Written by Bob Chesbro

Work of Bob Chesbro

62 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Gagnon.
Language: English

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Tom Gagnon Introduction
Bob Chesbro Roll Your Own loose tobacco put on playing card with crumpled cigarette paper, poured in hand, transforms into cigarette, finger tipInspired by 3
Bob Chesbro The Salty Pen salt travels from fist to borrowed pen, finger tip 8
Bob Chesbro Snort but Sweet cigarette broken and restored, then two halves are inhaledInspired byAlso published here 12
Bob Chesbro Cigarette Thru Quarter 16
Bob Chesbro Superman Cigarette quarter vanishes, lit cigarette vanishes and coin reappears 19
Bob Chesbro One-Handed Coin Vanish with thumb tip 19
Bob Chesbro Lit Cigarette to Pocket still lit when removed from pocket, using thumb tip with slits 23
Bob Chesbro Card in the Eye folded unknown card stuck in eye, turns out to be later signed selection 26
Bob Chesbro Folded Card Switch 26
Bob Chesbro Purse Frame small item like sponge ball appears from purse frame and vanishes therein 28
Bob Chesbro Purse Frame #2 producing four half dollars from purse frame, or other large item, with hold-out at frame 30
Bob Chesbro Card in the Hat signed card is pinned to inside of hat with large safety pin 33
Bob Chesbro Card on the Ceiling deck and thumb tack thrown to ceiling simultaneously 38
Bob Chesbro Coin to Pocket with repeatVariationsAlso published here
  • "Impossible Coin to Pocket" (The Blueprint)
Bob Chesbro Thumb Tip Coin Vanish Related toVariations 42
Bob Chesbro Fortune Cookie rubber saltine cookie shown and placed aside, later it changes into real one with signed folded selection inside 45
Bob Chesbro Elbow Swindle Again vanish of two quarters after elbow catchInspired by 49
Bob Chesbro Thumb Tip Unload waistline/trousers 51
Bob Chesbro Fade Out coin assembly, coins vanish cleanly afterwardsRelated to 56
Bob Chesbro Silicone Coins silicone coating on coin to make them sticky, science friction 56
Unknown One-Ahead Steal 57