Written by Channing Pollock

Work of Channing Pollock

40 pages (Stapled), published by the magic hands editions
Illustrated with drawings by Patrick Martin.
Language: German

(15 entries)


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Channing Pollock Vorwort 1
Manfred Thumm Einleitung 3
Channing Pollock The Love of Magic - Die Liebe zur Zauberkunst - Die Seele (the soul)
- Der Geist (the mind)
- Das Herz (the heart)
- Der Körper (the body)
- Die Zuschauer (the audience)
Channing Pollock I. Teil: Tuch-Produktionen on producing silks 11
Channing Pollock Das Rosentuch flower on jacket turns to silk, rolling technique 12
Channing Pollock Blitzproduktion zweier Seidentücher in je einer Hand flash production of handkerchiefs, one in each hand, slit in trousers 13
Channing Pollock Freies Erscheine eines Tuches in der Hand I silk production, hanging on back of hand with loop, rolling technique with pencil 15
Channing Pollock, Adolpho Freies Erscheine eines Tuches in der Hand II rubber band poweredRelated toVariations 19
Channing Pollock Erscheinen zweier Tücher in den Händen two silks appear, combination of previous methods 23
Channing Pollock II. Teil: Körperladungen - Über Körperladungen (on body loads) 24
Channing Pollock Die Basis-Produktion basic production, steal of a body load with handkerchief 25
Channing Pollock Laden vom Tisch loads from a table / hat, dove appears, with handkerchiefs 31
Cardini Laden aus dem Frackschwanz load from tailcoat, with small card manipulation sequence 35
Channing Pollock Überraschende Verwandlung: Karten, Tuch, Taube cards change to silk, then dove is produced 37
Channing Pollock, Lee Grabel Stolper-Stehlen stumble as misdirection for steals 38