Written by Eugene Burger

Work of Eugene Burger

228 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Company
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Eugene Burger Sponges ending with eighteen sponges in spectators hand 36
Eugene Burger The Burned Card burned in pentagram appears in selected cardVariations 39
Eugene Burger Glass Production producing a shot glass from spectators coat 41
Eugene Burger Finger Tip Holder 43
Tom Mullica, Eugene Burger Signed Card In Wallet presentational strategy 44
Phil Willmarth, Eugene Burger Signed Bill In Matchbox seated at table 47
Eugene Burger Torn Card corner is torn of and then restored featuring a corner switch 51
Eugene Burger Traveling Card Card to Fire Purse or Matchbox 55
Eugene Burger Séance "glorpy" and "out to lunch" 56
Alex Berecz Top Change theatrical dressing around a top change 69
Eugene Burger Brain-Waved both sides of the deck can be displayed 72
Eugene Burger Brain-Waved Again another version 75
Eugene Burger Water Suspension water is suspended in spectators bill 77
Matt Schulien, Eugene Burger The Card in the Matchbook 106
Unknown Folding in Sixth palm 106
Matt Schulien, Eugene Burger The Corner in the Glass 109
Matt Schulien, Eugene Burger The Card under the Tablecloth 111
Unknown The Card Cheat 130
Unknown An Old Carnival Game 132
Unknown A Voodoo Ritual presentation for ashes in the hand 137
Unknown Second-Hand Smoke cigarettes up the nose 142
Unknown Spelling Stunner spectator cuts and spells his first name to selected card 146
Will DeSeive Master Card Control gimmick 147
Maurice Fogel, Eugene Burger Fogel´s Triple Prediction including the necessary degree of error 148
Paul Curry, U. F. Grant Out of This World discussing the weak points 150
Patrick Page, Fred Kaps Easy Money Presentation restaurant presentation 152
Dale Anthony, Eugene Burger Dracula and the Sorority Girls presentation for "under attack" 156
Eugene Burger Easy Spelling 183
Al Baker The Impossible Force 185
Milbourne Christopher The Flying Match 188
U. F. Grant, Eugene Burger Slow Motion Bill Change Related to 193
Eugene Burger, David Parr The Twenty-First Century Bill Transposition version for the new u.s. currency 203
Maurice Fogel, Eugene Burger Psychic Sense a new analysis of the three card prediction 211
Paul Rosini, Eugene Burger The Visibly Turning Cards rosini´s double reverse with glorpyRelated to 219
Eugene Burger Ashes on the Palm for Non-Smokers Variations 221