Written by Tomoya Horiki

Work of Tomoya Horiki

73 pages (Paperback), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: Japanese

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Tomoya Horiki Introduction (はじめに) 2
Tomoya Horiki Air Coin (エアーコイン) Discussion and technique on how to create the illusion of a coin with your hands 6
Tomoya Horiki Toss Vanish (トス・バニッシュ) Toss coin to other hand, seems to see the coin be tossed overRelated to 12
Tomoya Horiki Air Coin Roll(エアーコイン・ロール) Creating illusion of a coin rolling down your fingers without any coinsRelated to 17
Tomoya Horiki Air Coin Cut (エアーコイン・カット) Coin Cut routine with "invisible" coinInspired byRelated to 19
Tomoya Horiki Underload (アンダーロード) Four cards dealt on the table, four coins produced, one under each cardInspired by 28
Tomoya Horiki Floating Production (フローティング・プロダクション) Four coins produced singly under one card, as card is held above table and moved acrossInspired by 32
Tomoya Horiki Before Matrix (ビフォア・マトリックス) Four coins disappear with the help of a playing card, then backfire to four corners on the table 34
Kainoa Harbottle Edge Flip Move 35
Joaquín Navajas Catapulta Shooting coin from hand to hand secretly 36
Tomoya Horiki Unexpected Assembly (アンエクスペクテッド・アセンブリ) Four coins and two cards, travel from under one card to another 40
Tomoya Horiki Fake Beat Move (フェイク・ビート・ムーブ) Audio illusionInspired by 46
Tomoya Horiki 影武者(かげむしゃ) (Kagemusha/Shadow Warrior) Audio illusion for Coins through TableRelated to 48
Tomoya Horiki Simple Filtration (シンプル・フィルトレーション) Coin through TableInspired byRelated to 50
Tomoya Horiki 4 to 1 Transpo (4トゥ1・トランスポ) Four silver coins placed in shirt pocket, Chinese coin in hand transposes with the four silver coins, audio illusion 53
Tomoya Horiki Minimum Coin Box (ミニマム・コインボックス) Coin box routine, four coins travel to box one by one, then return to hand at once (uses a small box)Inspired by 56
Unknown Vertical Thumb Palm Vanish 59
Kainoa Harbottle Stacked Coins Palm Transfer Transferring stack of coins from finger clip to clipped by thumbRelated to
  • "Pendulum Hanging Coins" (Kainoa Harbottle, New York Coin Magic Seminar Vol. 5, DVD)
Tomoya Horiki Standing Coin (スタンでィング・コイン) Coin standing up on edge on magician's palmInspired by 66
Tomoya Horiki Auto Vanish 2 (オート・バニッシュ2) Coin vanish by squeezing it with fingertips 68
Tomoya Horiki Acknowledgements (謝辞) 71