Written by John F. Mendoza

Work of Various

194 pages (Hardcover), published by Geo-Mar Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Paul Daly.
Language: English

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Gene DeVoe Foreword i
John F. Mendoza Introduction v
John F. Mendoza Francis Pelkey 1
Francis Pelkey Xerox three cards chosen from blue deck, red-backed card changes into each one one by one, then selections's backs become red as wellVariations 1
Unknown Alignment Move 2
John F. Mendoza Michael Gerhardt 5
Michael J. Gerhardt Tabled Ascanio Spread lay-down technique after Ascanio Spread 5
Michael J. Gerhardt D'Amico Spread Flourish 9
Michael J. Gerhardt Color Changing Deck four Queens cut to, they catch selection, Queens change back color, rest of deck as well 13
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Display 15
Unknown Omega Count five as five 19
Michael J. Gerhardt, Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count Variation 23
John F. Mendoza Jamy Swiss 27
Jamy Ian Swiss The Most Difficult Card Trick in the World Part II follow-up, card first tossed in air and caught between two selections, then repeat where card is tossed into tabled deckInspired byRelated to 27
Unknown Ribbon Spread Hide-Out 29
Jamy Ian Swiss Swiss Movement one duplicateInspired by 30
John F. Mendoza Dan O'Donoghue 45
Dan O'Donoghue Miracle Card to Box folded 45
Unknown Switching the Card jogged glide 48
Dan O'Donoghue Palming the Card at table edge, details unclear 48
Dan O'Donoghue Folding the Card into sixth in palm in several steps while sitting 49
John F. Mendoza Bernard Bilis 59
John F. Mendoza, Bernard Bilis Calculated Triumph small packet cut off, selection made and returned, deck shuffled face-up and face-down, all one way except sandwich in center with selection, sandwich cards total cut-off packetInspired byVariations 59
John F. Mendoza Geoffrey Latta 69
Geoffrey Latta Four What? four Aces change into selection one by one, then into Kings 69
Unknown Le Temps Switch called "Hamman Switch" 70
Geoffrey Latta Topsy Turvy Surprise Plus combined with with matching the cardsInspired by 79
Edward Marlo Marlo Slip Cut 82
Jerry Andrus Riffle Shuffle Lap uncredited 86
Geoffrey Latta Riffle Shuffle Reverse Handling 90
John F. Mendoza Paviato Aurelio 93
Aurelio Paviato Impromptu Reverse Matrix four cards 93
Unknown Coin Steal as card is put on top 95
Derek Dingle, Al Schneider Pick-up Move 98
Unknown Card Turnover with Coin underneath 99
Jean Faré Shovel Move coin is scooped up with card and put in other hand 102
Aurelio Paviato Cutting the "Coins" Aces cut to and tabled, coin appears under each AceRelated to 105
John F. Mendoza Jim Kahlert 113
Jim Kahlert Marked Aces All Gone ungaffed MacDonald's Aces with cards that have obvious marks on their backsInspired by 113
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety 116
John F. Mendoza Richard Vollmer 121
Richard Vollmer The Strasbourg Waltz Aces twist, change places and transform into EightsInspired byRelated toAlso published here 121
Unknown Wrist Turn Reverse small packet 123
Bernard Bilis Snapping Move first finger snaps top card so it springs forwardRelated to 125
Richard Vollmer, Christian Scherer Mystery of the 7 Suspects sandwich cards surround seven cards, down-under-deal to arrive at card, its value is counted down in rest of deck to find selection, faroVariations 127
John F. Mendoza Mirko Ferrantini 133
Mirko Ferrantini Split Silver silver dollar is split into two half dollars 133
John F. Mendoza Phillippe Warein 137
Phillippe Warein Coins and Glass four coins to glass one by one, extra coin 137
Phillippe Warein Four Ace Discoveries 143
John F. Mendoza Ray Mertz 149
Ray Mertz R.M. Triumph 149
Unknown Step Fan 150
Derek Dingle, Lou Gallo Triumph Cutting Display 152
Ray Mertz Hole Coin/Whole Coin penny with hole in silk, half dollar in hand, the hole transposes into half dollarInspired by
  • "Hugs & Kisses" (Al Schneider)
John F. Mendoza Paul Sorrentino 161
Paul Sorrentino Boxcards case that can produce things like four dice after full deck has been removed from it 161
John F. Mendoza John F. Mendoza 167
John F. Mendoza The Strange 20 Card Coincidence some cards dealt, dealt packets, selection and prediction make up a royal flush 167
John F. Mendoza Impromptu Tunnel duplicate 173
John F. Mendoza The Scorpion Gemini Count Inspired byVariations 180
John F. Mendoza Bro. John Hamman 185
Brother John Hamman The Universal Trio three odd-backed cards put on three selection one by one and change to matching four-of-a-kind 185
Gaëtan Bloom One-Card Card Castle card stand on its edge, uncredited 190