amulett von Mary I little round charm appears from purse frame, it disappears under silk, with the aid of a wand and in the hands, to just reappear always back in the purse frame, eventually the purse frame vanishesInspired by 143
Christian Scherer Logik und Konsistenz der Handlung logic and consistency of actions 158
Christian Scherer Der Zigeuner am Oktoberfest Gypsy Curse handling, using larger cardsInspired by 160
Norman Houghton, Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count 162
Christian Scherer Das Becherspiel als Salonkunststück general remarks on the Cups and Balls
- Der Handlungsablauf beim Becherspiel
- Die Struktur (structure)
- Der Vortrag (patter)
- Die Becher (cups)
- Die Kugeln (balls)
- Der Zauberstab (wand)
- Der Tisch (table)
- Die Tischoberfläche (table surface)
- Die Handhabung der Becher (handling of the cups)
- Die falsche Übergabe (false transfer of a ball)
- Die Ladung (loads)
- Das Platzieren der Ladungen (placement of loads in pockets)
- Die Ladetechnik (loading technique)
- Die Ladung vor den Blicken der Zuschauer verbergen (hiding the loads)
- Indirektes Laden (indirect loads)
- Das Abstellen der geladenen Becher (putting cups with loads on the table)
Christian Scherer Der Zauberstab mit dem Klick construction of a magic wand who does a click when hit on the hand 186
Christian Scherer Einfachheit und Klarheit on simplicity and clarity 188
Christian Scherer Angewandte Physik two cups routine, balls first appear from purse frameInspired by 190
Christian Scherer Vortrag und Drehbuch on patter and script 208
Christian Scherer Cagliostro der Alchimist cups and balls routine with two steel mortars and steal balls 210
Christian Scherer Die Wortwahl on the choice of words 219
Christian Scherer Der neurotische Geldschein 10$ bill turns into a 100$ bill, then a part of the bill is extracted and burnt, in a flash it changes into coins the value of the 10$, improved handlingRelated to 221
Christian Scherer Bill Switch strictly manipulative method 225
Christian Scherer Der Einstieg on patter, how to start a routine 234
Christian Scherer Dumm gelaufen water monte with three cups, then water turns into confetti, improved methodRelated to 237
Christian Scherer Hände weg vom Falschspiel! monte with jumbo cards, first three red and one black card as a climax three black cards and one red cardInspired by
  • Joe Riding's "The only three Card Trick in the World using four Cards"
Christian Scherer Prolog und Epilog 251
Norman Houghton, Christian Scherer Flushtration Count stand up, with jumbo cards 255
Christian Scherer Timing von Vortrag und Handlung on timing of patter and actions 266
Christian Scherer Der Meister der Kugeln ball and vase with sponge balls and wand, balls travel and change color, jumbo ball appears as a climaxInspired by
  • Charlie Frye's "Ball and Vase" on DVD "Eccentricks 3"
Christian Scherer Zusammenspiel von Handlung und Vortrag on interaction of patter and actions 284
Christian Scherer Davids Spleen ball, cone and handkerchief variation, with cup, big die and silkInspired by 286
Christian Scherer Als ob on the "as if"-theory 303
Christian Scherer Die fehlende Seite travelers routine, using topit 306
Christian Scherer Turnover Pass Handling 308
Dave Rumfield, Christian Scherer Card from Breast Pocket variation 309
Christian Scherer Kopfkino on imagination, mind movie 313
Christian Scherer Die Poesie der Magie shuffled deck separates in four suits, with three glasses and a handkerchief 316
Michael Ammar Handkerchief Deck Switch using Topit 319
Christian Scherer Mimik und Gestik on facial expression and gesture 332
Christian Scherer Ein Kindheitstraum six bill repeat, pocket methodInspired by
  • Tom Bowyer's "six Bill Repeat"
Christian Scherer Foto-Momente on good moments to make a picture 346
Christian Scherer Die Aufnahmeprüfung Sympathetic cubes / Cube-a-libre routine, seven phases 348
Christian Scherer Der innere Monolog on the internal monologue 363
Christian Scherer Die verschwindende Birne light bulb vanish, magic bandana presentation in german, double meaning of "Birne" (pear / light bulb) 365
Christian Scherer Misdirection - Lenkung der Aufmerksamkeit on misdirection 374
Christian Scherer Magisches Minigolf three golf balls vanish and appear under a bowl with a hole, then they appear in the box they were extracted in the beginning, with collapsible golf club as magic wand, crazy golf presentation 376
Christian Scherer Applaus on applause 392
Christian Scherer Ursache und Wirkung design of locking Chinese Sticks, with routine and presentation 394
Christian Scherer Sinnhaftigkeit - Keine Regel ohne Ausname on meaningfulness and breaking the rule 405
Christian Scherer In vino veritas multiplying bottles routine 407
Christian Scherer Die unbestechliche Kritikerin on using a camera to practice 421
Christian Scherer Literatur 423