Written by Bob King

Work of Bob King

31 pages (Spiralbound), published by Bob King Magic
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Sol Stone Soft Sleeve 3
Bob King Pen Through Quarter with sleevingAlso published here 4
Bob King Coin in Bottle with sleevingAlso published here 5
Bob King Expansion of Texture with sleeving 6
Bob King Chinaman's Chance china coin in right hand, three silver coins in left, travel to right hand one by one, all change to chinese 7
Unknown Fake Turnover on mat 7
Bob King The Glimpse deck cut into three piles, performer names bottom card and card at named number 9
Bob King Making Waves II two cards are selected with the "card at position of cut-off number"-procedure, cards found from a jumbo deck then, one jumbo card travels into walletInspired byAlso published here 10
Bob King Underground Copper/Silver copper and silver coins under cards on mat transpose, slit in mat 12
Bob King Topflight cap in bottle, sticky magnet holds cap in beginning 13
Bob King Dual Flight featuring "Solution Wallet" (Himber/Bombshell) 14
Unknown Wild Card Move 15
Bob King Secret Turnover of Himber Wallet 15
Bob King Color-Changing Deck optional with "Color-Changing Acro Card" (Bob King) 16
Paul Harris Spelling Force spectator's name spelt out by cutting packets to force card 16
Bob King Split Thought Ace through Ten of Hearts on top, numbers thought of by two spectators and after some mental calculation by spectators the numbers are divinedInspired by
  • Ken Krenzel Trick from New Jinx
Also published here
  • in "Classic Stand Up Close-Up" (Bob King)
Bob King End-All Rope Cut loop on pull 19
Bob King Turncoat single folded card turns inside out, hand cover only 20
Bob King Out to Lunch Add-a-Number 22
Bob King, Jim Steinmeyer, Jon Racherbaumer Tele-Mental Also published here 23
Bob King Domesticated Wild Card one double-facer 24
Brother John Hamman Flustration Move 24
Bob King Big Mac "...what I consider to be the best Ace routine I've ever come seen", leader packet changes into Royal Flush as finale, three double facers and three mis-indexed cardsInspired by
  • "Ankner's Aces" (Buddy Ankner)
Bob King Face up Revelation with double facersAlso published here
  • "Face up Revelation" (Opening Night Magic, Bob King)