Written by Charles T. Jordan

Work of Charles T. Jordan

23 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Eli Benneche.
Language: English

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Charles T. Jordan Preface 1
Charles T. Jordan The Cord Restored No. 1, with borrowed stiff cord 2
Charles T. Jordan A New Ring Release No. 2, inside paper box 5
James J. Moren Coin Divination No. 3, spectators put row of half dollars on table, performer divines date on every one, one ahead 8
Unknown Shuttle Pass 9
Charles T. Jordan Another Date-Reading Trick No. 4, coins collected in head, date announced and coin instantly removed with that date, repeated, coin rubbed with soap 10
Unknown Downs Palm 11
Charles T. Jordan The Ubiquitous Poker Chip No. 5, three hats and three red, blue and white chips are distributed, they assembleRelated to
  • "The Patriotic Billard Balls" (Hatton & Plate)
Charles T. Jordan The "Full-View" Color-Changing Thimble No. 6, wax 14
Charles T. Jordan The Letter-Mailing Mystery No. 7, stack of chips with numbers, set of envelopes, envelope and postage chosen with stack of chips are divined 17
Charles T. Jordan A Clean Ball Production No. 8, empty glass put in paper tube, ball rolls out, wax 19
Charles T. Jordan A Manipulative Opening No. 9, card, thimble and billiard ball are produced 21
Charles T. Jordan The Book Mystery No. 10, page selected with knife stab, word counted to according to time on watch, word predicted, this book is a forcing book in which the fourteenth word on every page is "magician" 22