Written by Karrell Fox

Work of Karrell Fox

47 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Noel Spangler, Carl Richie.
Language: English

(65 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Karrell Fox Kornfidentially iii
Donald "Monk" Watson Karrell Fox iv
Karrell Fox Where's the Bunny? handkerchief with rabbit printed on it vanishes from bag an appears in hat but without image, instead real rabbit is found in hat 1
Karrell Fox Vernon, the Educated Rabbit rabbit finds selection 2
Karrell Fox For Goodness Snakes fake snakes from flowers, joke 4
Karrell Fox One Man's Opinion picture of a man transforms, flap 5
Karrell Fox Pop-Up Banana banana joke, after taking a bite, banana pops back in original form 6
Karrell Fox Shoot it with a Knife gun with a blade, gag for rope tricks 7
Karrell Fox Gold Medal Flower medal on lapel turns into flowers 7
Karrell Fox Popeye Glasses gag glasses , fake eyes attached to springs 9
Karrell Fox Micro-Phoney microphone stand that wobbles, and splashes water in performer's face 10
Karrell Fox Top Secret convincer for salt shaker through table 11
Karrell Fox That's a Hot One coin vanishes and appears in a folded tissue paper which is to small for the coin, flash paper 12
Karrell Fox A Sure Bet joke, coin transforms into match 13
Karrell Fox That's the Spirit living / dead test, paper with living person bounces on table 13
Karrell Fox A Striking Interlude jokes with exploding match, chainsmoker and getting hump on back because of smoking Camel 14
Karrell Fox A Bill Collector three bills under handkerchief, performer apparently folds them quickly into a ring, bird and bowtie, fourth bill is pushed in fist ans changes into a bill folded like an umbrella 15
Karrell Fox Fox's Unfathomable Coin Vanish gag article to vanish a coin 16
Karrell Fox Light's Out card to lightbulb, missing corner matches 18
Karrell Fox A Falsie 19
Karrell Fox Foxy Aces four aces rise from fan 19
Karrell Fox Add-On while scooping aces up, loading three cards underneath, Ovette / Kelley move 19
Karrell Fox Fan-Tizy rosette made from deck and fastened to lapel 21
Karrell Fox Foxy Riffle off-beat in the hands riffle shuffle 21
Karrell Fox A Direct Stab 23
Karrell Fox E-Z Card in Wallet Card Index WalletAlso published here 24
Karrell Fox Kickeroo Kard card shoots from deck, similar movement as One Hand Top Palm 25
Karrell Fox Short and Snappy miniature card on glasses, gag 26
Karrell Fox Sociable Queen whispering queen, spectator divines card 27
Karrell Fox This Will Kill You! joke, wrong card found, off stage with spectator and pistol shot can be heard 28
Karrell Fox Korny Kwickies 29
Karrell Fox Selected Shorts pun with shorts 29
Karrell Fox It Smells spring raccoon gag, filled with powder 29
Karrell Fox Not Good, but Loud exploding table idea 29
Karrell Fox A Highlight gag with light 30
Karrell Fox An Old Yarn yarn hanging from lapel, pulled for long time, one sock is missing 30
Karrell Fox Guillotine Bit 30
Karrell Fox Color-Changing Knife Finih big ans small one 30
Karrell Fox Axe Gag cut the cards too, throwing axe at spectator 30
Karrell Fox Let's Rehearse piano roll gag 30
Karrell Fox "Neversharp" Pencil giant pencil gag 31
Karrell Fox Celebrities pun 31
Karrell Fox Shirt Gag arrow is removed from shirt, gag 31
Karrell Fox A "Tin-Spot" bill repeat gag, bill thrown on floor makes loud noice 31
Karrell Fox A Pair of Bloomers spring flowers from production box, gag 32
Karrell Fox One for the "Magi-Ministers" wiggly snake in Walsh cane 32
Karrell Fox Wet Cigar cigar gag 32
Karrell Fox Multilated Tie multilated handkerchief with tie 32
Karrell Fox It's a Date idea for Bathing BeautyRelated to 32
Karrell Fox Especially for "Dell" linking rings with bangles 32
Karrell Fox Hyp Happy gag with hammer 33
Karrell Fox Basket Bits gag for Snake BasketRelated to 33
Karrell Fox Milk Pitcher for kids shows, with De-Muth Milk Appearing Bottle 33
Karrell Fox Dove Pan dead chicken joke, feathers 34
Karrell Fox 20th Century Silks using Eddie Joseph's Hank Gun 35
Karrell Fox Lota Bowl routine structure 35
Karrell Fox A Handy Opener jumbo glove appears 36
Karrell Fox Tie-Riffic bow tie changes into long tie 37
Karrell Fox Eh?!! gag script for stage, with stooge 37
Karrell Fox The Watchwinder twelve gags with a watchwinder gimmick 39
Karrell Fox Off the Record gag bit with sounds, spring duck falls on stage at the end 41
Karrell Fox A Kornsilk Production humorous printings for big silksRelated toVariations 42
Karrell Fox The Adam Smasher hat changes into miniature hats 44
Karrell Fox The Vendor Pitch Act gag bit, production of hot dogs, cigars, bananas etc 44
Karrell Fox Cane Thru Body Also published here
  • "Cane Thru Body" in "The Sphinx" 1948