Written by Harlan Tarbell

Work of Various

416 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Harlan Tarbell.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Milbourne Christopher Christopher's Telegram to Flowers spring flowers 21
Unknown Flash Paper some information 23
Milbourne Christopher Christopher's Flaming Napkin paper napkin bursts into flames, using only little flash paper 23
Lyle Laughlin Instantaneous Flower Production sleeve 25
Bert Easley Bert Easley's Impromptu Cigarette Production manipulative, with transfer sleight 27
Arnold Belais Smoke Up Your Sleeve smoke is blown in one sleeve and comes out the other, tube 29
Jos. Scherer Impromptu Hydrostatic Glass 32
Jos. Scherer Freezing a Glass of Water optical illusion with upside down "proof" 34
John Isley Isley's "Anti-Gravico" hydrostatic bottle, gimmick with hole to put matches trough 36
Harlan Tarbell Water Production from Paper Cup 39
Fred Shadley, Harlan Tarbell Water in the Hat gag, water is poured in borrowed hat 41
Samuel Berland Berland Cup and Water Transit paper cup with water travels from paper bag to hatAlso published here 43
Harlan Tarbell, William Larsen The Soap Pitchman banknight effect with 3 bars of soap, dollar bill in one package 46
Unknown Bill Pull 47
John Giordmaine The Stamp Album magic coloring book with stamps 51
Unknown A double envelope used to vanish stamps 53
Dell O'Dell Dell O'Dell Stamp Album Presentation presentation for the magic coloring book 54
John Booth John Booth's Album of Stars photographs vanish from envelope to appear in album and picture frame 55
Unknown Knife and Paper Squares paddle move effect with paper pieces stuck to blade 62
Russel Walsh Paddle Move 62
Robert Lotz Koko and the Jumping Block short cube a libre routine with a jack-in-the-box 64
Unknown Cut and Restored Necktie once own tie 69
Jack Gwynne Jack Gwynne's Color Changing Rabbit two living rabbits 71
Unknown A 16-Thimble Routine long routine with all kinds of effects and body loading 73
Unknown Special Thimble Holder 74
Unknown 1 - Thumb Palming a Thimble 76
Unknown 2 - Back and Front Hand Palming with Thimble 76
Unknown 3 - Production of Thimble from back palm 77
Unknown 4 - Change-Over Palm 78
Unknown 5 - Slow Thimble Vanish in Hand 80
Unknown 6 - Second Finger Hide-Away hand washing display 81
Unknown 7 - Production of Thimble from empty left Palm 81
Unknown 8 - Pull-Away Thimble Vanish 82
Unknown 9 - Production from Thumb Palm 82
Unknown 10 - Throw-Away Vanish one-handed 82
Unknown 11 - Two-in-One Color Change 83
Unknown 12 - Change back to original Color 84
Unknown 13 - Thumb Down Vanish 84
Unknown 14 - Transfer Color Change 86
Unknown 15 - Head Vanish placing thimble apparently in head 88
Unknown 16 - Mouth Vanish 89
Unknown 17 - Thimble Jump from Hand to Hand 90
Unknown 18 - Side Swing Jump Over from hand to hand 91
Unknown The Miser's Dream with Thimbles 97
Unknown Some interesting Thimble Vanishes Thumb Tip Vanish
Phantom Thimble Vanish (using half thimble gaff)
Another Phantom Thimble Vanish
Small Paper Bag Vanish
Harry Houdini The Needle Mystery needle swallowing routine 103
Buerger Threaded Razor Blades in Mouth razor blade swallowing routine 108
John Booth A John Booth Suggestion to switch out sharp blades 111
Dr. Kolma, Harlan Tarbell "Snooty Snake" signed or marked card appears at end of spring snake in canVariations 113
Karl Germain The Flash Card Change in glass while covored with handkerchiefRelated toVariations 116
Harlan Tarbell "Card on the Necktie" card appears on performer's tie 119
Unknown The "Yankee Doodle" Card singing a tune, card appears at last beat 120
Joe Berg Flip-Up Card half card is used to shoot (half) card out of deck or halfway out of pack like a pop-out 122
Audley Walsh, Unknown Pop-Up Cards cards either appear at fingertips or shoot in air from classic palm 123
Audley Walsh The Jump-Up Card card jumps straight up from deck in hat 124
Richard Himber The Revolver Card card shoots out of deck like a bullet 125
Audley Walsh Side Spinner 126
Audley Walsh Long Distance Spinner Related to 127
Joe Karson The Floating Queen card floats behind the fingersRelated to 128
Joe Karson The Vanishing "Bird Cage" Card 130
John Prince Mendes Shooting Card card shoots out of deck which is held by spectator in performer's hand, reel 132
Unknown Modern Rising Cards from Envelope packet of cards is put in envelope, selection rise from it 135
Unknown Enchanted Cards and Envelope three cards are put in envelope and rise from it 139
Unknown Bewitched Rising Cards and Envelope three cards are put in envelope and rise from there 142
Unknown Myterious Bookmarks - Rising Cards from Book three cards are put in different places in a book and rise from there 145
Unknown A Book and a Card card is put in book and rises from there, using back palm 148
Harlan Tarbell Rising Cards Through Hat cards are put in glass under hat, selections rise through hat into view 150
Unknown Rising Cards out of Hat selections rise out of hat 152
Harlan Tarbell Haunted House Rising Cards deck put in small house, selections rise through chimney... 154
Unknown The Flying Cards classic with two persons holding a small packet, three methods 157
Harlan Tarbell "Flying Cards" classic with two persons holding a small packet 158
Harlan Tarbell Packet to Packet Transfer for stand-up 159
Unknown The False Count 162
Harlan Tarbell The Passing of Three Selected Cards using selections 165
Unknown Flying Cards and Envelopes cards are put in envelopes (that are switched) 166
Harry Wilder Flying Cards with envelopes, ungaffed 170
Hen Fetsch Surpasso marked selections travel, with envelopes 172
Dr. Raymond L. Beebe Ships that pass in the night three cards 174
Harlan Tarbell Red and Black Transposition ten red and ten black cards change places, rough and smooth 177
Unknown The Cards up the Sleeve twelve cards from hand to trouser pocket 181
Unknown Pocket Concealment showing pocket empty with card in it 182
Unknown Self-Contained Card Vanish vanishing two cards from three card packet 185
Unknown Back to Front Hand Card Vanish e.g. for last card in cards up the sleeve 185
Unknown Cards up the Sleeve (Shoulder Method) twelve cards 187
Unknown Pivot Card Vanish 188
Richard Himber Transcendental Book Test using mathematical addition forceAlso published here 192
Unknown Addition Force number variable 195
Hen Fetsch Double Knockout sum of four apparently random numbers is divined, using 1 stooge 196
U. F. Grant New Slate Test sum of four years is predicted 200
Eddie Clever Answer to a Mentalist's Prayer indetectible method to mark an envelope and several applications 202
Eddie Clever The "Red and Black" Effect one red and several black cards are put in envelopes, magician identifies red 203
Eddie Clever To Pick Out and Name a Selected Card several cards in envelopes, selection is identified 203
Eddie Clever The Living and Dead Test 204
Ralph W. Read Perfected Mental Masterpiece impression device, dealer's item, application mentioned 206
Unknown Distant Mental Communication assistent in different room lists objects that are freely selected 206
Unknown The Yogi's Prediction prediction, kind of confabulation, carbon envelope 209
Unknown Rapid Mental Transference divination of anything written and put in envelope, slit in envelope 211
Unknown Superba Prediction nail writer 214
Unknown Telepathic Pictures design duplication, carbon paper 216
Unknown A "One Man" Mind Reading Act billets are handed out for questions, quastion answer act 219
Unknown The Billet Switch 222
Unknown A Modern Crystal Gazing Act using switching tray 224
Anna Eva Fay, Ralph W. Read The Excelsior Mind Reading Act different methods to ascertain information, long discussion of this type of work 231
Henry Hardin, Harlan Tarbell, Burling Hull Telepathic Deck of Cards early tossed out deck versions with one cardRelated to 244
Henry Hardin Forcing Deck every card is half forcing card, half indifferent 244
Burling Hull Svengali Deck 245
Dr. Ford Rogers Glued Svengali Deck pairs glued together, for tossed out deck 245
Harlan Tarbell The Telepathic Deck pairs glued together in centre, for tossed out deck 245
S. H. Paine The Psychic Paper spectator chooses number and color, number is predicted in chosen color 246
Unknown, Henry Hardin The Quick and the Dead nine methods 248
Ralph W. Read Tapping Pencil spectator feels "impulses" that still pencil makesRelated to 259
Ten Ichi Ten Ichi Thumb Tie longer routine 264
Unknown Modernized Ten Ichi Thumb Tie knotting method 271
Unknown Tip-Top Thumb Tie knotting method 272
Harlan Tarbell Chow Sen Thumb Tie knotting method 274
Frank Ducrot Frank Ducrot Thumb Tie knotting method 275
Jack Miller Jack Miller Thumb Tie knotting method 276
Harlan Tarbell Simplex Thumb Tie knotting method 277
Harlan Tarbell "Li Ling" Thumb Tie knotting method 279
Harlan Tarbell Tarbell Tape Tie tape is simply cut through 280
Harlan Tarbell Chinese Thumb Tie knotting method 281
Mel Forrester Rubber Band Thumb Tie knotting method 283
Eugene Laurant Chinese Linking Rings full routine 287
Herman L. Weber Emergency Routine two single rings, two linked ringsVariations 306
Jack Miller Jack Miller's Spinning Rings nice display 311
Tommy Dowd "Odin" Ring Count four rings 312
Tommy Dowd Tommy Dowd's Spinning Ring Flourish display 314
Unknown The Cut and Restored Ribbon thumb tip 317
Unknown A Card on Ribbon Mystery card in envelope peneatrates ribbon that goes through both items 320
Unknown The Dollar Bill on the Ribbon bill with notified serial number and slit penetrates ribbon in envelope 323
Douglas Dexter The Ghostly Ribbon ribbon is cut in envelope but left undamaged 326
Unknown A Spirit Communication sum of numbers appears on empty cardboard 328
Unknown A Wandering Ribbon marked ribbon travels from envelope to envelope, thumb tip 333
Unknown King Solomon's Marriage Bands Afghan Bands handling 335
Arthur Leroy The "Whamsy" Cut and Restored Ribbon 337
Francis Carlyle 20th Century Silks 341
Al Baker 20th Century Silks 344
Al Baker Sympathetic Silks Variations 347
Unknown, Al Baker A Remarkable Giant 20th century silks 350
Jack Miller Knotty Silk knot disappears and reappears, using thread 352
Unknown The Penetrative Silk silk penetrates almost anything, using thread 355
Ottokar Fischer The Cords of Phantasia two ropes are penetrated by silks, grandmother's necklace 357
John Booth Instant Handkerchief Spread folding method for large silks 365
Harlan Tarbell "Flash" Silk Production thread, from behind lapel 366
Francis Carlyle One-Hand Silk Production with folding method 368
Francis Carlyle Multiple Silk Production body loading 370
Unknown Double Slate Writing flap slates, forcing deck 375
Unknown Two Messages on Slates flap slate 378
Unknown How to Force two Messages date and color, billets and envelopes 379
Al Baker Slip of Paper Force switch while putting it in envelope 383
Unknown Numbered Double-Slate Writing flap slates 386
Unknown Simplex Double Slates no flap 389
Unknown Single-Slate Writing flap, big envelope 390
Unknown Transfer Single-Slate Writing transfering chalk from newspaper to ungaffed slate 391
Unknown A Visible Message writing appears while rubbing surface with chalk powdered brush 392
Harry Dobrin Double Locking Slate moving partRelated to 392
William Larsen, T. Page Wright Larsen and Wright Double Message one slate, flap, large envelope 394
Jack Miller Jack Miller Slate Routine two slates, no flapRelated to 396
Roger Barkann Multiple Slate Writing four slates, flapRelated to 399
Walter B. Gibson A Spooky Message flap, wordplay 402
Unknown Message on Paper message appears on paper between slates 406
Unknown Chinese Comedy Slate Message message appears on signed slate, corner cut flap 408
Unknown White Chalks of Many Colors white writing changes color, flap 411
David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg The Girl from the Light girl appears in shadow boxRelated to 413