Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

153 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Introduction
Karl Fulves Personality Tests chapter intro 1
Karl Fulves Someone Like You No. 1, five cards chosen from shuffled deck, according to color composition a description of the spectator is read, it's the only one that matchesRelated to 1
Karl Fulves The Odd Couple No. 2, one of four cards selected, all shuffled back in deck, performer locates it 3
Karl Fulves, Theodore Annemann Riffle Shuffle Reversal two handlings 5
Karl Fulves Compatibility No. 3, number of red cards in one pile corresponds with number of black in anotherAlso published here 7
Karl Fulves, Stewart James Most Wanted List No. 4, list with twelve descriptions, one kind and all others ugly, value chosen with two numbers and description at that position is the kind one, small packet counting force 8
Karl Fulves Impromptu Tricks chapter intro 11
Karl Fulves Calculated Cut No. 5, two selections located, small packet cut off and card at that position rememberedInspired by 11
Karl Fulves Sherlock's Card No. 6, multiple out spelling to locate selection 13
Roy Walton, Karl Fulves Out on Location No. 7, two selections chosen by cutting off small numbers and remembering cards at corresponding positions, position of one is predicted and identity of the other 15
Karl Fulves, Jack Avis Hidden Power No. 8, card selected via Automatic Placement procedure moves to named number, with prediction of another card at a positionInspired by 17
Karl Fulves Eleven and One No. 9, Aces transpose with Jacks, drawn-out handling 19
Karl Fulves Klondyke Shuffle Klondike, chapter intro 21
Karl Fulves Turn Three Times No. 10, location with key card and Klondike shuffle 21
Karl Fulves, Gene Finnell Choices No. 11, two cards removed, one put back without looking and one remembered, performer finds both, Klondike shuffle 23
Karl Fulves Likely Suspect No. 12, four cards in case, from eleven cards, the card that completes the Royal Flush is chosen by spectator with procedure involving the values of the cards and counting 25
Karl Fulves Interactive Poker chapter intro 28
Karl Fulves According to Hoyle No. 13, five-card stud poker dealt, after every dealt card the spectator can switch face-up cards of performer with someone else's, he still winsAlso published here 28
Karl Fulves Cult Poker No. 14, spectator choses mate of performer's card from small packet 29
Karl Fulves Speed Stacking No. 15, overhand stacking the already stacked cards to a different player, spectator previously removes as many cards that corresponds to the player 31
Karl Fulves Wild Bill's Game No. 16, performer wins with straight 33
Unknown The New Deal No. 17, jonah 35
Karl Fulves Red-Black Tricks chapter intro 37
Karl Fulves Color of Thought No. 18, red card in one pile counted, that many black cards counted down in other pile, last card predicted, with follow-up challenge location 37
Karl Fulves Card Roulette No. 19, two cards chosen by two spectators from small packet, cards counted through and spectators' cards do not show up, prime principleRelated to 38
Karl Fulves Flip Over Mystery No. 20, folding with matrix layout, two cards previously chosen are only odd-colored either face-up or face-down, or more subtle with odd-even 40
Karl Fulves Center Vision No. 21, spectator remembers twenty-sixth card in shuffled deck and gives center portion to performer who finds selection, follow-up with another locationRelated to 42
Karl Fulves Backwards Bet No. 22, RBBR-RBBR-... set-up, performer guesses color composition of certain pairs after seeing other pairsRelated to 45
Karl Fulves Blackgammon No. 23, two packets are faced, spectator sorts the cards into red and blackAlso published here 46
Karl Fulves Marked for Mystery chapter intro, single cards are marked for the following effects 49
Karl Fulves Stop or Else! No. 24, "Stop or else" written on Joker 49
Karl Fulves Partial False Cut cutting some cards from top into center to not disturb bottom half 50
Karl Fulves, Howard A. Adams Metal with Memory No. 25, three coins arranged and cards dealt according to their value, three Aces are found 51
Karl Fulves, William P. Miesel Cutting the Aces No. 26 53
Karl Fulves, Bob Hummer Scrambled Stud No. 27, spectator remembers card and its position in ten-card packet, two hands dealt but selection and its mate face-down 56
Karl Fulves, Charles T. Jordan Conceal and Reveal No. 28, three spectators cut off a pile and look at the bottom card, three piles made and spectators remove cards from each packet, selection must be one, performer reveals all 58
Carmen D'Amico Thumbnail Scrape 60
Karl Fulves Mind Reading chapter intro 62
Karl Fulves, Stewart James Voodoo Clue No. 29, card chosen by dealing two piles from seventeen-card packet and moving cards from top to bottom according to an Eight and Nine removed by performer, card arrived at predicted 62
Karl Fulves Magnetic Force No. 30, mates of two selections found on either side of another card 63
Karl Fulves Business Card ESP No. 31, two cards predicted on business cardsInspired by 65
Unknown Simple Bottom Stock Control tabled riffle shuffle and center cut 65
Karl Fulves Cupid's Hotline No. 32, four-of-a-kind taken out, then one of those four, medium divines suit, office and home phone numbers are written down in the beginning 68
Karl Fulves Contemplation No. 33, one of thirteen card packet thought-of, spelling procedure for spectator 70
Karl Fulves Opposite Twins No. 34, Ace through Five of Hearts and Spades used, matching routine, Klondike 73
Karl Fulves Mental Mate No. 35, deck shuffled face-up/face-down, spectator counts to number (ignoring face-up cards), then performer, the cards matchAlso published here 74
Karl Fulves Greeks Bearing Gifts No. 36, four queens removed, one selected and found, repeated with diminishing number of queens, last one predictedInspired by 76
Karl Fulves Novelty Tricks chapter intro 80
Karl Fulves Back Stop No. 37, a card shows up with writing "Stop! Back up 3 cards", and there the selection is found 80
Tony Bartolotta Key Card Placement dribble selection and tabled cuts 81
Karl Fulves Suspense No. 38, card balanced between upright card case and deck, then it remains suspended (chair levitation like) when case is removedAlso published here 83
Karl Fulves Center Fold No. 39, joker placed into deck behind back, then two selections made, half the joker (which is suddenly torn) found besides each cardAlso published here 86
Karl Fulves Krazy Kut No. 40, deck cut by performer, yet he names a card and its positionRelated to 90
Karl Fulves Seen, Not Seen No. 41, card openly predicted, number up to ten named, repeated before both cards are shown 92
Karl Fulves, Art Altman Faces and Aces No. 42, four cards removed, performer turns one over, cards shuffled back, all four reverse and selection is identified, other three change to Aces 95
Karl Fulves The Deck is Stacked chapter intro, simple "let me show you one more" deck switch 97
Karl Fulves Would I Lie? No. 43, three piles, card in center one remembered, cards taken from outer two piles in any combination, values added to count down to selection, no-shuffle Gilbreath 97
Karl Fulves After Dark No. 44, spectator locates magician's card and vice versa 100
Karl Fulves Psi-X No. 45, cut and shuffle procedure, only selection (probably) at stack position afterwardsAlso published here 102
Karl Fulves Red-Backed Blues chapter intro 105
Karl Fulves One Second Flat No. 46, gag sequence in which apparently gambling secrets are exposed, finishes with color changing backs and a Royal Flush dealRelated to 105
Karl Fulves, Ronald B. Edwards Colors Can't Mix No. 47, odd-backed oil & water in which faces mix but not backs and vice versa, 4&4 108
Karl Fulves A Volatile Card No. 48, odd-backed prediction in pocket matches selection, prediction accidentally cut into deck and back of deck changes to match 111
Karl Fulves Subliminal Force No. 49, one of ten cards selected by putting paper clip on it, "You will choose the only red card", for correction see "Lady in Red"Variations 113
Karl Fulves Any Named Ace No. 50, red and blue backed cards mixed, sixteen-card square dealt out, spectator moves coin around to instructions and ends up on previously named Ace 116
Karl Fulves Roll the Dice chapter intro 119
Karl Fulves Cast of Cards No. 51, poker deal, values determined by roll of dice show up in one handAlso published here 119
Karl Fulves Poker with Dice No. 52, pair of Jacks located with dice and counting procedure 120
Karl Fulves, John Scarne, George G. Kaplan Triple Find No. 53, three dice rolled, two piles made from those numbers, three cards turned face-up correspond to numbers on dice 121
Karl Fulves The Lost Die No. 54, two cards change position in small packet, selected with a visible and a drawn dieRelated to 123
Karl Fulves, Howard A. Adams The Odds Against No. 55, five cards torn in half, halves matched, using two diceInspired by 125
Karl Fulves X-Ray Vision chapter intro 128
Karl Fulves Illuminator No. 56, reversed card corresponds with value on die 128
Karl Fulves Mystery Sight No. 57, four dice thrown and covered with cups, cards used to divine die values 129
Karl Fulves Repeat Miraskill No. 58 131
Karl Fulves, Ralph W. Hull, Bob Hummer Eyeless Vision No. 59 134
Karl Fulves Card to Wallet chapter intro 136
Karl Fulves, Don Nielsen Prediction Wallet No. 60, behind-the-back load, "Look at the Wall(et)" prediction gagRelated to 136
Karl Fulves Dracula's Calling Card No. 61, unknown card in wallet, selection changes to Dracula card (Jack of Spades) and card in wallet is selection 139
Karl Fulves The Mystery Card No. 62, card from wallet put into packet of Ace through Ten of Clubs, it vanishes and only those ten cards remain 142
Unknown Simple False Shuffle consecutive cuts 143
Karl Fulves Matchless Match Up No. 63, apparently a matching card to selection is in the wallet, but it's the actual selection 145
Tom Sellers Joker Forcing Gaff two Joker put around a card in a fan 145
Karl Fulves, Howard Wurst, Bill Pawson Rapid Transit No. 64, duplicate, card is supposed to travel into pocket but does not, wallet instead 148
Unknown Cross Cut Force 149
Karl Fulves Omega Card to Wallet No. 65, Aces and Twos put in case, one chosen, that one travels into wallet 150
Mitsunobu Matsuyama, Karl Fulves Petal Force to force a card from Aces and Twos 152