Written by Steve Beam

Work of Steve Beam, Various

171 pages (Hardcover), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam.
Language: English

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Steve Beam Introduction 1
Steve Beam On Performing Magic 3
Steve Beam Gentleman's Bet bet, red / black or pairs, performer wins always, gilbreathVariations 7
John Riggs Unbeatable red / black or pairs, performer wins bet all the time, is able to let spectator win on his demand, gilbreath 9
Steve Beam Color Vision performer always guesses color of cards correctlyRelated toVariations 11
Steve Beam Scaling the Cards three packets are cut on the table, performer weighs two and announces amount of cards, then he reveals amount of black or red cards in those packetsInspired by
  • Mike Roger's "Trost and Us" in "Genii" October, 1971.
Steve Beam Bottoming Out all values are spelled, selection is found at last letter of last value, sucker elementRelated toVariations 17
Wayne Kyzer Raw Deal card is found by spelling different characteristics of the selectionInspired by 19
Allan Slaight I Cannot Spell A Lie Also published here 20
Tom Craven Super Speller not with full deckInspired by
  • "Remote Control" (Jim Steinmeyer, The New Invocation #43)
Tom Craven The Custom Card Trick card is found and spelled to at impossible conditions, possible over phoneInspired by 24
Steve Beam The World's Greatest Magician humorous revelation of a selected cardRelated toVariationsAlso published here 26
Steve Beam Quadruple Prediction four predictions, four aces are put in the deck at several places, prediction name amount of cards above aces, see p. 171 for additional creditsInspired byRelated toVariations 31
Steve Beam The Ladder Prediction prediction of a card, reversed Svengali 35
Scott Robinson The Portable Ladder cards spread on table, named number is counted to and card turned over, value of card helps find selection, force or prediction 39
John Riggs The Falling Prediction stopped card in one deck, prediction is odd-backed card in second deck, roughed Svengali 41
Steve Beam The Falling Prediction II cards are dealt on table face up with one hand, force 44
Marty Martini The Postcard prediction card in envelope turns out to be selectionAlso published here 45
Steve Beam The Opened Prediction bold and easy open prediction, name written on jokerRelated to 47
Steve Beam The Unopened Prediction prediction card from other deck, two versions, in second version stopped card is odd-backed 50
Steve Beam The Closed Prediction card has different colored backInspired by 52
Steve Beam The Public Prediction odd backed card is placed in deck, spectator stops at it 53
John Riggs The Solution 54
Stewart James LII-Kelihood spectator and performer think of the same card, coincidence effect turns out to be a prediction 56
Steve Beam By Coincidence chapter intro 61
Steve Beam Mating Season I spectator calls three numbers between one and twenty-six, cards dealt in pairs, and cards at chosen numbers match in value and suit, face up methodAlso published here 62
Steve Beam Mating Season II deck cut in halves, joker placed in any half, from that point on all cards are mates 64
Steve Beam Full Deck Falsie triple false cut 66
Steve Beam Partial Falsie on the table 66
Steve Beam Mating Season III as Mating Season II, impromptu, cards torn in halfAlso published here 67
Steve Beam Mating Season IV two halves, cards on named number match, then all matchAlso published here 69
Steve Beam Cutting Match two decks, both are cut between the same cardsAlso published here
  • "Cutting Match" in Steve Beam's "Magic the Vanishing Art" 1979
Wayne Kyzer Forte four of a kind is found, dealing four piles and stop, performer and spectator deal 73
Wayne Kyzer Open and Shut cards cut and dealt by performer and spectator number and cards are predicted 75
Steve Beam Mathematical Card Trick calculator is used to find position of selection, humorous presentationRelated to 79
Richard Bartram, Jr. Boxer Shorts cards removed from box, immediately case vanishesAlso published here 83
Steve Beam Odd Man Out one of five cards is chosen and put back in deck, other cards used to count down to locate it, contingency trick 85
Lin Searles "So Simple" Force without Searles creditRelated to 85
Mike Beam The Traveler Do as I Do with one deck, spectator finds wrong card, correct card is found reversed in his halfVariations 88
Unknown Card Turnover while removing an outjogged card 88
Steve Beam Marked Phenomena two versionsInspired byVariations 90
Tom Craven The Cascade self-working handling of "Drop-Count" RevelationInspired by 92
Simon Lovell The Packed Wallet card to wallet, second phase 51 cards to walletAlso published here 94
Steve Beam Lube Job cards cannot be removed from case, oil can is needed, gagAlso published here 97
Steve Beam Charged Cards several phases, apparently cards are charged with electric energy
1. single card rises from deck
2. half of a card stands on table on the long end
3. half of a card stands on table on the short end
4. four quarters of a card cling to the fingers
5. card spread is picked up (Jerry Andrus)
Related to 101
Scott Robinson The Toy two folded cards penetrateAlso published here 109
Scott Robinson Severance Pay folded card through bill, ungimmicked versionInspired by 113
John Riggs The Optical Location cards shuffled face up into face down, two cards selected and performer finds themAlso published here 119
Steve Beam Lucky 13 spectator cuts to two indicator cards, which total the position of the selection 121
Steve Beam Double Dealer two cards at number, with incomplete riffle shuffle conditionAlso published here 123
Karl Fulves, Steve Beam Riffle Shuffle Control Handling incomplete riffle shuffle condition 123
Steve Beam The Lost Key Inspired by
  • Charles Jordan's "The Infallible Detection" in "Collected Tricks" and Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks"
Steve Beam A Fine Mess one card is slid out and number used to land at a card, performer finds selection 127
Gary Plants Locator Service 130
Gary Plants Locator Service II 131
Doug Canning UNCANNY deck in pocket and one card after the other is removed, spectator mentally spells his card and last letter matches selection 132
Steve Beam Impaired named card between two face up jokers 136
Steve Beam Jinxed with five piles, with indicator cardVariationsAlso published here 138
Steve Beam Killocation one card, contingency effectRelated to 142
Bill Simon, Steve Beam Backwards Prophecy Also published here 149
Steve Pressley A Cut Below single card control, to the bottomRelated toVariations 151
Steve Beam A Cut Above single card control, to the top 153
Wayne Kyzer Bottomout card is stopped at, hands separated and selection dropped on table 154
Steve Beam Glossary 155
Steve Beam Leftovers 157
Steve Beam Crediting Magic humorous articleAlso published here 159
Steve Beam Becoming a Professional Restaurant Magician humorous articleAlso published here 161
Steve Beam How to Develop Your Memory Glands humorous articleAlso published here 163
Steve Beam Advertisement deck warmerAlso published here 165
Steve Beam Thanksgiven 167
Steve Beam Errata as of January, 2003 171