Written by Juan Tamariz

Work of Juan Tamariz

154 pages (Paperback), published by ediciones Marré
Illustrated with drawings by Juan Tamariz.
Language: Spanish

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Juan Tamariz Prologo: Un libro con trampa. Intenciones 1) Effectividad
2) Facilidad y Simplicidad
3) Accesibilidad y Utilidad
Juan Tamariz La Magia 1. Manipulacion
2. Magia General
3. Grandes Ilusiones
4. Magia Comica
5. Mentalismo
6. Ventriloquia
7. Peek-Pocket
8. Fakirismo
Magia de Cerca
1.¿Qué es, en qué consiste la Magia-Ilusionismo? (what is magic)
2. ¿Cómo ver uns sesión de Magia? (How to watch a magic show)
3. El Mago
4. Pero la Magia...tiene truco!
Unknown ¿Fuma Ud. Boligrafos? smoking a pen, with a match 21
Unknown La Cerilla Viajera match travels back in matchbook, attached to other matches 23
Unknown La Cerilla Acrobata match pushed through tube, turns over 27
Unknown Desintegracion (tota) de un vaso (de cristal) glass vanishes / penetrates through table, with newspaper cover 30
Juan Tamariz Poker de Ases! cutting the aces, similar to A Poker Player's PicnicRelated to 33
Juan Tamariz, Dr. Alfredo Florensa El Fabuloso Tacto del Mago shuffled deck in bag, a card is named and performer removes several cards which add up to named card and first card is from same suit, binary five-card set-up that combines to any card 37
Juan Tamariz El Valor de un Soplo Magico card at small number, performer counts once and fails, then spectator repeats it and card is found 41
Unknown Ten-Twenty Force 41
Juan Tamariz Fundamentos del Ilusionismo the fundamentals of magic, on talent
a) Psicologia (psychology)
b) Ingenio creativo y habilidad técnica (creative ingenuity and technical skill)
c) Presentación y Personalidad (presentation and personality)
Unknown El Nudo Magnetico knot in handkerchief apparently moves with invisible hair 59
Unknown Un Pañuelo que crece y crece stretching a handkerchief 62
Juan Tamariz Papel de Seda que resurge de sus Cenizas burnt and restored piece of paper 64
Juan Tamariz Los Viajes de la Vela y el Pañuelo candle vanishes from newspaper and handkerchief is found on its place, candle is produced from jacket 68
Unknown Vanish of a Handkerchief bare handed, silk is rolled up 70
Juan Tamariz La Magia como Diversion y Espectaculo on magic and comedy and various dramatic curves 75
Juan Tamariz Cerillas Electricas electric matches, joke 85
Juan Tamariz ¡Fabulosa Prediccion! gag prediction, all cards of the deck 90
Juan Tamariz, Padre Wenceslao Ciuró ¡Pim! ¡Pam! ¡Pum! gag divination 93
Juan Tamariz Cuenta Enigmatica de 3 Monedas do as I do trick with coins, spectator fails to repeat the same actions 99
Unknown Vaya Cerveza, Amigo! beer starts foaming, gag 103
Unknown La Broma del Cigarrillo gag with cigarette packet, when someone wants to grab a cigarette, it goes back in to box 107
Unknown Final Comico gag with handkerchief, to finish show 109
Juan Tamariz La Magia Mental on hypnotism, mentalism, suggestion, parapsychology 111
Juan Tamariz Lectura de Pensamiento a Distancia booktest, pin through pages 119
Juan Tamariz El Espiritu de las Cenizas Reveladores name of selection is written on a napkin which is then burnt, ashes are put on a second napkin and name of card appears 126
Juan Tamariz ¿Donde y como se aprende Magia? how to learn magic, essay for beginners 129
Juan Tamariz Epilogo praise about magic 139
Juan Tamariz Apendice I: Bibliografia Recomendada (en Castellano) recommended reading for beginner, in spanish 147
Juan Tamariz Apendice II: Casas de Vente y Aparatos mágicos addresses of magic shops in Spain 149
Juan Tamariz Apendice III: Sociedades mágicas Españoles names of magic societies 150
Juan Tamariz Apendice IV: Reuniones y Congresos meetings and magic conventions 151