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48 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Tyler Wilson Acknowledgements 1
Tyler Wilson Foreword 2
Tyler Wilson Hasselhofzinser card touched in spread is forced, under-the-spread handlingAlso published here 4
Tyler Wilson Tyler Insults Tilt's Totally Inexplicable Elegance and Simplicity Tilt finesses
- Right T.I.T.T.Y. Method
- Left T.I.T.T.Y. Method
Related to
  • Tomas Blomberg's "Zilt", Jack Parker's "Ultra-Tilt"
Also published here
Tyler Wilson B.O.O.T.Y. "Bored of Ostentatious Tilts Yet?"
getting into position for Tilt
Also published here 11
Tyler Wilson Rub 'N Tug face upAlso published here 13
Tyler Wilson Pitching A Tent Vanish face upAlso published here 16
Tyler Wilson Displayboy flourish to spin out a card that sticks out half-way from frontAlso published here 19
Tyler Wilson Sloppy Thirty Seconds inversion, then card changes with face-up card on floorAlso published here 21
Tyler Wilson Compost It Post-It note with "TOP" and spectator's initials brings selection to top repeatedly, when adding a S for "STOP" the deck vanishes except selectionInspired byAlso published here 26
Tyler Wilson Release The Chocolate Hostage Four of Hearts with spectator's signature changes into Six of Hearts, picking-off-the-pip procedureAlso published here 32
Tyler Wilson Dirty Stinkin' Ape In The Middle Also published here 36
Unknown One-Handed Diagonal Insertion card pushed in with first finger, ends up injoggedRelated toAlso published here 36
Tyler Wilson Sven Who? deck shown to be all black, then all red, selection is only blue-backed card, "no red card" comedy prediction, secret incomplete faro conditionAlso published here 40
Tyler Wilson Coke Inhabit coin travels into large cola gummy bearAlso published here 45
Jay Sankey Two Way Toss coin tossed into hand as another coin/item is secretly tossed backAlso published here 47