Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

136 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Introduction v
Karl Fulves Impromptu Card Trick chapter intro 1
Karl Fulves Gemini Twins No. 1, two cards inserted where spectator stops dealing, both next to matesVariationsAlso published here 1
Herb Runge, Karl Fulves Gemini Twins Placement Also published here 2
Unknown Computer Dating No. 2, four cards, spectator turns one over, packet is cased, when removed again the mate is face-up instead, self-adjusting set-up 3
Karl Fulves The Dating Game No. 3, spectator turns cards over, at the end only a King-Queen pair is face-upInspired by 4
Karl Fulves, Alex Elmsley Penny Plain No. 4Inspired by 6
Joseph K. Schmidt, Karl Fulves Miraskil No. 5Inspired byRelated to 7
Unknown The Seven-Up Mystery No. 6, "Seven Up" is spelled so a selection in a small packet shows up 8
Karl Fulves The Open Prediction No. 7, using cut-deeper force 9
Ed Balducci, Lin Searles Cut Deeper Force 10
Karl Fulves Flip Top No. 8, air pressure turnover to locate an Ace, with top and also bottom card, also as switch of top cardRelated to 10
Unknown Television Dice No. 9, card chosen by dice roll and it ends up at position of the rolled dice 12
Unknown Deckspert No. 10, four dice thrown, two used to select a card at a position, sum of all four to count down to selection 13
Fred G. Taylor Crazy Clocks No. 11Also published here 14
Jack Avis To Lie or Tell the Truth No. 12, impromptu 16
Karl Fulves Red-Black Mysteries chapter intro 19
Unknown Chromatic Caper No. 13, coincidence with number of cards of given suits in a face-up/face-down shuffled deck 19
George Pierce, Charles T. Jordan, Karl Fulves Flying Colors No. 14, deck riffle shuffled twice by spectator, yet it separates into colors 21
Unknown Oil and Water No. 15, involving dealing, 4&4 22
Karl Fulves Checkers No. 16, off-beat dealing and turnover of packets, 3&3 24
Roy Walton, Karl Fulves Influential Pairs No. 17, two decks dealt in several piles, red black separated, see Pallbearer's Review for referencesAlso published here 24
Karl Fulves Red Magic No. 18, spectator places some red cards in his left and right jacket pockets, performer divines numbersAlso published here 26
Karl Fulves Odd Color Out No. 19, cards shuffled face-up/face-down via CATO by spectator, two selections made, performer handles cards and all face-up cards are red with a black selection and vice versaVariations 27
Martin Gardner The Color of Thought No. 20Inspired by 28
Karl Fulves Telephone Tricks chapter intro 31
John Northern Hilliard Twentieth-Century Telepathy No. 21, name codeVariations 31
Karl Fulves The Percival Code No. 22, alternate code systemsInspired by 33
William H. McCaffrey Calling Ms. Wizard No. 23Also published here 34
Unknown The Great Phone Mystery No. 24, spectator turns top and bottom card over behind his back and pushed them in, the cards face to face with the reversed cards are removed and one of them named by medium on phone 34
Unknown A Remote Miracle No. 25, spectator deals some cards to select one and later calls off order of cards, performer on phone names selection 35
Unknown Poker by Phone No. 26, one of five cards chosen and one turned over, phoned medium knows hole card and selection when other four are called off 36
Karl Fulves Shylock's Card No. 27, one of three Kings selected and divined over phoneInspired byAlso published here 37
Richard Himber No Questions Asked No. 28, location over phone 39
Unknown The Connection No. 29, any card chosen, medium phoned instantly names it, ringing recordedRelated toAlso published here 39
Karl Fulves Linear Blackjack No. 30, game of Blackjack over the phone, performer knows which card to select to winAlso published here 41
Karl Fulves The Ultra Code No. 31, spectator chooses any flush and reads off four of the cards to a medium at the phone, fifth card named, problem by Fitch Cheney 41
Father Cyprian Time Squared No. 32, over the phone method for mathematical three-card monte, spectator removes cards according to current timeInspired byAlso published here 43
Karl Fulves Riffle-Shuffle Setups chapter intro 45
Karl Fulves Stack a Pack No. 33, explanation of Gilbreath principle with only the top and bottom two cards of the deck 45
Norman Gilbreath Magnetic Colors No. 34, "This routine was independently devised by Gene Finnell, Norman Gilbreath and others" 46
Unknown Self-Matching Colors No. 35, alternated red-black stack shuffled, when a pair matches, the performer knows the color, kind of opposite Gilbreath 47
Unknown A Devilish Secret No. 36, deck riffle shuffled once, pairs turned up, when a color match occurs, the next pair is a match of opposite colors 47
Karl Fulves ESP + Math No. 37, packet of cards is shuffled and distributed, performer knows who has a pair in his cardsAlso published here 48
Gene Finnell Color Prophecy No. 38, performer predicts which red-black pairs will match when two halves are dealt after a shuffleAlso published here 49
Roy Walton Blind Choice No. 39, first publication, spectator and performer successfully guess colors of four-card packets that are handed out after one riffle shuffle 50
Karl Fulves Replica Poker No. 40, ten cards, five are removed by spectator, remaining five cards are in same value-order, self-duplicating set-up 52
J. W. Sarles Posi-Negative Cards No. 41, Magnetic Colors variationAlso published here 53
Karl Fulves Incorporated Color Control No. 42, number of color-matching pairs kind of predicted after riffle shuffleAlso published here 54
Karl Fulves Why You Can't Win No. 43, deck riffle shuffled and dealt into four piles, top cards turned over by player simultaneously and red-black outcome used for betting game 55
Karl Fulves Two-Deck Card Tricks chapter intro 57
Unknown Hypnotisn't No. 44, two spectators with a deck each, both select two cards with expanded cut-deeper procedure and they match 57
Dr. Stanley Jaks The Jaks Two-Deck Trick No. 45, with three or two decksAlso published here 58
J. W. Sarles Jaks Two-Deck Trick Variation Inspired by 60
Unknown The Dream Deck No. 46, from two packets, performer and spectator each select a card behind the back, they are black mates and all other cards are redInspired by 60
Unknown The Clueless Card Trick No. 47, two cards chosen by spectators, performer finds themInspired byRelated to 61
George Sands, Karl Fulves Criss Cross No. 48, simplified, Nines through Aces removed and sorted in reds and blacks, dealing procedure on table mixes and then sorts the colors again, spectator cannot duplicate itInspired by 62
Karl Fulves Jumpback No. 49, card signed in red-backed deck and returned, then blue-backed card is chosen from second deck and it has the signatureRelated to 65
Karl Fulves Topological Card Tricks chapter intro 70
Unknown The House that Jack Built No. 50, card house folded with three cards, card chosen, it travels to case and the house is made from its three mates, duplicate 70
Unknown Ten-Twenty Force 71
Unknown Moving Parts No. 51, four cards torn and then laid out face-up and face-down, halves that do not match suddenly match, cards interlocked with slits before tearing 71
Karl Fulves The Linking Cards No. 52, with partial handkerchief coverRelated to 74
Karl Fulves Card-Forcing Secrets chapter intro 77
Unknown The X-Force No. 53, criss-cross force presented as a freely chosen card that changes into Jack between two Jacks 77
Unknown Hornswoggled No. 54, twenty-one cards are removed and a card chosen with a counting procedure 78
Karl Fulves Coloroto No. 55, spectator cuts and removes four cards, performer divines it 79
Lin Searles "So Simple" Force straight cut and turn over 79
Karl Fulves Suit Fishing 80
Ed Balducci Cut Deeper No. 56 81
Karl Fulves On the Lam No. 57, number prediction on card gives position of later selectionInspired by 82
Unknown Speak of the Devil No. 58, spectator ends up with losing value, PATEO 83
Roy Baker PATEO Force 84
Karl Fulves The Stapled Card No. 59, signed card transposes with one of two Jokers that are stapled togetherInspired by 85
Karl Fulves Cross-Cut Force Handling 86
Karl Fulves Telepathy with Cards chapter intro 89
Unknown The Prediction Deck No. 60, number of face-down cards after face-up/face-down shuffle predicted 89
Unknown Last October No. 61, spectator pockets some cards and buries a selection in rest, card on top after some countingVariations 90
L. Vosburgh Lyons Mental Rescue No. 62, two spectators have five cards each and exchange one, performer divines itAlso published here 91
Karl Fulves Past and Future No. 63, card predicted and birthday of spectator divined which he wrote on a cardInspired by 93
Harry Houdini Houdini's Secret No. 64, from Houdini's notebooks, two cards selected by counting to numbers, both predicted, one-ahead 94
Karl Fulves Hex Squared No. 65, 4x4 layout, spectator moves around according to fixed rules and ends on force cardAlso published here 96
Karl Fulves, Sam Schwartz The Square Ring No. 66, 4x4 layout, spectator moves around according to fixed rules and ends on force card, only three instructionsAlso published here 97
Karl Fulves, Roy Walton The Unmatch Game No. 67, piles made, suit pairs build and remaining cards predicted 99
Unknown, Karl Fulves The Master Mind No. 68, deck put in pocket and apparently removed from other pocket, odd-backed siamese 100
Karl Fulves Gambling Secrets chapter intro 103
Karl Fulves Flim Flam No. 69, chosen red card is only red card in black seven-card poker hand and vice versaInspired by 103
Unknown Monte Miracle No. 70, no bend, using optical illusion and handling cards at right angles 104
T. Nelson Downs Whiz Bang Poker No. 71, stack for any number of hands from two to six players 106
Michael F. Zens, Karl Fulves Any Hand Called For No. 72, double-deal stackingRelated to 106
Karl Fulves The Omega Bet No. 73, card pushed face-up in center and deck dealt in pairs, pair with face-up card matches or not, multiple phasesRelated toVariations 107
Unknown Aces for Experts No. 74 110
Unknown Face-up Poker No. 75, poker hands drawn from face-up spread, yet performer wins, with variation "Revenge Poker" 112
Karl Fulves Conjuror's Quartet chapter intro to a four-trick act 115
Unknown Invisible Con Man No. 76, die used to choose and locate card 115
J. W. Sarles The Calculator Card Trick No. 77, deck answers simple calculation after a spectator's cutVariations 116
Unknown Bandit Aces No. 78, named Ace penetrates rubber banded deck 117
Jack Avis Houdini Card No. 79, deck sealed with crossed rubber bands, yet selection extracted underneath handkerchiefAlso published here 118
Karl Fulves Though-Card Methods chapter intro 121
Gene "Phantini" Grant, Sam Schwartz Psychorama No. 80, one of five cards thought of, single-no fishingRelated toVariations 121
Unknown Thot-Card Monte No. 81, one of three cards divined 122
Unknown Under-Belt Holdout 122
Howard A. Adams Hypnodeck No. 82, all quartets together, then dealing procedure according to though-of card 123
Unknown Ritual of the Kings No. 83, named card produced after layout ritual 124
Paul Swinford Duo Spell No. 84, two mentally chosen cards spelled outAlso published here 126
Karl Fulves Miracles with Aces chapter intro 128
Lin Searles Four-Star Aces No. 85, Kings dealt to table, they're Aces now 128
Unknown Ace Triumph No. 86, optional color-changing back kicker for Aces 129
Karl Fulves Eyewitness No. 87, bottom card of rubber banded deck shown to four spectators and removed, they change to Aces 132
Karl Fulves Automatic Glide with rubber banded deck 133
Martin Gardner Wild Aces No. 88, Aces vanish under handkerchief and reappear reversed in deck 134