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138 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: German

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Hannes Höller Einleitung on Stripper Cards 3
Charles T. Jordan, George Blake, Hannes Höller, Alan Cleaver, Eastman N. Hatch Drehen des Spiels fourteen methods to secretly turn the deck end for end, in the hands, on the table and in the hands of the spectator 6
Hannes Höller, Alan Chatfield, North Bigbee, George Kimery Drehen einer Karte six methods to turn a card end for end in a Stripper deck
A. Beiläufiges Drehen der obersten Karte des Spieles
B. Drehen der obersten Karte beim Vorzeigen
C. Der Zuschauer dreht (George Kimmery)
D. Subtil und todsicher (Alan Chatfield)
E. Bildschön und sicher (North Bigbee)
F. Subtiles Kartenfinden
Hannes Höller, Aldo Colombini, North Bigbee Kontrollieren einer (oder mehrerer) Karten nach oben und nach unten controlling cards to top or bottom, with Stripper deck
A. Auf Numero sicher
B. Einfach und todsicher am Tisch
C. Ausstrippen mehrerer Karten
D. Abheben a la Hindu-Shuffle
E. Stripper-Running-Cut
F. Raffiniertes Bringen der Zuschauerkarte nach oben (Aldo Colombini)
G. Kontrolle ohne Drehung (North Bigbee)
Hannes Höller Klassische Prinzipien und Griffe mit Strippern Die Leitkarte (using the Stripper Cards as key cards) 32
Hannes Höller Die Lücke im Spiel (break) Stripper cards as substitute for a break 34
Unknown A. Stop Force with Stripper Deck 35
Unknown B. Hindu-Shuffle-Force with Stripper Deck 35
Hannes Höller C. Neuartige Hindu-Shuffle-Force with Stripper Deck, spectator looks at top card of shuffled pile 35
Unknown D. Noch einmal Hindu with Stripper Deck, spectator looks at top card of shuffled pile 36
Hannes Höller Doublieren (double lift) with Stripper Deck 37
Hannes Höller Der Glimpse glimpse of a card in the center of the deck, with Stripper Deck
- Strippen im egalisierten Spiel
- Herausstrippen beim Fächer
Hannes Höller Schleifen the glide with Stripper Deck 40
Hannes Höller Kartenkolorieren aus dem gemischten Spiel color change of a card, using Stripper Deck 42
Hannes Höller Trennen von Karten separating cards in a Stripper Deck
A. Trennen hinter dem Rücken
B. Kartentrennen am Tisch
Unknown Die sich drehende Karte air-pressure turnover, with Stripper Deck 46
Unknown Blitzschnell deck is slapped out of spectator's hand, selection remains, with Stripper DeckRelated to 47
Unknown Ruck-Zuck Hofzinser's Two Card Catch, with Stripper Deck 47
Unknown Tuchdurchdringung card penetrates deck and handkerchief, on table 48
Nate Leipzig, Hannes Höller Klassische Kartendurchdringung card through handkerchief, with Stripper DeckRelated to 49
Unknown Die Buchstabierte Karte 50
Unknown Kartenstechen I card stab, blindfolded on table 51
Unknown Kartenstechen II with napkin, card is pierced 51
Unknown Die Nächste ist es! next card turned over is the selection, sucker trick 53
Unknown Die Karte im Hut selection travels into hat 54
Unknown Die Karte aus dem Hut deck placed in hat, hat is flicked and card jumps outRelated to 54
Unknown Das sinkende Schiff cards are cascaded into hat and all cards are shaken out of the hat, last card that remains is selection 55
Unknown Villa Raffke oder Die Einbrecher four robbers 55
Unknown Die Zahl 13 all cards of one suit are found reversed in the deck 56
Unknown Nachbarn für immer two selections are shuffled back in the deck and are found next to each other in the center of the deck 57
Unknown Der Zufall unseen card is signed on the back, one card is signed on the front, turns out that it is the same card 58
Unknown Ein Zuschauer und ein Zufall selection is found on bottom of a packet 59
Unknown An der gewünschten Stelle card at number, using the glide 60
Unknown Eine Karte kriecht aus dem Spiel card moves out of a spread 61
Unknown Alle wählen diesen König several spectators chose the same card 62
Unknown Glückliche Dreizehn all cards of a suit and selection are removed behind back 63
Unknown Teufelspost selection travels into sealed envelope 63
Unknown Die Karte aus der Tasche selection produced at named number from pocketed deck 64
Unknown Kartenfinden mit mehreren Zuschauern several cards are found at once behind back 65
Unknown Blitzschnelles Abheben performer cuts at selection 65
Unknown Gewusst wo! performer cuts deck several times and always names card he cuts to 65
Unknown Wieviel Karten? pile is cut and put in pocket of spectator, performer reveals exact number 66
Unknown Kartenfinden mit Medium Person in other room locates selection in deck 67
Unknown Vier Buben four jacks are found behind from a shuffled deck, spectator selects the one of chosen suit, Skat 67
Unknown Farbentrennen Rot-Schwarz performer separates red and black cards behind back 68
Edward Marlo Im Unterbewusstsein spectator deals two piles and in each separates the black and the red cards 69
Unknown Namen-Buchstabieren card is found when spectator's name is spelled 70
Unknown Die 26. Karte card is located, brought to twenty-sixth position 71
Hannes Höller Fünf-Karten-Vorhersage five cards are predicted, shuffled and cut deck 72
Unknown Die Poker-Hand performer deals five hands from a shuffled deck, when he repeats it he has a straight flush 73
Unknown Einfach Unglaublich 74
Unknown Karte durch den Tisch 75
Unknown Quartett four cards with same value are lost in the deck and produced from pocket 76
Unknown Karten-Kartenstechen card is found by stabbing another card next to it 78
Unknown Der Kartenmagnet cards are found next to a face up card 79
Unknown Kartenwanderung selection appears face-up among five cards held by spectator 80
Unknown Der Zuschauer hebt ab card is located by cutting to a card and the value of it is counted down into the deck 81
Hannes Höller Unentschieden game of high cards with only eight cards, always same value card 82
Hannes Höller Treffer two decks, cards turned over simultaneously and selections end up at same position 84
Hannes Höller Gamblers Stolz four selections turn into aces and selections are produced from inner breast pocket 85
Unknown Die feine Nase seven blank cards, flowers are put on top of each card and selected is divined 90
Unknown Stripper-Prinzess-Kartentrick one card of five card packt is selected and shuffled back, card is found under table 91
Lewis Ganson Die Samba-Karte selection rises from deck under silk and floats upwards 92
Unknown Kartenraten raffiniert two cards are divined 94
Unknown Der Zuschauer findet die Asse spectator selects four cards, they are the Aces 95
Unknown Multiple Card Switch using the Stripper Deck 95
Unknown Vier-As-Superb 96
Hannes Höller Höfisches Rendevous court card assemble under hands of spectator 98
Jean Hugard Platzwechsel card on table transposes with selection at known position from top, stripper deckAlso published here 100
Jean Hugard Der Taschendieb three selections, deck put in spectator's pocket, deck removed but selection remains, repeat, then performer quickly takes out one card which is third selectionAlso published here 101
Tommy Rowe Die Unsichtbare Karte face of card vanishes and appears on handkerchief 104
Stewart Judah Rot-Schwarz-Stripper-Kartenfinden Color separation with two selectionsAlso published here 105
Unknown Kümmelblättchen Verrückt (find the lady) 109
Unknown A. End-Stripper 113
Theodore Annemann Die Ehrgeizige Karte (ambitious card) using End-Stripper DeckAlso published here 115
Rolf Andra Black-Out-Bluff card is divined in the dark, then performer locates it and puts card into pocket 117
Unknown Erraten mehrerer Karten some cards are noted on a piece of paper, cards are removed from deck by performer 118
Unknown Gedankenlesen two decks, selection is found in second deck 118
North Bigbee Viermal Übereinstimmung marked stripper deck, four aces of two decks, performer and spectator put cards in same order 120
E. L. Whitford Rot oder Schwarz all cards shown red turn into black cards, end stripper, as WithfordAlso published here 123
Edward Marlo Triumph without selection 124
Edward Marlo Rauh-Glatt-Peek-Spiel peek deck 126
Edward Marlo Rauh-Glatt-Geistino thought of card turns over in deck 127
Hannes Höller One-Way und beschnittene Karten - Rückenmuster-One-Way
- Bild-One-Way
Hannes Höller Kurze Karte several methods of short cards, corner shorts 130
Hannes Höller Kleine Bibliografie bibliografy of Stripper Deck routines 131
Hannes Höller Nachwort 133