Written by Dick Koornwinder

Work of Dick Koornwinder

15 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs and drawings.
Language: English

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Eric Eswin Introduction 2
Dick Koornwinder My favorite palm spread cover, perpendicular position 3
Dick Koornwinder Cut Cover tip for removing the left hand after a bottom palm 3
Dick Koornwinder Crazy Canon cannon drawn on paper fires with bang, hole in selected card 4
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Force brief 5
Dick Koornwinder Ring & Tube tube rolled from magazine, thread with both ends visible lowered into tube, finger ring thrown in, it penetrates onto string 6
Dick Koornwinder extra!!! two finger rings transpose 8
Dick Koornwinder the smart Joker Joker reversed in deck changes into previous selectionVariations 9
Dai Vernon Running Card Key Placement 9
Dick Koornwinder For a special occasion card case opened like a tin, sight gag 10
Dick Koornwinder Naughty Knot knots appear and jump, fake knots, knot at elastic 11
Dick Koornwinder Magicube revisited tip on releasing flash cube as addition to photographic coin routine 12
Dick Koornwinder Koornwinder Kard Kontrol key card with glue dotsVariationsAlso published here 13
Dick Koornwinder Card Location with locator card 13
Dick Koornwinder To Force a Card spectator cuts at locator card 13
Dick Koornwinder the poor man's Card Stab with scissors into deck that's wrapped in paper napkin 14