Written by Bob King

Work of Bob King

23 pages (Stapled), published by Bob King Magic
Illustrated with photographs and drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Bob King Introduction 3
Bob King Mystery Box using the "Keychain Mystery Box" for two routines
- Super Clean Card to Box
- Bill Change and Flight
Bob King Outline for Linking Ropes - Instant Link 6
Bob King Miracle Match marked ESP cards 8
Bob King International Backfire Inspired by
  • "Matrix Minus Two" (Bob King, Opening Night Magic)
Unknown Spider Vanish 11
Bob King Impromptu Stunner card at position of cut-off number thought-of, this is made to turn overInspired by
  • "Impromptu Stunner" (Bob King, Magician Foolers)
Also published here
Bob King Cube Route two different-colored cubes behind screen, they transpose, then change to different color 15
Bob King Underground Matrix slit in matInspired by
  • "Simplex Reverse Matrix" (Bob King, British lecture notes)
Bob King, Jim Steinmeyer, Jon Racherbaumer Telemental Also published here 20
Bob King Ring on Wand with sleeving 22