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28 pages (Paperback), published by Dan and Dave Industries, Inc.
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Language: English

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Dan Buck Introduction 4
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Engineering Miracles - Magic vs. Miracle
- Premeditated
- Improv
- Final Thoughts
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Tumble Card selected and lost in the deck. Deck is thrown into pocket of jeans, jeans is thrown into laundromat dryer. After all the cards have fallen out of pocket, only selected card remains in pocket 12
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Rigged Method to control a coin flip 14
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Cartel Pay for items at a cashier by swiping playing cards through the credit card terminal 17
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Sidekick Use of secret helper to achieve two effects:

- Glass: Card through window
- Bookstore: Signed card travel to inside the pages of a randomly named book
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Edamame Edamame beans travel back into the empty pod, pod ends up sealing itself back 23
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Subway Renovation Improvement on Subway, sandwich effect, card visually teleports between two sandwich cardsInspired by
  • "Subway" (Dan and Dave Buck, Trilogy DVD Set)
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Joker Tracking Face-up Joker shuffled next to selected card 26
Dan Buck, Dave Buck, John Bodine, Daniel Garcia, Michael Feldman Resurrection Restrike a burnt match, match is seen to visually restore 27
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Blinded Reach into the air and produce a lit match 32
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Sealed & Revealed Method to achieve small object to sealed sugar packet, how to unseal and seal 34
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Deliquesce Classic saltshaker through table trick with napkin wrapped around it, but with selected card ending up in the saltshaker 36
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Autocatch Sandwich effect, spring across table causes card to end up between sandwich cards 40
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Hover Spring Special type of spring, requires different grip 40
Derek DelGaudio Strawgami Wrapped straw passes through fist, paper wrapping ends up inside the straw (turns inside out) 42
Dan Buck, Dave Buck, Chad Nelson Shake & Bake Anniversary Waltz 44
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Mannequin Card to pocket routine, selected card travels to pocket of a clothing store mannequin 47