Written by Audley Walsh

Work of John Scarne

44 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

(24 entries)


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Nate Leipzig What a Great Magician has to say about Scarne about John Scarne 5
John Scarne About Audley Walsh 6
Audley Walsh Foreword 10
John Scarne Introduction 11
Unknown Grifter's Signals - The Call Method
- The Hand Method
- The Head Method
Unknown Familiar Phrases in Gambling - Hipe
- Shills or Cappers
- Money Bag
- Under-throw
- Over-throw
Unknown Definition of Gambling Terms 15
John Scarne Three Card Monte basics 16
John Scarne A Series of Deceptive Moves - Number One
- Number Two - All Red
- Number Three - All Black
- Number Four
- Number Five - All Right Hand
- Number Six
- Number Seven - One Hand Deal
Unknown Bent or Crimped Corner "Grifter Method" 22
Unknown The Flip (?) "sort of Mexican turn over" 24
Unknown The Flip-Change 24
John Scarne Moves with Flip and Flip-Change 24
Unknown Grifter's Marked Corner "Using the Flip and Flip-Change" 27
John Scarne Scarne's Monte Slide two card switched, Optical Monte Move 28
John Scarne Scarne's Triple Climax with obvious one-way backsRelated to 30
John Scarne Scarne's Method of the Crimped Corner 32
John Scarne Scarne's Marked Corner 34
John Scarne The Stamped Ace - Scarne's Method 36
John Scarne Scarne's Method of Torn Corner 38
John Scarne Scarne's Push Over Change Optical Monte Move 39
Unknown The Mexican Turn Over 40
Unknown Now Try This Move on Your Friends sequence with Mexican Turnover 40
Unknown The Daub 40