Written by David Robbins

Work of Various

12 pages (Stapled), published by Hillcrest Enterprises
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
David Robbins Entertaining Mental Miracles 1
Robert A. Nelson Mental Magic two routines
- one of four card is divined, all in pocket, three removed
- carbon paper impression in magazine, divination of number
Joan Wolf Houdini Speaks card revelation by phonograph 3
Unknown Criss-Cross Force 3
John Adams Red, White & Blue Mental Effect with assistant, spectators chose an object in the room while performer waits outside, assistant points to various objects with a wand, eventually performer reveals object, effect is repeated 3
C. C. Luther Mind Reading DeLuxe billets in box, then burnt, box to switch billets 4
Al Davids Mental Music piano, one of six songs is divined 5
Lee Henneberry E-Z Book Test one of six books is selected, performer divines book, secret assistant 6
Unknown A Trick with Dice two numbers on dice are divined, calculation 6
Alfred Zorn The X-Ray Match-Box bill is folded and cicled with rubber band then put in matchbox, serial number reading 7
Alan Stuart Dictionary Mind Reading prediction of word in book, add-a-number pad 8
Tom Waldon Book Magic prediction of word in book, business card is put in book 9
Unknown Living and Dead billets in hat 9
W.H. Radcliffe Mental Telephony medium reveals playing card, 52 names 10
Unknown Mystic Ashes same names are written down by performer 10
David Robbins Another "Telephone" Effect objects are named over phone 11
David Robbins Identical Card Prediction 11